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Ep 29: Dr. Thomas Rocco - Cannabis Powerfully Taking Over Medicines

Good Dudes Grow

Release Date: 07/05/2021

How Cannabis Can Enhance Physical Performance with Josiah Hesse show art How Cannabis Can Enhance Physical Performance with Josiah Hesse

Good Dudes Grow

Josiah Hesse was working as a journalist in Denver, CO when cannabis became legal there.  He shifted a lot of his reporting to cannabis and met a diverse group of people that didn’t fit the typical ‘stoner’ stereotype. Among those were a lot of athletes, especially marathon runners.  Recently taking up running for his own mental health, Josiah was intrigued and began to not only utilize cannabis, but to research its validity as a performance enhancer.   On today’s episode of Good Dudes Grow, Josiah discusses what he learned as he explored the science, history, and...

Ep 66: David Miller and Erich Maelzer- CBD & The Entourage Effect show art Ep 66: David Miller and Erich Maelzer- CBD & The Entourage Effect

Good Dudes Grow

Learning about the many cannabinoids and their medicinal effects aroused David and Erich's interest in the cannabis market, and FlowGardens was born as a consequence. The firm is dedicated to producing health and pleasure via the use of high-quality cannabis. David Miller and Erich Maelzer, Co-Founders of FlowGardens, are changing people's minds about cannabis by educating them about the health benefits of the entire cannabinoid spectrum. They've been in this industry for 25 years. Their East Tennessee indoor R&D center, helmed by Erich, develops better strains with rich terpenes and...

E65: Nick Showalter - The Future of Seed Canary show art E65: Nick Showalter - The Future of Seed Canary

Good Dudes Grow

Seed Canary was created by Nick Showalter in 2020 as a place where Cannabis growers and breeders could come to buy and sell seeds online. It fills the industry’s need for a place where cannabis breeders can sell, and customers can buy, using a safe and secure platform. Their goal is to make a huge and positive difference in the cannabis community.  In 2019, Nick was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, which had made everyday life unlivable. Facing too few options to manage his symptoms, he turned to marijuana, and found no reason to stop. To this day, Nick still uses marijuana to...

E64: Al Morentin  - Scaling the Success of CBD show art E64: Al Morentin - Scaling the Success of CBD

Good Dudes Grow

Consistency, purity, potency. Those are the pillars of Al’s CBD oils, and those are the traits that make him a leader in the industry.  Al Morentin is the CEO of My Fit Life. After going blind due to Glaucoma, he regained his vision through Cannabis oils treatment. Soon after, he founded FECO USA. With over thirty years of practice as a holistic practitioner, he is now creating CBD formulas to help others reimagine their health and lives. On this episode of Good Dudes Grow, Al recounts the way he found cannabis as a solution to his ailments. Both his migraines and his Glaucoma were...

E63: Jeremy Smith  - Bringing Cannabis to the Food Industry show art E63: Jeremy Smith - Bringing Cannabis to the Food Industry

Good Dudes Grow

It’s an uphill battle to create a venue for people to safely eat cannabis-infused food. But that’s exactly what Jeremy is doing: and that’s exactly the kind of work that’s turning the wheels of change around plant-based medicine. Jeremy Smith is an entrepreneur who advocates for cannabis regulation changes in Canada. After a near-death experience which came from a reaction to prescription drugs, his doctors recommended he try cannabis. Ever since, he’s found plant-based medicine to increase his quality of life in many ways, from managing his Chrohn’s disease, to keeping on weight...

E62: Melissa Drake - Journal, Dance, and Smoke Your Way to Healing show art E62: Melissa Drake - Journal, Dance, and Smoke Your Way to Healing

Good Dudes Grow

Melissa didn’t get high until she was forty-three. The minute it happened, she felt her depression lift–and she felt other things shift inside of her, too. Now, she’s advocating for you to “open your eyes” and ground yourself in your truth. Melissa Drake is an entrepreneur, author, and coach. She spent twenty-five years in the insurance industry–twenty-five years that left her feeling disconnected from the real her. Entrepreneurship gave her the opportunity to bring her personality to her career.  On this episode of Good Dudes Grow, tune in for an episode all about uncovering...

E61: Jim McMahon - The Cannabis Shuffle show art E61: Jim McMahon - The Cannabis Shuffle

Good Dudes Grow

After a long, successful athletic career, Jim McMahon found himself with unavoidable symptoms, impacted short-term memory, and early-onset dementia. Fortunately, he sought out cannabis as an alternative to pain pills, and now, his symptoms are easing. Jim McMahon is a former Chicago Bears quarterback who spent 15 seasons in the National Football League. McMahon became a media darling, known both for his playing ability and his personality. In 2010, he admitted to having memory problems due to injuries suffered on the football field. Along with six other retired professional football players,...

E60: Nikki Lawley - Traumatic brain injury stole my joy, but cannabis returned it show art E60: Nikki Lawley - Traumatic brain injury stole my joy, but cannabis returned it

Good Dudes Grow

Nikki, a NY state resident, has always been a proud and diligent worker. She’s served as an HVAC filtration salesperson, later starting her own company, then as a casino dealer, and most recently, as a pediatric nurse. She had suffered two traumatic brain injuries during her younger years, but it was the third TBI that suddenly changed everything. In a heartbeat, her life changed from one of optimism, vibrancy, enthusiasm, confidence, and extroversion, to one of constant pain, withdrawal, depression, and hopelessness. While trying to help administer a routine vaccine to a young boy, Nikki...

E59: Dr. Thomas Rocco - The Future of Medical Marijuana  show art E59: Dr. Thomas Rocco - The Future of Medical Marijuana

Good Dudes Grow

What if, instead of being prescribed narcotics to manage chronic pain, patients were given a holistic alternative? Dr. Thomas Rocco is here today to answer that question–and many more. Dr. Thomas Rocco is currently the Medical Director of a Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, the only licensed and approved facility in Rhode Island for patient evaluation and education for medical marijuana. His work emphasizes safe and proper medical marijuana use for patients’ chronic illnesses. He also works to use medical marijuana in hospice care to increase end-of-life comfort and peace. He completed...

E58: Arby Barroso - Let’s Make Alternative Medicine Plan A show art E58: Arby Barroso - Let’s Make Alternative Medicine Plan A

Good Dudes Grow

In the year since Arby’s been a guest on this show, he’s done a lot–not least of all, started a new company. He’s worked hard to pave the way for other CBD entrepreneurs, and he finally gets to see it all pay off. Arby Barreoso is the co-founder of the highly respected CBD manufacturer Green Roads. He is also the Commission-appointed Board Chair of the Broward County Medical Marijuana Advisory Board, and the co-owner/host of Cannabis Life Radio. He was awarded the 2018 Cannabis Business Award “Advocate of the Year” for driving consumer, industry and legislator education in the CBD...

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Cannabis can be a natural healer to your body and mind, though many would oppose it. Dr. Thomas Rocco, an accomplished medical practitioner, is currently the Medical Director of a Medical Marijuana Evaluation Center, a medical director for hospice in the local area, and many more. Dr. Rocco says, “I honestly knew nothing about Cannabis at all, and there was no real curriculum for medical marijuana at medical schools.” He got into the practice, much to his surprise, and found miracles occurring. Eleven years have passed since he got initiated into this, and he has always enjoyed dealing with patients, answering their queries, and opening up to new learning scopes every day.

Cannabis has been stigmatized for ages on different grounds, and the “stigma is still there.” People need to educate themselves on this to break the stigma. Dr. Rocco has started his CBD website, educating people about the uses of cannabis and its dosage and propagating awareness. He has taken a stand to contribute to the well-being of people as he believes medical marijuana is so much better than a lot of their “prescription drugs.” 

Dr. Rocco admits, “I truly believe that the CBD is the medical part of it, THC is two, but it's that hybrid of it that gives you the best medical effects.” In this episode of Good Dudes Grow, Gary and Dr. Rocco dig into various misconceptions of CBD and medical marijuana, its future, and benefits, how they can be a natural cure to multiple health issues, and primarily educate people on dosage and purchase of the product. Tune in for an enlightening episode to take holistic care of life and lead a life full of zest.


What you will learn:

  • How Dr. Rocco landed up in cannabis continued his practice comfortably, much against the notion of being called a “drug doctor”.
  • How he had successfully applied the practice on kids and how he educated his patients on this.
  • Why Dr. Rocco feels that dosing is one of the essential parts of the education in his practice of medical marijuana, CBD, THC.
  • What the biggest roadblock to CBD and medical marijuana practice is and how to overcome it.
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“The side effects of CBDs in comparison to prescription drugs are so much less. Hopefully, in our lifetime, Medical Marijuana will be a prescription medication.”


  • Dr. Thomas Rocco



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How to get involved: 

Gary Roberts is the founder and CEO of Pure Body Zen, a company based not only around creating and selling high-quality CBD products, but one that is on a mission to change the landscape on how mental health and addiction are treated. Gary has founded a non-profit called Promises Recovery Centers for those who need it as well as creating the first-ever educational training facility for Physicians, Therapists, and Mental Health advocates using innovative therapeutics like psilocybin, Mdma, and LSD.

You can learn more about Pure Body Zen on their site, on LinkedIn, and on Instagram.

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