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HYH-29 "Host2Host 2017" A dream turned into a conference!

Hosting Your Home - Airbnb host stories

Release Date: 03/10/2017

No interview!  In this episode, Debi explains her dream of having a local Portland conference to support Airbnb and other hosts, and how it's come true: Host2Host 2017.  If you don't see the links to the conference in your iTunes or whatever podcast listener you use, go to HostingYourHome.com and check out the show notes.  This is a nice episode to just learn how one person's motivation to make something happen can come true, further made possible because of the tremendous contributions of time and knowledge by a dozen other local hosts who have brought this conference to life.  And Airbnb has really stepped up and helped when we have asked them to. If by any chance, you can be in Portland on April 22, 2017 this conference is inexpensive and can help you out, whether you are just thinking about hosting or are a veteran. The local conference is called 'Host2Host" and so this year, it's Host2Host 2017.  A non-profit organization was established, Host2Host.org and all proceeds from ticket sales and vendor contributions are to fund the conference.  If there is any extra income, it will go to support the following year's conference, and if Host2Host.org dissolves, Central City Concern has been designated the recipient of any remaining funds. Debi talks about her initial motivation to just connect with other hosts, and from that desire, starting the local "HomeSharePDX" Meetup.com group.  Our first meeting was right after the first Airbnb san Francisco Open, and 30 monthly meetings later, this group now has 212 host members.  The largest meeting had 85 people attending.  It greatly helps that Airbnb's North American Operational Headquarters is in Portland, because they are available to us for solving issues, doing tours, and just connecting with us to support the local hosting community. If you are not a member of Debi's HostingYourHome Facebook group, you should go to your normal Facebook, look for the "Groups" box and click it, then search for "HostingYourHome". It's a closed group, so you have to request to join and Debi will accept you.  There, you will find discussions there that augment the podcast. Registration page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/host2host-conference-tickets-31695336605