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420 Day - National Weed Day

Phil Hulett and Friends

Release Date: 04/20/2018

Celebrate 420 Day

It's 420 Day people. Do what you will to celebrate, but Phil Hulett's first 2 guests think you should spark up a fatty to properly usher in 4:20 in your time zone today. [09:37] Dr. Regina Nelson and Michael Browning co-wrote "Time for the Talk: Talking to Your Doctor or Patient About Medical Cannabis." They cover the medicinal benefits of cannabis, the political climate for a national, recreational initiative from Washington DC, and they clear up whether you should use the word "Marijuana" any more.

What is Facebook Doing with your Data?

Next up [30:20] is Tedx talker, Dr. Robin Burk with some straight talk about your Facebook data collection and what steps you need to take to fly a little lower than the radar. But, is the cat out of the bag? After years of freely giving your personal data to Mark Zuckerberg and others, can you return to a reasonable level of anonymity?

More Stuff!

Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kellie Sure Peters join Phil Hulett with a stack of fun and informative stories. Try these on for size: Waffles and beer. New research on what one glass of win a day will do to your life expectancy. Insult your friends with new Alexa feature. FREAK ALERT! [50:17] Kellie Sue explains, and acts out, something called ASMR, Autonomous sensory meridian response, and how listening to a certain type of voice delivery can actually bring a person to orgasm without ever being touched. Plus, we help you beat digital eye strain. Here's a question for you, which out-of-your-comfort-zone karaoke song would you sing if you had enough to drink? Find out which songs at Kellie Sue, Gonzo and Phil admit to. And finally, the poop train update.