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Johnathan Bi — Girard, Desire, and Modernity (EP.116)

Infinite Loops

Release Date: 07/28/2022

Liz Wallenstein + Dr Michael Donnino — The Mind-Body Connection (EP.126) show art Liz Wallenstein + Dr Michael Donnino — The Mind-Body Connection (EP.126)

Infinite Loops

Dr Michael Donnino is the founder/director of the Psychophysiologic Research Group, and the first person in the country to complete a residency/fellowship program leading to board certification in internal medicine, emergency medicine, and critical care. Liz Wallenstein is a licensed mental health counselor who has trained in, among other areas, the methodology of ‘TMS Mind Body-Connection’. Liz and Dr Michael join the show to discuss the profound influence of Dr John Sarno on their lives, and the potentially transformational power of ‘Mind-Body’ therapies. Important Links: ...

Kyla Scanlon — Cultivating Vibes (EP.125) show art Kyla Scanlon — Cultivating Vibes (EP.125)

Infinite Loops

The brilliant Kyla Scanlon returns for her second appearance on Infinite Loops. As well as being a prolific creator, curator and writer, Kyla is the founder of the financial education company Bread. Kyla joins the show to discuss the vibecession, her plans for Bread, the creator economy, and much more. Important Links: Show Notes: Losing control of the meme Everything is vibes Inflation is a tax Are vibes top-down or bottom-up? Making complicated information fun The importance of having thick skin The benefits of free markets Do governments have vibes? How do you cultivate good...

Trung Phan + Rob Henderson — Talking Television (EP.124) show art Trung Phan + Rob Henderson — Talking Television (EP.124)

Infinite Loops

Is this the greatest crossover event in history? Fresh from their individual appearances on Infinite Loops, Trung Phan and Rob Henderson join forces to discuss TV, film, and why Rob still hasn’t seen Apocalypse Now. Important Links: Show Notes: Hearts of Darkness: one of the craziest stories in Hollywood history The beginning of TV’s golden age Breadth or depth? The two paths to prestige TV What TV can teach you about elite America The two ways of watching prestige TV How TV shows program us The decline of event TV Recurring themes and HumanOS Succession and signalling The Great...

Nick Gillespie — The Lou Reed of Libertarianism (EP.123) show art Nick Gillespie — The Lou Reed of Libertarianism (EP.123)

Infinite Loops

Nick Gillespie is the host of the Reason Interview and an editor at large at Reason. Nick is one of the most interesting libertarian thinkers in America, and has been described by the New York Times as being to libertarianism “what Lou Reed is to rock ‘n’ roll, the quintessence of its outlaw spirit". Important Links: Show Notes: Is libertarianism dead? Saying what you think The case for rational optimism Labels and empathy President Nixon, the Great Reshuffle, Bitcoin Bureaucracy and responsiveness The rapidly changing world Prohibition and legalisation Why America does not have...

Will Storr—The Status Game (EP.122) show art Will Storr—The Status Game (EP.122)

Infinite Loops

Will Storr is an award winning journalist and author. His book ‘The Status Game’ transforms our understanding of human nature by demonstrating how our unconscious desire for status ultimately drives our behaviour. Important Links: Twitter: Website: The Science of Storytelling: Show Notes: Will’s origin story The strange case of David Irving The fundamental nature of status games The Stanford prison experiment and dominance games The status games played by cults Luxury beliefs Why we are all moral hypocrites The importance of being funny Social status and socioeconomic status...

Vitaliy Katsenelson—Soul In The Game (EP.121) show art Vitaliy Katsenelson—Soul In The Game (EP.121)

Infinite Loops

Vitaliy Katsenelson is the CEO of a value investment firm IMA, author of two books on investing, and a recently published non-investing book named “Soul In The Game”. Known for his uncommon common sense, Forbes magazine called him "The New Benjamin Graham." Vitaliy loves to read, listen to classical music, play chess, and write about life, investing, and music. Important Links: Blog:  YouTube:  Twitter:  IMA:  Favorite classical music website:  “The Gateway Drug to Classical Music” Spotify playlist:  Show Notes: Coming to America from Soviet...

Dennis McKenna—Rebooting Yourself with Psychedelics (EP.120) show art Dennis McKenna—Rebooting Yourself with Psychedelics (EP.120)

Infinite Loops

Dennis McKenna is the founder of the McKenna Academy and has conducted research in ethnopharmacology for over 40 years. He is a founding board member of the Heffter Research Institute, and was a key investigator on the Hoasca Project, the first biomedical investigation of ayahuasca. Important Links: McKenna Academy:  ESPD 55 (Ethnopharmacologic Search for Psychoactive Drugs):  Twitter:  ICEERS (International Center for Ethno-botanical Education, Research, and Service):  Show Notes: ESPD 55 conference Goals of the McKenna Academy How psychedelics affect our relationship...

David Perell—Write to Find Yourself (EP.119) show art David Perell—Write to Find Yourself (EP.119)

Infinite Loops

David Perell is prolific writer and online educator, who runs a writing school called “Write of Passage”. David also hosts the “The North Star Podcast” featuring interviews with writers, athletes, and entrepreneurs. Important Links: Website: Writing School: Friday Finds Links: Twitter: Show Notes: Origins of “Write of Passage” Writing leads to thinking David’s ever expanding portfolio Live the life that you teach Applying lessons from Disneyland to a writing course Four Seasons of writing education Ana’s success with David’s course Writing as a career transition...

Shreyas Doshi—Making of a Great Leader (EP.118) show art Shreyas Doshi—Making of a Great Leader (EP.118)

Infinite Loops

Shreyas Doshi is a startup advisor who has formerly worked in the product teams of tech firms like Stripe, Twitter, Google, Yahoo. He regularly writes about product, strategy, org psychology, leadership, and life! Important Links: Twitter: LinkedIn: Show Notes: Shreyas’s childhood Operating with the owner mindset The LNO framework Getting good at leveraging time The antithesis principle Having a great manager Individual vs. group decision making “Apple Pie” positions Beware of certainty theater Social media: A global intelligence network Minimizing your opportunity costs The issue...

Alex Danco—Where the Circle Begins, or Ends (EP.117) show art Alex Danco—Where the Circle Begins, or Ends (EP.117)

Infinite Loops

Our recurring guest (who rarely recurs these days), Alex Danco, comes back for his sixth appearance on Infinite Loops! Important Links: Twitter: Website: Newsletter: Show Notes: Our planned, but unplanned conversations Pink Floyd were philosophers From Heraclitus, to Lao Tzu, to Gita, to Deutsch Where does decision making come from? Projection 101 Can you versus can’t you read people’s mind Jim throwing big fancy words like “Phylogenetic inertia” Corn: The apex predator Self-serving nature of memetic theory The Mirror Philosophy What is a “creator”? Communication theory by...

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Johnathan Bi started out getting trained in Mathematics, and then eventually went on to study Philosophy and Computer Science at Columbia. He hosts a lecture series on René Girard’s Mimetic Theory and is also a founding member of Lonsdale Investment Technology.

Important Links:

Show Notes:

  • Becoming pessimistic with age
  • Humiliation always comes back to bite you
  • How Jonathan got introduced to Buddhism and Girard
  • Why Jonathan left academia
  • The driving human emotion
  • Has modernity ignored the “spirit”?
  • Girard’s apocalyptic predictions
  • Wild, wild west of capitalism
  • The mystery with the discovery of the skull
  • What does eugenics say about science?
  • Science becoming dictatorial
  • Buddhism figuring out the inner telescope
  • Physical vs. metaphysical desires
  • Mimesis in asset valuation
  • Price to magic ratio
  • Nietzsche's will of power
  • Is delusion bad?
  • Can internet lead to greater violence?
  • “The Buddhist Solution”
  • Girard—A rescuer of spirit
  • And MUCH more!

Books Mentioned:

  • The Status Game; by Will Storr
  • The Struggle for Recognition; by Axel Honneth
  • Sapiens; by Yuval Noah Harari
  • The Science of Storytelling; by Will Storr
  • The Origin of Species; Charles Darwin
  • Untimely Meditations; by Friedrich Nietzsche