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Join the Space Force

Phil Hulett and Friends

Release Date: 07/09/2018

Where can we sign up to join the United States Space Force? Do we get a helmet and a laser gun? Seriously, this is an important topic that impacts people, places and spaces we can only imagine, so enter our favorite space expert, Rod Pyle [10:44] to sort things out. He took a break from signing autographs on copies of his book, "Amazing Stories of the Space Age," to sort this topic out. Plus he dives into the idea of NASA quitting the space station business, and whether China is getting a leg up on super-massive rockets.

Next up, [29:10] our Travel Dude, Gary Warner has a topic for you. He has his favorite destinations for 5 iconic cocktails. This is Gary's "part 2" of his alcohol crawl series. In episode 366, Gary covered beer. Follow along to get contact drunk.

Co-Host Heather Jordan joins Phil Hulett with this weeks news. Score one for the wild animal kingdom versus poachers. Millennials may have finally gotten something right. Now they've turned napping into an experiential thing. Really? The police are going to break up my backyard party when I have THIS band playing? Do ya wanna be an Amazon kid? Geoffrey the Giraffe is considering a new job offer. And finally, we now know what caused dozens of people to fall ill at a 4th of July barbecue.