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Movin' on Up!

Investment Property Geeks of Charlotte

Release Date: 10/13/2020

Move-in day can be stressful for tenants and property managers alike. Something can always go wrong. Maybe the moving company cancels last minute or the tenant isn’t satisfied with the property. 

While all move-ins have these kinds of hiccups, there are a few things that you can do to reduce stress and anxiety. We have got the insider tips to make sure that move-in is a success for you and your tenants.

On this episode you’ll learn more about:

  • Move-in process and setting expectations
  • Keeping move-out in mind
  • Setting tenants up for success
  • Home inspections

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Wishing you a brighter life through real estate. 

Chris Claflin and Jesse Mancuso

Experts from Sunnon Property Management