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Release Date: 03/13/2015


Listen to Sa'k Pase? N'ap Boule Textbook MP3/Audio - Ann Pale Kreyol...Let's Speak Creole.

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<p>Content of the MP3 / Audio File

<p>Listen to 'Sa'k Pase? N'ap Boule Textbook' MP3/Audio in your car, your iPad, tablet, phone, and laptop

<p>Useful Creole Expressions and Cultural Notes

<p>Grammar and Vocabulary

<p>Pronunciation Key

<p>Question Words, Conversation and Greetings

<p>Conjugate verbs, Forms of Definite and Indefinite Articles

<p>Useful Expressions for Healthcare Professionals, at the Doctor's Clinic, Medical Terms and Practice

<p>Human Body: Illnesses, Medications, and Health issues

<p>Weather, Temperature, Telling Time, Jewelry, Watches, Bracelets and Diamonds