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David Senra — Pick The Right Heroes (EP.127)

Infinite Loops

Release Date: 10/13/2022

Jesse Michels — American Alchemy (EP.145) show art Jesse Michels — American Alchemy (EP.145)

Infinite Loops

Jesse Michels is an investor at Thiel Capital and the creator and host of ‘American Alchemy’, a Youtube channel dedicated to highlighting the most heretical thinkers and ideas of our time. He joins the show to discuss the transmission theory of consciousness, whether mushrooms are aliens, the reawakening of the Boomers and MUCH more! Important Links: Show Notes: The modern-day Robert Anton Wilson Why Jesse started American Alchemy The transmission theory of consciousness Why mushrooms may have catalysed human civilisation Paradigm shifts and heretical thinking Are mushrooms aliens?...

Mark Nelson — Nuclear Power: Change the Memes, Change the Future (EP.144) show art Mark Nelson — Nuclear Power: Change the Memes, Change the Future (EP.144)

Infinite Loops

Mark Nelson is the Managing Director of Radiant Energy Group, a consultancy which advises governments, nonprofits and industry about nuclear energy. He joins the show to discuss Chernobyl the memes vs Chernobyl the molecules, introducing nuclear festivals, adopting an abundance mindset, and a whole lot more. Important Links: Show Notes: Why does the nuclear industry have a confidence problem? Electricity deaths vs nuclear deaths Chernobyl the memes vs Chernobyl the molecules How do we create better nuclear memes? Bureaucracy and the precautionary principle Steelmanning the case against...

Sam McRoberts — The Grand Redesign (EP.143) show art Sam McRoberts — The Grand Redesign (EP.143)

Infinite Loops

Author, CEO of VUDU Marketing and digital nomad Sam McRoberts returns for his second appearance on Infinite Loops. This week, Sam and Jim discuss Sam’s latest book ‘The Grand Redesign’. Part science-fiction, part operating manual for upgrading human OS, ‘The Grand Redesign’ touches on a number of recurring Infinite Loops themes, and is available for free online (see ‘Important Links’ section below). Important Links: Tinkered Thinking’s  to our ‘White Mirror’ competition Show Notes: Why Sam wrote the book Is the Watcher a reliable narrator? Interfering with...

Cliff Asness — FTX, Hedge Funds and the Value Spread (EP.142) show art Cliff Asness — FTX, Hedge Funds and the Value Spread (EP.142)

Infinite Loops

Cliff Asness is the Founder, Managing Principal and Chief Investment Officer at AQR Capital Management. Prior to co-founding AQR Capital Management, he was a Managing Director and Director of Quantitative Research for the Asset Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co. Cliff joins the show to discuss FTX, AMC , why hedge funds aren’t hedging, the role of index funds and a whole lot more. Important Links: Show Notes: Cliff’s take on FTX and crypto The AMC saga HODL and the MOASS Finding the right media format for substantive investment conversations Thoughts on the value...

Ben Tossell — Opportunities in AI (EP.141) show art Ben Tossell — Opportunities in AI (EP.141)

Infinite Loops

Ben Tossell writes Ben’s Bites, a daily newsletter on AI that’s read by over 15,000 others from Google, a16z, Sequoia, Amazon, Meta and more. He previously founded Makerpad, a no-code education side which was acquired by Zapier in March 2021. Important Links: Show Notes: Ben’s journey into AI The importance of ease of use How AI will impact our lives Ben’s hackathon Balancing originality and usefulness Why Ben is wary of providing strategic advice Achieving ground-up change with AI Interaction between the AI industry and the governments How Ben wants AI to be used Following your...

O’Shaughnessy Ventures is Here (EP.140) show art O’Shaughnessy Ventures is Here (EP.140)

Infinite Loops

We’ve landed. After 3 months of stealth mode, sneak-peeks, and surprise announcements, we have finally hit launch day. In this special episode of Infinite Loops, hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Jim chats through the rationale behind founding OSV, the positive impact he wants it to have on the world, and the ways you can get involved. Important Links: Show Notes: The origins of OSV Why OSV does not invest third parties’ money The story of Jim’s investment in Stability AI What has surprised Jim the most about the world of AI What OSV will look like on 1 January 2023: the four...

Tom Morgan & Brett Andersen — Intimations of a New World Worldview (EP.139) show art Tom Morgan & Brett Andersen — Intimations of a New World Worldview (EP.139)

Infinite Loops

Tom Morgan returns for his third appearance on Infinite Loops with Jim, Infinite Loops’ own Ed William and special guest Brett Andersen, an evolutionary psychology PhD student at the University of New Mexico. We discuss the implications of the ideas presented in Brett’s fantastic essay ‘Intimations of a New Worldview’, whether the rise of anti-heroes is a challenge to Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, the influence of conscious vs unconscious design, and much more. Important Links: Show Notes: Objective vs subjective morality Complexity as a precondition Biological...

Brom Rector — Investing in Psychedelics (EP.138) show art Brom Rector — Investing in Psychedelics (EP.138)

Infinite Loops

Brom Rector is the founder of Empath Ventures, a VC fund that in invests in early-stage psychedelics startups. Prior to founding Empath, Brom sent several years as a portfolio manager and quantitative researcher. Brom joins the show to discuss the current state of the psychedelics industry, the lessons learned founding a VC fund, the differences between psychedelics and cannabis, and a whole lot more. Important Links: Show Notes: How Brom became interested in psychedelic investing Psychedelics and the mental health epidemic Depoliticising psychedelics Empath Ventures’ business...

Johnathan Bi — René Girard and the Philosophy of Innovation (EP.137) show art Johnathan Bi — René Girard and the Philosophy of Innovation (EP.137)

Infinite Loops

Ahead of the release of the next episode of his lecture series on René Girard, Johnathan Bi returns for his second appearance on the show. He and Jim discuss Girard, prestige, innovation, AI, and much more. Enjoy! Important Links: Show Notes: The Girardian notion of prestige What proof is there for mimesis? The difference between mimesis and status signalling Philosophical critiques of Girard Girard on innovation Historical understandings of innovation A conversation between a pessimist and an optimist AI, progress and the panopticon Could we ban innovation? Books Mentioned: The...

Rohit Krishnan — Unleashing Curiosity (EP.136) show art Rohit Krishnan — Unleashing Curiosity (EP.136)

Infinite Loops

Rohit is a VC and essayist who writes fascinating, thought-provoking essays on complexity, progress, innovation and technology over at . He joins the show for a second time to discuss the lessons learned from the FTX meltdown, why there isn’t a philosophy of business, creating an AI picture book, and a whole lot more. Important Links: Show Notes: What can VCs learn from FTX? FTX, hubris and good manners “Don’t let anyone push you into a decision that you don’t want to make” Signing up to the right narratives Why you can’t beat the market Why isn’t there a philosophy of...

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“To get me stop, they’re going to have to pry the microphone out of my cold dead hand”.

Hot on the heels of his hugely popular appearance on ‘Invest Like The Best’, David Senra joins a marathon episode of Infinite Loops to discuss obsession, education, optimism, podcasting, and so much more.

Unsurprisingly, this one is not to be missed.

Important Links:

Show Notes:

  • David’s grandfather, refugees, and risk-taking
  • Why reading history raises our ambition
  • Obsession and genetics
  • Why founders are the most important people in the world
  • Our failing education system
  • “To get me to stop, they’re going to have to pry the microphone out of my cold dead hand”
  • “Don’t do anything that somebody else can do”
  • Societal responses to change, predicting the future
  • The benefits of small teams
  • “Plan B should be to make plan A work”
  • Optimism, risk and the bridge of nihilism
  • Why you need to start a podcast
  • “History doesn’t repeat, human nature does”
  • AI and art
  • The internet is the greatest variance amplifier in history
  • “You can’t fake passion”
  • Infinite networks
  • Luck, burnout, learning and excuses
  • “Don’t be surprised if your best idea comes 30 to 40 years into your career”
  • The blueprint for a great day
  • Pick the right heroes

Books Mentioned:

  • Am I Being Too Subtle?: Straight Talk From a Business Rebel; by Sam Zell
  • The Sugar King of Havana: The Rise and Fall of Julio Lobo, Cuba's Last Tycoon; by John Paul Rathbone
  • The Hypomaniac Edge: The Link Between (A Little) Craziness and (A Lot of) Success in America; by John D. Gartner
  • One Summer: America, 1927; by Bill Bryson
  • Reluctant Genius: The Passionate Life and Inventive Mind of Alexander Graham Bell; by Charlotte Gray
  • Born of this land : my life story; by Chung Ju-yung
  • Shoe Dog; by Phil Knight
  • Pulitzer: A Life in Politics, Print, and Power; by James McGrath Morris
  • Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Crisis Points That Challenge Every Company; by Andrew S. Grove
  • Time to Make the Donuts: The Founder of Dunkin Donuts Shares an American Journey; by William Rosenberg
  • Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration; by Ed Catmull
  • The Tao Te Ching; by Laozi
  • My Life & Work - An Autobiography of Henry Ford; by Henry Ford
  • One from Many: VISA and the Rise of Chaordic Organization; by Dee Hock
  • Zanies: The world’s greatest eccentrics; by Jay Robert Nash