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The Pilot of The Leading Edge

The Leading Edge

Release Date: 03/11/2019

DAN: Welcome to The Leading Edge. We have a few goals with this podcast. First of all, since this is the pilot episode and you’re learning about the show, a little background.

My name is Dan Moyle, your host on this journey. I’m obsessed with marketing, sales, communication and podcasts. Fortunately for me, the Vice President of sales and marketing here at EPI Marketing Services, supports my obsession. In fact, to help explain a little bit about the goals of the show, I’ve invited Mitch Maurer to join me.

Mitch, thank you for taking time to come on our show.

Tell me about the goal of The Leading Edge, and why you decided to bring EPI into the podcast world.

MITCH: We work with some fantastic partners in business, and I thought it was a great idea to brag on them. We’ll highlight some of our heroes in business who push the edge of innovation in marketing, sales, business development, leadership and more.

From our local businesses in Southwest Michigan, like Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, to Fortune 100 companies around the country, I know we’ll have innovators of all levels offering insights, advice and stories for listeners to learn from.

And if you’re listening, and you know of a company doing great work, let us know!

DAN: Awesome, thanks Mitch. And thank you for having the vision to launch a podcast!

And for you, the listener, here are our promises:

We’ll keep it concise. No need to get long-winded. You’re busy so we plan to keep episodes at about 30 minutes or less. If the conversation goes longer, and it’s relevant, we’ll post the longer version on our website.

We’ll keep it relevant. The Leading Edge is produced for business leaders in sales, marketing, the C-suite, mid-management, procurement… anyone interested in learning about innovative initiatives from terrific brands around the world. So the conversations we’ll have will be relevant to you.

We’ll keep it consistent. There’s nothing worse than finding a show and they release episodes for a while, then go dark, then show up and go away again. We’ll release a new episode every week so you can count on interesting conversations that inspire and educate.

We’ll keep it interesting. Our focus will be on heroes in business doing interesting and innovative things, to help keep you inspired.

Thank you for listening. Be sure to subscribe on your podcast player of choice. And if you feel so moved, leave us a review wherever you’re listening.