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How Does Manscaping Work?

Phil Hulett and Friends

Release Date: 06/08/2018

Phil Hulett wants to know how manscaping works. You know, is there a technician who gets "in there" and removes all of that hair from your most intimate of places? And what if, well, you know. Kelly wants to know why men are doing this anyway?

Tech Expert Steve Greenberg checks in with great new tech gifts fro grads and dads. How about a tech idea to make grilling easier? Steve's got one.

Travel Dude Gary Warner offers up a handful of destinations to celebrate the 4th of July without getting crushed by the crowds.

Gonzo Greg Spillane and Kelly J join Phil Hulett in the studio for co-hosting duties. Burger King launches a new secret weapon into the fast food wars. Not to be outdone, KFC issues a vegan response. Then there's the guy who barely survived one of the worst rattlesnake bites ever. We have a hot felon update for you. Who's more likely to miss work, moderate drinkers or teetotalers?

Parents, listen up. Now you can skip the middle child and have a robot draw on your walls! All heck breaks loose when it is reveal the Miss America Pageant will not include a bathing suit competition! God had other plans for a mass baptism. And finally, the obituary for the mother from hell.