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It’s Time To Meet Your Intuition

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Release Date: 07/26/2021

050: Practicing What I Preach show art 050: Practicing What I Preach

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

J.Go just hosted her first ever LIVE EVENT, the Go.Retreat. In this episode, J.Go chats with her friend (and editor of this podcast) Alex Hanson, and catches her up on the process of putting together this retreat, showing up confidently uncomfortable, and working through her limiting beliefs.

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Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

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It’s Time To Meet Your Intuition show art It’s Time To Meet Your Intuition

Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

Special guest Kay Hillman (@MrsKayHillman) and J.Go dive into Kay’s story about personal growth, intuition, and taking small steps when you’re feeling stuck.

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Confidently Uncomfortable with J.Go

* Trigger warning: This episode touches on the subjects of death, drugs, and abuse. 

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Kay’s Story:

  • She grew up wanting to be a doctor, something her late mother was very proud of.
  • She did not get into med school, so instead took a gap year.
  • When she did get into grad school, in another country, she was faced with the idea that maybe this wasn’t for her. She cried a lot, felt isolated, homesick, and alone. During this time, her faith grew so much.
  • The bright side: She met her intuition for the first time. She listened to her gut, and it was telling her this wasn’t right for her. She’s glad she tried. If she didn’t try, she would never know. She didn’t know what she wanted, just knew that this wasn’t it. 
  • She wanted to help people, but not as a doctor.
  • She trusted her intuition and knew she needed to create space for what was next.


What would you say to your previous self? 

  • Feel your feelings. If we don’t know how we feel, we’re not in-tune. Any deviation from a plan feels like an attack. Just because life isn’t going the way you thought it would go doesn’t mean you’re a failure. 
  • Be open to recognizing your full range of emotions. 
  • Don’t wait for a plan to appear to you, take the next step. Once you take the next step, you’ll know if you’re going the right direction or not. It’s all about small steps forward. 
  • The isolation was hard, but it was a time of growth. 
  • Sometimes when we feel stuck, we’re really experiencing fear. When you’re facing your fears, you have to show up and face them. 
  • When she’s feeling stuck, Kay asks herself what she’s afraid of? What fear is she running into that is causing her not to take an action. 


How did you step into your business? What was the process of figuring out what was the right thing for you? 

  • Kay knew she wanted to go back to school, and got her Masters. She fell in love with teaching and thought that’s what she wanted to do. 
  • She got married and moved to Atlanta, but couldn’t get a job teaching. 
  • Not finding a job was a roadblock and made her question her decisions. She had “done everything right”, yet, this wasn’t working. There was a lot of negative self-talk. 
  • She decided to take a break from the job hunt, and worked for Uber and Instacart to give herself time to figure it all out.
  • She woke up one day and decided to be a wedding photographer. She had no training, but was always creative. She loved her wedding photos, and wanted to bring other people that type of happiness. 
  • She used Instagram to build her business, and soon enough she was teaching other people how to do the same. 
  • She started a social media agency and empowered her clients. She learned about coaching and started a community. After that, everything started falling into place.


When did you start to see it as “I’m starting my coaching business?” 

  • All of her businesses started because she noticed “someone needs something and I can help you with that”.  She wanted to help people, and it made sense to her. It was all sparked out of a desire to help people, which had always been inside of her.


What would you say was a scary thing you did where you had to get confidently uncomfortable in your journey?

  • The scariest part was deciding she wasn’t going to get a “real job”. Making the decision to not have the security of a steady paycheck was very scary. 
  • She’s an advocate for not quitting your job until you have some plans in place. A lot of people glamorize just quitting your job, but you need to be prepared. Think first: do you have a partner who can support you? Do you have money saved? Don’t be too proud to do what you need to do. If you need to drive Uber, then drive uber. Don’t let your pride get in the way of moving forward. 
  • If you don’t quit your job, that’s totally fine. It doesn’t mean you don’t believe in yourself. It means you recognize what you need to survive and live. Your business can be successful even if you keep your 9-5. 
  • Don’t let pride get in the way of progress


Any advice you’d give to someone who’s trying to take a leap away from their current situation where they feel stuck? They’re unsure of what’s on the other side. 

  • Everyday is a new day. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t perfect, but take that step anyways because tomorrow you can course-correct if you need to. Everyday is a new day for you to adjust. 
  • If you’re feeling stuck, just do something and you can always fix it. 
  • If you’re feeling stuck, try unplugging from everything you’re consuming. When Kay is feeling overwhelmed, it helps for her to disconnect from the noise so she can focus on herself and what she wants. 
  • After you decide what you want, run it by your Top 5. Who are your top 5 people whose opinion matters most to you? Everyone else’s opinion is not relevant. 

The Go Retreat: 

J.Go is hosting the Go Retreat, Sept 17-19, a women’s Beach Retreat in Charleston. 

  • Attendees will leave with a vision of what they want for their life and feeling empowered to accomplish their goals. 
  • Do you feel like you need a more supportive environment? That you want to meet more supportive people? Are you feeling a calling to create change in your life but you don’t know where to start - you need to be here at this event!
  • Bonus:  If you listen to this episode, tell me, when you get your ticket and I’ll give you my 6-week Training Naked Program as well as my 5k Training Program (a $1000 value)
  • www.jgofitlife.com/retreat 


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