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HYH-21 When You Need Airbnb's Help....

Hosting Your Home - Airbnb host stories

Release Date: 10/26/2016

Debi Hertert of the podcast HostingYourHome.com talks with Portland Airbnb host Nancy Stevens.  Debi hears a great story of Airbnb support when Nancy needed it most. 0-02:15 Introduction 02:15-06:15 A short tour:  Nancy shows Debi the view, and gives her a short tour, punctuated by a stained glass window that Nancy gave to her late partner to commemorate their favorite fly fishing spot in Idaho. 06:15-15:30 Nancy’s Story:  Nancy told Debi that she had a major health emergency and was hospitalized for two weeks and unconscious for one of those.  Her brothers knew she had Airbnb guests arriving but knew nothing about Airbnb. Her sister-in-law called Airbnb and Nancy describes her as working with almost no information and how much help Airbnb provided.  She goes on to answer Debi’s question about why she started hosting. It’s a warm reminder of the emotional value of hosting. 16:45-21:00 Discussion: Then Debi and Nancy talk about a variety of topics.  The difference between residential and hospitality cleaning; pet friendly accommodations, dust bunnies, and how friendly and nice pet owners are as guests. 21:00-25:10 Superhost topics: They also discussed Superhost status, and the difficulties that Nancy inadvertently created by trying to paste Mapquest URLs into her Airbnb communications.  Debi offers a workaround, and mentions using the filter for Superhost as a valuable way to find the potentially best Airbnb accommodations when traveling. 25:10-27:45 Pet friendly! Pet friendly also works to Nancy’s benefit, in bringing more guests and especially nice ones because they are dog owners. 27:45-30:20 Food, kitchen, house rules:  This is a short discussion of what food Nancy provides, and how she manages to have some space to herself and yet accommodate guests as much as possible. 30:20-32:20 Debi’s wrap-up:  Deb summarizes the show and clarifies the Tuft and Needle promotional program, and how you can subscribe to our podcast.  If you want to receive emails when a new show is on line, just click on the subscribe button on this website.  Or go to iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Play and search for  podcasts and Hosting Your Home and subscribe there.   Links: Nancy’s Airbnb link:  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8611065 Tuft and Needle: https://goo.gl/D5WJ8f