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EP 42: Tony Frischknecht — From Basement Grower To Making Millions In The Cannabis Biz

Good Dudes Grow

Release Date: 09/29/2021

E73 Why Boys NEED a Strong Male Role Model with Dylan Roos show art E73 Why Boys NEED a Strong Male Role Model with Dylan Roos

Good Dudes Grow

Growing up with a strong family, at the top of his game in sports, Dylan Roos had a very big ego. That was until, at the age of 18, he didn’t make the draft into professional sports. Fast-forward a couple of years, and a bad breakup would take Dylan down a few more pegs. Trying to man up, Dylan pushed his feelings down and tried to move forward. Instead, he found himself drinking too much, not taking care of himself, and ultimately unable to get out of bed. Finally, Dylan admitted to himself that he didn’t have all the answers, and he went to see a psychologist.    Formally...

E72: Genetics as They Relate to Cannabis with Len May show art E72: Genetics as They Relate to Cannabis with Len May

Good Dudes Grow

Growing up, Len May struggled with focus and ultimately got diagnosed with ADD. To treat this, he was put on prescription medications that greatly dulled his emotions and feelings. One day before school, Len tried cannabis for the first time. He was amazed at the focus it gave him without all the negative side effects. Going forward, Len refused to take his prescription medication and chose to smoke cannabis instead.  This resulted in his parents kicking him out of the house, as they simply saw him as a “druggie”.    Through his journey, he found himself serving as the...

E71: Talking Business, Fitness, and Beer with Emma Pietrzak show art E71: Talking Business, Fitness, and Beer with Emma Pietrzak

Good Dudes Grow

Do you love booze, but you’re tired of the side effects and consequences?  Well, here's some good news! Because a new innovation has arrived! It’s a beer with no alcoholic content. And this is just one of the many great products that the Cannabis industry has to offer. With a degree in Exercise Science, Emma Pietzrak has worked in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years. Her main goal as a health and fitness leader is to change other people's lives through health and wellness. She began working in the Cannabis industry five years ago. She is the person behind “The...

E70: What It’s Like To Be A Firefighter show art E70: What It’s Like To Be A Firefighter

Good Dudes Grow

Most people have always viewed a firefighter’s career as cool. Little might people know, this career can be mentally grueling. Do you know a firefighter? Ask yourself this: how well do you know the struggle they face on a daily basis? Both Police Officers and Firefighters are more likely to die by suicide than in the line of duty. According to a study, 14% to 22% of firefighters are highly likely to have PTSD. 11% percent of firefighters struggle with depression, and about 46.8% of firefighters think about suicide sometime within their career. Reading these numbers, Gary Roberts was shocked...

E69: You Should NOT Buy CBD Products From Amazon show art E69: You Should NOT Buy CBD Products From Amazon

Good Dudes Grow

Are the CBD products sold on Amazon high-quality products? The short answer is NO, but you will want to learn the long answer contained in this episode, so you can easily spot low-quality products in today’s market.    In this episode of the Good Dude’s Grow Podcast, Gary Roberts discusses the issues with purchasing CBD products from Amazon. Although Amazon has some of the largest inventory in the world, their CBD products are unfortunately not the high-quality medicine that people are looking for. Essentially, the products being sold on Amazon can be equated to Omega-3 oil....

E68: CBD and the Naturopath with Dr. Eric Dorninger show art E68: CBD and the Naturopath with Dr. Eric Dorninger

Good Dudes Grow

Do you know all the secrets buried in your body's chemistry? Few of us do – so we're quick to blame external factors when we get sick or hurt...and we're double-quick to reject treatment possibilities we don't know much about. All this leads us to miss out on what could be the fastest and healthiest route to solving our issues.   Dr. Eric Dorninger practices naturopathic medicine through Roots and Branches, a healthcare center specializing in finding holistic natural solutions for patients with chronic illnesses. Set apart from the rampant focus on superficial “quick-fix” medical...

E67: How Cannabis Can Enhance Physical Performance with Josiah Hesse show art E67: How Cannabis Can Enhance Physical Performance with Josiah Hesse

Good Dudes Grow

Josiah Hesse was working as a journalist in Denver, CO when cannabis became legal there.  He shifted a lot of his reporting to cannabis and met a diverse group of people that didn’t fit the typical ‘stoner’ stereotype. Among those were a lot of athletes, especially marathon runners.  Recently taking up running for his own mental health, Josiah was intrigued and began to not only utilize cannabis, but to research its validity as a performance enhancer.   On today’s episode of Good Dudes Grow, Josiah discusses what he learned as he explored the science, history, and...

E66: David Miller and Erich Maelzer- CBD & The Entourage Effect show art E66: David Miller and Erich Maelzer- CBD & The Entourage Effect

Good Dudes Grow

Learning about the many cannabinoids and their medicinal effects aroused David and Erich's interest in the cannabis market, and FlowGardens was born as a consequence. The firm is dedicated to producing health and pleasure via the use of high-quality cannabis. David Miller and Erich Maelzer, Co-Founders of FlowGardens, are changing people's minds about cannabis by educating them about the health benefits of the entire cannabinoid spectrum. They've been in this industry for 25 years. Their East Tennessee indoor R&D center, helmed by Erich, develops better strains with rich terpenes and...

E65: The Future of Seed Canary with Nick Showalter show art E65: The Future of Seed Canary with Nick Showalter

Good Dudes Grow

Seed Canary was created by Nick Showalter in 2020 as a place where Cannabis growers and breeders could come to buy and sell seeds online. It fills the industry’s need for a place where cannabis breeders can sell, and customers can buy, using a safe and secure platform. Their goal is to make a huge and positive difference in the cannabis community.  In 2019, Nick was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition, which had made everyday life unlivable. Facing too few options to manage his symptoms, he turned to marijuana, and found no reason to stop. To this day, Nick still uses marijuana to...

E64: Scaling the Success of CBD with Al Morentin show art E64: Scaling the Success of CBD with Al Morentin

Good Dudes Grow

Consistency, purity, potency. Those are the pillars of Al’s CBD oils, and those are the traits that make him a leader in the industry.  Al Morentin is the CEO of My Fit Life. After going blind due to Glaucoma, he regained his vision through Cannabis oils treatment. Soon after, he founded FECO USA. With over thirty years of practice as a holistic practitioner, he is now creating CBD formulas to help others reimagine their health and lives. On this episode of Good Dudes Grow, Al recounts the way he found cannabis as a solution to his ailments. Both his migraines and his Glaucoma were...

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So, you’ve got a couple of pot plants in your basement. How do you take that and build a real business from it?


Tony Frischknecht has, you could say, some experience in this arena. He started out in black market cannabis and, after founding a small, medical marijuana caregiving business in Colorado circa-2005, ultimately worked his way up in the industry. By age 35, he owned two dispensaries totaling $6.5 million in annual sales, and he also oversaw two indoor Denver grow facilities with a combined 20,000 square feet of production. To follow this up, Tony co-started a multi-million dollar vaping and edibles company, O.penvape, and today, he’s the author of the business book on bud, “From Black Market to The Man.” 


So, as we said. He’s got some experience. 


But there have been times when things looked shaky, to put it mildly — from first finding the confidence to turn off his other side hustle income streams and go all-in on growing to be raided by the DA and losing all his product. In this episode of Good Dudes Grow, Gary and Tony talk about the ups and downs of entering the trade, as well as the opportunities ahead of cannabis entrepreneurs today.


What You'll Learn:

  • The rewards, challenges, and tests you can expect to experience as an up-and-coming cannabis entrepreneur, according to Tony
  • The two things anyone who wants to be successful in the cannabis biz, estimated to hit $30 billion by 2025, should focus on
  • Why a traditional business budgeting mindset won’t help you with bud, and what Tony learned when moving from medical cannabis to vape and extraction equipment
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:


“When I’ve seen the most success is the times I’ve given myself no way to fail because there’s nothing left for me to lose.”

— Tony Frischknecht


Connect with Tony: 







How to get involved: 

Gary Roberts is the founder and CEO of Pure Body Zen, a company based not only around creating and selling high-quality CBD products, but one that is on a mission to change the landscape on how mental health and addiction are treated. Gary has founded a non-profit called Promises Recovery Centers for those who need it as well as creating the first-ever educational training facility for Physicians, Therapists, and Mental Health advocates using innovative therapeutics like psilocybin, Mdma, and LSD.

You can learn more about Pure Body Zen on their site, on LinkedIn, and on Instagram.

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