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Jarek, BD and Chris from The US 100 Podcast

How To Write A Tune

Release Date: 11/25/2016

This week Jay and Tony are joined by friends of pod Jarek Zaba, Brent Davies and Chris Kelly, the team behind the brand new podcast The US 100.

Join them on their epic journey across the American musical landscape and in contrast to this show, a lot of research and hard work has gone into making The US 100 an enjoyable and educational experience, we liken Jarek to a Dan Carlin for music...

Check them out at http://theus100.com/, where you will find the playlist, long form articles, the podcasts themselves and their B-sides with all the full length tracks from the shows. What more could you need.

Subscribe in all the usual podcast places, check them out on:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/US100/?fref=ts

Twitter - @the_us100

Website - http://theus100.com/


And don't forget to join us David Goo Presents 'The Elliot Mason Show, Episode 6' Premiere on Monday 28th Nov 2016 at The Bedford in Balham. The greatest show on Earth.