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#21: Transforming Resentment with Lauren Ammon

Stop People Pleasing

Release Date: 04/15/2021

#38: What If They Say No? show art #38: What If They Say No?

Stop People Pleasing

A short episode on managing fear of rejection - in real time! Most people will tell you to not worry about reaching out to new people - but I explain why - for recovering people pleasers - this is rubbish advice…and what to replace it with. Harriet Morris Info (at) theshiftinside.com

#37: Three Ways To Protect Your Energy show art #37: Three Ways To Protect Your Energy

Stop People Pleasing

Have you ever thought that a powerful and liberating reframe to stop people pleasing is to focus on protecting your energy?

#36: A Better Question show art #36: A Better Question

Stop People Pleasing

Today I talk about a question I used to ask myself when I was mired in people pleasing, and give you a MUCH better alternative.

#35: Empath Confidence show art #35: Empath Confidence

Stop People Pleasing

Today we discuss empath confidence. Many pieces of advice around improving your sense of self are written by , and for, non empaths...and are likely yo leave you feeling inadequate. The truth is that you need tailor-made ideas for dealing with a world that is not set up for you.

#34: The Lie show art #34: The Lie

Stop People Pleasing

Today a short story called The Lie, with a twist in the tale. You might not like the twist, but if you want to stop people's good intentions draining the life out of you, listen up! 

Empath Drama Triangle show art Empath Drama Triangle

Stop People Pleasing

Heads up! https://www.theshiftinside.com/launchpad/

#32: Askholes show art #32: Askholes

Stop People Pleasing

Heads Up! Go to  https://www.theshiftinside.com/launchpad/ 

#31: How Not To Be A Hyperreactive Mess show art #31: How Not To Be A Hyperreactive Mess

Stop People Pleasing

Today is the second part of this week's series on the key skills of stopping people pleasing. 

#30: The Escape Room show art #30: The Escape Room

Stop People Pleasing

This is an empath's dilemma, set in an escape room. The question is: What would you do?

#29: Phantom Thread  show art #29: Phantom Thread

Stop People Pleasing

Today’s episode is a look at Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2017 film Phantom Thread through the lens of stopping people pleasing. WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!

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I am in the process of creating a course on setting better boundaries. At the moment I want your feedback. Here are the problems that I see block empaths from creating boundaries. Do these resonate with you? Give me your feedback by emailing me info {at} theshiftinside.com or join the SPP Facebook group (link below)

#1 I really wish I could stand up for myself, but I don’t know how


#2 It would be difficult to set boundaries with X, because s/he has a hard life and they really need me. How could I do that to them? 


#3 Setting boundaries equals creating massive conflict, which scares me


#4 I am resentful that people do not give me the time and attention I give them - why should I have to set a boundary? 


#5 I feel too overwhelmed to do this work, and end up stuck giving too much energy away. It’s catch 22.


#6 I am so hurt by how narcissists and energy vampires treat me, it’s kind of paralysing. Catch 22 - nothing changes.


#7 I can’t deal with the negative comeback I would get if I did set boundaries.




Lauren Amman Interview

In this interview, coach and ex-people pleaser Lauren Ammon shares about

*How her entire previous career – HR - was born out of people pleasing

*How her empath nature led to overwork

*How she changed to living life on her own terms

*Taking responsibility for the way she was showing up with others

*Her fears about changing careers



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