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Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress, Science Fiction Fantasy Audio Trailer

Nemecene™ World

Release Date: 10/24/2015

Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress

Episode 1 of 10 by Science Fiction Fantasy Author Kaz Lefave



In a toxic future flooded by dead oceans and poisonous gases, twin siblings Keeto and Elize become the target of an otherworldly predator in their quest to save Elize from their mother’s fate.

Not even Earth’s world government, the Unification, can protect them. In fact, its own secret desire to be the first to locate the twins summons still others to the hunt — others whose true intentions remain hidden.

Will Keeto and Elize find the answers that they seek in time? Or will their questioning lead them down a dangerous path where treachery, lies, and deceit reside?

This is the epoch of Nemecene, where the real answers are waiting for you to discover them...before they discover you.



Countless centuries ago, in the year 2048, a new Epoch began.  An epoch when Earth decided to right the wrongs of her greatest nemesis and trap humanity in a persistent environmental nightmare that has become their grim reality.  

Carefully, she guides her body through the underbrush, its tentacles claiming the hem of her coat as it floats over the landscape, reminiscent of the countless small hands begging for time as they sink into the void.

Soon, the Ministry hounds will come... (Nathruyu in her head)

She forges on into the valley, unconcerned, for the branches, like the timid, freely bend to her sway. The distant tranquillity assures her that her silhouette is not plainly visible against the steep violet tapestry. Her choice of dress has succeeded in masking her well, leaving her immediate approach unencumbered, and despite the drop in ambient heat, her legs have managed to garner speed. She attains her destination with a few minutes to spare and borrows the light to move swiftly in the shadows of the village.

“Hello? Anybody there?” (Keeto, tenuous)

The desolate track blows a cloud of dust with her every step, relinquishing but a hint of her trail, each puff a reminder of a past she remembers quite vividly, a past bathed in the powdery residues of an experiment gone terribly amiss.

It was early morning when the storm hit. Although it appeared to breach the threshold without warning, it was known in advance to some.

“No disclosure. We must keep this private.” (Sothese)

Regardless, the extent of the carnage eclipsed all expectation.

The tempest grips her. Motionless at the fringe of the plaza, she struggles to centre her spirit. She feels powerless, her body frozen in the face of a stealth airborne demon, as she watches her children gasp for their last breath and slump lifeless to the ground, in a puddle of malignant cinders, their twisted forms blanketed in blonde ashes.

“How long do you think you have to live?” (Nathruyu)

The features of the terrified swarms hopelessly scrambling to outrun the accelerating poisonous mass live locked in her soul, and the bravery of the ones she failed to protect, crushed in the panic, further strengthens her will. Her limbs, burdened with the weight of child after child sinking helpless in her arms, desperately groping for her, ache with regret.

Kneeling in the midst of a field of torment, she offers peace to the brave and comfort to the fearful. Her eyes weep the tale of her anguish, and her flesh becomes stone in its path. As the storm’s assault disperses, all that persists is the tarnished wreckage of ignorance and deceit.

Tell me where they are. She must not find them first.” (Sothese)


Repeated attempts at stabilizing the delicate ecosystem through geoengineering had failed.  And now, Earth has attacked the very soul of life as they know it, water, in a desperate move to cleanse herself of their madness.

“Not that way. It’s not safe.” (Caroline)

But man’s ingenuity persists and civilization adapts...for now..

The breathtaking Central Core, with its immaculate gardens, ancestral monuments, and sophisticated mandalas, prevails, nonetheless, as their crowning achievement. Furthermore, were the oceans safe for leisurely crossings, the worldly traveller would undoubtedly revere the unparalleled ingenuity of the enveloping biowall. As the titanic tide comes crashing into the rugged shores, the imperceptible shield repels the toxins and balances the architectural masterpieces upon Eadonberg’s liquid foundation, proudly showcasing her to admirers, as she stands majestically perched atop a watery cliff. The city skyline is simply stunning.

Nevertheless, this grand illusion does not beguile all. Without the tinted lens of the common resident, the utopian image transforms substantially. As the swell recedes, the fouler persona reveals itself. A mangled jungle of organic debris excretes noxious compounds that sink to the ocean’s floor and invite symbiotic bacteria to aggravate the pollution. They exist as a grim reminder of the real purpose of the pretty and seemingly innocuous milky lilac hue of the expansive aqueduct system. The conduits hanging off the lips of the buoyant pathways, with their thousands of exhaust shafts boring into the platforms like tumours stretching their bloody roots to the heavens, lie dormant as an ominous threat. Only the eastern sector of the city, caged within a growing fortress, dispenses with deception, and plainly illustrates the dangers of forgetting.

Are those people? (Elize in her head)

Years have passed since the Great Smoke of Ages, and Earth, once again, has learned to adapt. With the help of a few, with the wisdom of millions, the air was reclaimed, and a vision reframed. A global consortium assembled, and decades of peace and prosperity ensued, made possible by the support of the enlightened ones, the elders, who evolved to fully understand the true and just nature of this perfect harmony of chaos that they considered home.
You can do this. Don’t think, just move. (Elize in her head)

A tremendous current of change swept the northern shores...

“Soon.” (Father)

A new leader emerges and order is seemingly restored.

“I have come to offer you my deepest regrets as a fraternity and to address the unspoken terror that has marred the serenity of this venerable institution. Misleading rumours have assumed the responsibility of open communications, and for this They apologize. Recent violations of personal liberties under the authority of the GMU have challenged your trust in the messenger of the Unification’s divine mission, and for this They most humbly apologize. Mysterious are Their ways, but Perfect are They.” (The Pramam)

“They are One.” (the student assembly)

But soon, Keeto and Elize will change the course of time forever as they struggle to make sense of their lives under the oppressive regime of the Unification.

“You really don’t know what you are, do you” (Caroline)

The efforts to conceal her transgression have thus far succeeded, but soon…

...the mob grows restless.

As she strains to decipher the fantastical action in the mist, the sordid affair elicits accusations from the surviving brood, pointing their pale fingers at the maiden chained on centre stage.

There was no denying the trauma that the fortunate few who were found had suffered, but the plight of those who went missing had never been determined, leaving questions unanswered and evidence circumstantial.

“I know you’re a liar, you’re a thief, and you murder children.” (Elize)

Her mouth blows mute words, lost to the bellowing cry of the vengeful horde, and before she is able to conclude her rightful defence, the scene vanishes into the suspended brume.

“Remember your place.” (Anonymous voice)

Such is the darkness consuming her, as she yearns for healing, the cravings growing stronger and stronger every time they cross paths. But soon…

Fatigue engulfs her as she kneels to the floor, assuming the pose of a penitent whore. Her hips on her heels, her head to the ground, she lays her arms back and swallows all sound.

Will they find the answers that they seek in time to save Elize from their mother’s fate?

Or will the questioning lead them down a dangerous path where treachery, lies, and deceit reside?

“Don’t you want to play?” (Nathruyu)

This is the Epoch of Nemecene, where the real answers are waiting for you to discover them...before they discover you...

“Soon.” (Nathruyu)