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Use Good Debt to Grow Lasting Wealth

Gary's Gulch

Release Date: 05/05/2023

Strategy and New Tech with Patrick Donohoe show art Strategy and New Tech with Patrick Donohoe

Gary's Gulch

I took a few minutes with the CEO of Paradigm Life and my mentor, Patrick Donohoe, during a packed week of working with business owners at the Money Is Mastermind in FL to discuss new features we've released for our clients to help them grow the Agency and achieve their financial dreams. Who’s the Guest? Patrick Donohoe founded Paradigm Life in 2007 and, like many during the 2008-2009 financial crisis, learned firsthand about the unpredictability of the business environment and economy. That period tested him but also shaped him. Amidst the struggle, he worked tirelessly, providing...

Give me Liberty or Give me Death! show art Give me Liberty or Give me Death!

Gary's Gulch

COVID hysteria is back! The globalists are gearing up for another election in 2024 and it is now time to usher back in the masks and other fear-based tactics to remind you it is a scary world and you need the nanny state elites to protect you, so vote to give your rights away. I put these risks in perspective and give you talking points to share with loved ones and build your own resolve. Listen in so we don't ever go back to 2020! Episode Highlights The importance of financial independence, free from government influence. Protection of freedoms and the purpose of the Second Amendment....

Aim for Significance, not just Success, by Serving Others  show art Aim for Significance, not just Success, by Serving Others

Gary's Gulch

This episode is inspired by the passing of the great Jimmy Buffet. I discuss why serving others is the key to having a life worth living and provide my recommendations on how to get started. Episode Highlights Attending a Jimmy Buffett concert. Recognizing the significance of living a life that serves others. Contributions of motivational speakers like Zig Ziglar and Jim Rohn. The importance of pursuing significance. Differences between success and significance. Sharing a personal commitment to live a life of significance. Recognizing the potential impact of each individual. Recommending ways...

Loans and Interest Rates - Learn for AGENCY!  show art Loans and Interest Rates - Learn for AGENCY!

Gary's Gulch

I often get asked, is a policy loan best for this purchase (or investment)? My answer 'It might be! Let's discuss'. This episode talks about what drives interest rates, where to borrow and why, and the overall impact on your ability to grow your Agency. We cover Direct Recognition loans, Variable vs Fixed rates and much more - come listen so you can grow AGENCY!   Episode Highlights How understanding interest rates can be beneficial Role and importance of understanding how interest rates work over a long period of time How rates for savings accounts might significantly increase in...

Legacy - How and Why do we do it? show art Legacy - How and Why do we do it?

Gary's Gulch

As a follow up to my longer discussion on Legacy a few months ago, I share some insights from a recent conversation with my attorney Andrew Howell on what is most important and big picture techniques to protect the people and resources most important in your life.   Episode Highlights The difficulty of guiding clients through a full estate planning process without professional advice. The importance of taking simple, inexpensive actions for estate planning and asset protection. Explanation of asset protection and its three purposes. The risk in operating businesses and the need for a...

Agency - Light that Rocket! show art Agency - Light that Rocket!

Gary's Gulch

Today, it is vital that America wakes up our true leaders of agency, not those in DC, but those in the small towns and big cities that have a rocket full of value inside and are afraid or confused of what happens when they ignite it. Gary's Gulch is about attracting these agency-filled leaders, helping them maximize their resources and become people and companies of true significance in a time the whole world needs it.    Come join me and light that rocket!   Episode Highlights Gary’s interpretation of agency The crucial role of personal agency in one's life A personal...

Growing Agency as the Conscious Investor with Julie Holly show art Growing Agency as the Conscious Investor with Julie Holly

Gary's Gulch

Julie Holly, host of the Conscious Investor podcast and I discuss what it takes to achieve massive Agency in your life and gain true clarity on your path. Listen in and light that rocket of entrepreneurism that lies patiently inside you!   Episode Highlights Julie Holly's background as a real estate investor and multifamily syndicator, with a passion for helping individuals with their mindset. Explanation of Julie's podcast content, offering mindset episodes and interviews with real estate investing experts. Gary's passion for helping individuals achieve freedom. Gary's philosophy in...

What Creates Lasting Freedom for YOUR Family? show art What Creates Lasting Freedom for YOUR Family?

Gary's Gulch

We are all seeking Agency, the ability to live life on our terms, to not be forced to say or do things that we know to be wrong but many do anyway because they feel financially stuck - it doesn't have to be that way - start today to Right your Ship and point it towards AGENCY!   Episode Highlights The significance of eliminating financial blackmail for achieving and sustaining freedom. Optimism for the restoration of American liberties despite ongoing threats and challenges. How media control and buying off public figures has helped the advancement of communism and socialism in America....

Serenity Now! Take a Breather on the Interest Rates show art Serenity Now! Take a Breather on the Interest Rates

Gary's Gulch

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates again this week to a 22 year high. Is it time to panic? Perhaps for many out there, but not for those that understand that having financial control makes interest rates irrelevant. If you have the cash, you can always get out from under a bad interest rate. Listen and find out what I mean! Episode Highlights The importance of liquidity Our need for peace of mind and escape from everyday stresses The analogy of a river to represent inflation. The critical role of holding resources for longer-term happiness, providing peace of mind, and facilitating the...

Resiliency: Making Every Day a Success show art Resiliency: Making Every Day a Success

Gary's Gulch

Living an inspired and abundant life is the prize and it is made possible through practicing and mastering the quality of Resiliency: Having the perseverance through setbacks to achieve true agency so that you can operate from a place of optimism and abundance of time and resources. That is living an inspired life. Have a listen to find out how to build the life you want.   Episode Highlights Resiliency, its importance, and how it relates to daily success Handling setbacks and the importance of constant growth Philosophy on facing challenges and role of optimism and resilience in the...

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I answer a listener's question on why I like debt so much, and use it as an opportunity to review the multiple dimensions of growing wealth through rental property ownership.

Episode Highlights

  • Puerto Rico trip and consideration of potential tax benefits for moving there
  • Potential tax law changes in the US and implications on investments
  • Upcoming event by Dave Zook on recession-resistant asset classes, car washes, and self-storage
  • Exploring the concept of depreciation in real estate investing
  • Putting a loan on the property increases returns and leveraging it to your advantage
  • Comparing returns of different purchasing methods for property investments
  • Referring to Robert Kiyosaki's definition of good debt in the context of real estate investments
  • Trading depreciating dollars for hard assets like gold or property
  • Comparing investing in gold vs. real estate to protect wealth from inflation
  • Protecting family's wealth from inflation through leveraged fixed-rate loans in real estate investments
  • Swimming upstream through buying hard assets using other people's money with fixed rates
  • Appreciation of rental properties as a not-so-guaranteed component of returns
  • Long-term appreciation in property value tied to the devaluation of the US dollar
  • The belief in good debt and the advantages of having long-term fixed-rate loans on rental properties

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  • https://garypinkerton.com/
  • Video format - https://youtu.be/Dye6ghFCVIg 

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