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141 - Sean Shares Some Experience, Strength and HOPE!!!

Real Recovery Talk

Release Date: 05/21/2020

166 - Is Methadone an Effective Treatment Option? show art 166 - Is Methadone an Effective Treatment Option?

Real Recovery Talk

Are you considering methadone or suboxone prescription as a way to treat heroin addiction for you or a loved one? Is this a safe way to beat an opioid addiction or will it only make the struggle more difficult? Ben Bueno is a recovering heroin addict shares his experience of being treated with methadone. Resources mentioned in this episode: Facebook Support Group

165 - How Self Esteem Directly Affects Our Recovery show art 165 - How Self Esteem Directly Affects Our Recovery

Real Recovery Talk

Everyone on the planet is affected by self-esteem in one way or another. Today, Tom discusses how self-esteem in general can influence addiction. In this episode, he talks about what self-esteem is and why positive self-esteem is so important for sobriety and getting and staying sober. He shares his own battle with self-esteem issues and why finding the root cause is so important.  He also stresses that it’s a process that needs to be facilitated by a good therapist. He talks about action steps that anyone can take to start building up their self-esteem in a positive way. By the end of...

164 - The Unfortunate Truths of Addiction show art 164 - The Unfortunate Truths of Addiction

Real Recovery Talk

We received two phone calls a couple of days ago that two people we know quite well had overdosed on drugs. One was rushed to the hospital, treated, and released. However, the second person is in ICU and will most likely not make it through his overdose. As a result of these recent tragedies, Ben and I decided to talk about what happens when addicts come to a place where they overdose and signs you can look for to hopefully prevent this from happening to someone you love. Ben Recalls His Early Days of Addiction While addicted, his mom would warn him to make sure that his drug source was...

163 - Charlie celebrates 2 years of sobriety! show art 163 - Charlie celebrates 2 years of sobriety!

Real Recovery Talk

Charlie is here today to pick up his two years sobriety medallion at Rock Recovery Center. He is a graduate of our program and has successfully navigated a clean and sober life since leaving Rock Recovery Center. Charlie and his wife chat with us about how Charlie has been living his daily life as a clean and sober society member. The Beginnings of Charlie’s Addiction At age 13, Charlie left his home and started drinking socially to the point that he was drinking five gallons of alcohol a week. Before he started drinking heavily, he started taking hard drugs. “Once the drinking took off,...

162 - Ben celebrates 10 years of sobriety!! show art 162 - Ben celebrates 10 years of sobriety!!

Real Recovery Talk

“I feel that if I didn’t take that crappy job that I hated, that I wouldn’t be here on the path I was meant to be on.” -Ben Ben's First Two Years in Recovery Today, Ben and I celebrate Ben's tenth year of sobriety! "Years two through now have flown by for me," says Ben reflecting back on his journey. He remembers his first two years being rough for him as his first two years were a struggle. Ben refers to AA's founder and his recollection of having waves of resentment and self-pity through his process. Why Ben's First Year Was Extraordinarily Hard Ben realizes what made his first year...

161 - Why 12-Step Programs Don't Work - And Why They Do show art 161 - Why 12-Step Programs Don't Work - And Why They Do

Real Recovery Talk

If you or a loved one have tried a 12-Step program like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and weren't successful this episode is for you. Find out what works and what doesn't work in the typical 12-step recovery program. Our guest, Ron, will also teach you what it takes to conduct an intervention to get someone you love into treatment for their alcohol or substance abuse issues.

160 - Pastor Tullian Tchividjian shares the disconnect between Church and recovery principles - What the Church can learn from recovering addicts show art 160 - Pastor Tullian Tchividjian shares the disconnect between Church and recovery principles - What the Church can learn from recovering addicts

Real Recovery Talk

“There are two kinds of people in this world: people in recovery who think they’re not and people in recovery who think they are.” Tullian Tchividjian Today, I’ll be talking with Tullian Tchividjian, a pastor and active in the addiction community that Ben and I have gotten to know very well. He has come to Rock Recovery Center to share his experience and strength with our clients. Tullian is a pastor for The Sanctuary, a church in Jupiter, Florida. Tullian grew up in a laid-back Christian home that was supportive and friendly. In the middle of seven children, he always had a family at...

159 - Alex Uslar - Hybrid Performance Method - From Druggie Punk Rocker to Strength Icon show art 159 - Alex Uslar - Hybrid Performance Method - From Druggie Punk Rocker to Strength Icon

Real Recovery Talk

Alex Uslar is the manager of the Hybrid Gym and the Director of Operations for the online company Hybrid Performance Method. Alex is a powerlifting, weight lifting, and crossfit coach. The Hybrid Performance Method is a virtual gym that provides accessible, affordable, and effective online workout programs to athletes of all skill and experience levels. In this episode, we talk about Alex’s journey and how he used nutrition and working out to stay sober. Like many addicts, Alex had a rough start and turned to alcohol and drugs. Unlike many, he discovered what he wanted to do at a young age....

158 - How to approach my loved one to get help show art 158 - How to approach my loved one to get help

Real Recovery Talk

Today, I’ll be talking about how to handle talking to your loved one to find out if they have a problem with addiction. Parents can have denial about their children’s addiction, and family members may not recognize signs of addiction. Find out how you can recognize the signs of addiction and what language to use in the delicate conversation of talking to your loved one who may be addicted to drugs and alcohol. How we frame our message in the conversation is important, such as, “I want to allow you to get help.” Be patient and don’t demand that they reach out for help. It is a...

157 - Sean B. breaks down the Full Circle of Recovery show art 157 - Sean B. breaks down the Full Circle of Recovery

Real Recovery Talk

Ben and I talk to Sean, who works for Behave and Detox here in South Florida in today's episode. He is here to share his story of addiction and his recovery process. Sean shares what to look for in a detox center and details about the detox process. Born in the Bronx, Sean moved to Brooklyn with his mom when his parents separated. Brooklyn was a tough place filled with violent crime, drugs, and alcohol - similar to his household. Today, his father has over 30 years of sobriety, and Sean follows in his footsteps. His mother was physically violent with him from an early age. "What I got as...

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“In every single way, my sobriety has become a blessing for me.” -Sean, Rock Recovery Center

I have a guest today, Sean, who is from Long Island, New York. He came to our recovery center eight years ago for thirty days and decided to become a resident of Florida. We talk about Sean’s stage character, how he dropped his walls, and his process of recovery.

Two days before he came to Rock Recovery Center, Sean remembers “almost drinking myself to death. Everything was dark in my life. I didn’t see a way out, and 99% of my thinking had to involve some sort of alcohol. I was losing my health, my wife and children, borderline diabetes with more than 120 pounds extra weight.” He was Baker Acted after police came to his house because they received a call and thought he was going to hurt himself.

When he returned from the hospital, he talked with his wife. In this conversation, he was yelling at her, then had a moment of clarity. The next day, he told his wife he needed help. Although he realized he needed help, he was adamant about not participating in a 12 Step Program as he didn’t think it would work for him. When Sean landed in Florida for his first day of recovery, he felt he would erase over two decades of drinking in 29 days.

In his first AA meeting, he didn’t let any of the conversations in his head. He was 100% sure that this program wouldn’t work for him. He created a calendar with 29 days to cross off until he went home. At the time he had six “x” marks on his calendar, he understood the fellowship of AA. “The lower your bottom, the higher your hope.” He heard others who had much worse situations with addiction tell their stories of hope. “They were talking about how wonderful and amazing their lives were. If they could do it, I could do it! That little mustard seed of hope, that little bit of open-mindedness cracked open. Once it cracked open, it was off to the races.”

Listen in to find out how Sean realized he had a problem with alcohol, why he owes a debt of gratitude to the friend who told his wife details about his alcoholism, and why he thought he could “think his way through this” because of his education as a health coach. Learn how Sean views his recovery process today, how he came to the realization that he had to let the program process “in,” and why prayer has made a significant difference in his life.

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Show Notes:

  • [04:34] Sean’s story of how and why he came to Rock Recovery Center.
  • [07:34] What woke Sean up to his reality was a “look” he got from his then wife.
  • [09:29] His first day of recovery at Rock Recovery Center.
  • [11:33] Ben talks about his witness with Sean’s process. 
  • [13:30] Sean says, “I was without a doubt, a polished up garbage can.”
  • [18:18] He saw the pain and sadness in his wife’s eyes.
  • [20:55] The key people in his life that influenced Sean to go to recovery.
  • [22:55] For twenty years he tried to break the cycle of alcoholism on his own.
  • [24:32] What factors changed Sean to stop drinking and how he views his recovery process today.
  • [25:33] The day he decided to start praying, he has prayed everyday since and hasn’t missed a day.
  • [27:06] His experience in outpatient treatment after his inpatient time at the recovery center. 
  • [33:23] When Sean realized his new “normal” in his life.  
  • [37:27] How the community we build around us will directly affect your level of success.
  • [41:10] Sean getting in with the “old timers” who had been sober for many years. 
  • [45:08] His old company rehires him and he was able to stay away from alcohol on the job and how his sobriety has made him stronger.
  • [48:58] “There’s a lot of respect for my sobriety” with people who drink.
  • [51:14] His post recovery relationship with his children and his family.
  • [53:42] How he recovered his relationship with his sister.
  • [55:43] “You never know what meeting is going to change your life.”

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