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Episode 273 - Landscape Led

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

Release Date: 02/12/2024

Episode 287: Heirloom Vegetables show art Episode 287: Heirloom Vegetables

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

This episode my guest is former jewellery designer to the stars, turned social media veg grower, Lucy Hutchings. Along with music festival organiser, Kate Cotterill, Lucy set up SheGrowsVeg, an heirloom seed company which is bringing the most unusual veg, fruit, and edible flowers to veg patches and plates everywhere.    About SheGrowsVeg   Would you like to enliven your dishes with homegrown veg that looks and tastes incredible? Jet black tomatoes, stunning pale pink chicory that looks like a rose or salad leaves that taste like wasabi are just a few of the tasty veg that could...

Episode 286: Natural Happiness show art Episode 286: Natural Happiness

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

This episode my guest is Alan Heeks, former corporate world inhabitant, organic farmer, coach and author of the book ‘Natural Happiness’. After his transition into organic farming, Alan realised that “a cultivated organic ecosystem is a profound guide to tending human nature, and that organic growth methods have parallels for people: such as composting your stress, and using crop rotation to avoid burnout.” We explore the idea further… About Alan Heeks Alan Heeks had a baptism by mud at age 42, when he dropped out of a successful business career and followed a wild impulse to start...

Episode 285: No Mow May show art Episode 285: No Mow May

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode where my guest is Mark Schofield, Plantlife’s Road Verge Advisor for the UK. Mark has a huge amount of experience when it comes to green space conservation and is currently involved in a number of projects across the country to manage road verges better for wildlife involving biomass harvesting trials and the use of AI in surveys. He’s also one of Plantlife’s representatives for the #NoMowMay campaign, and in this interview, he talks about how we can maintain both private and public green spaces more sympathetically for wildflowers and the...

Episode 284: The Organic Nursery show art Episode 284: The Organic Nursery

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

This episode, my guest is Sam Frings who founded The Organic Plant Nursery. Sam explains in his own words how he got started and how things have been along the way. It’s not easy being a pioneer, but listen on to find out how Sam and his family have battled against the odds to do it right. Links Other episodes if you liked this one: - This week I’m speaking to Chris Williams, co-founder of Edibleculture, an inspirational nursery based in Faversham in Kent. From the day the nursery was established 5 years ago, ethically and ecologically sounds principles have been employed to create the...

Episode 283: The Tree Hugging Lawyer show art Episode 283: The Tree Hugging Lawyer

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

This episode, my guest is Sarah Dodd AKA the Tree Hugging Lawyer and founder of law firm Tree Law. Sarah specialises in civil and criminal claims arising from disputes with trees, in particular trees causing damage to properties. She’s also the host of Tree Law TV channel on YouTube and today, we find out all about her background, her work and the law as it relates to trees. What We Talk About Common neighbour disputes when it comes to trees Subsidence Cutting trees that overhang your property Is there such a thing as a right to light or a right to privacy? How TPOs work Is enough done to...

Episode 282: Song of the Garden show art Episode 282: Song of the Garden

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

This week my guests are Northern California based musical duo Misner & Smith. Sam, who is Misner, and Megan, who is Smith comprise one of the most acclaimed acts in the Americana world. Blending elements of that genre with bluegrass, traditional folk ballads, and more pop leaning ideas, they’ve been described as making music that is gloriously nonconforming. Aside from their musical chops, Sam & Megan are expert gardeners who focus on pollinators, sustainability and community gardening. Listen on to find out how their connection to nature feeds into their music. What We Talk About...

Episode 281: Shrouded in Light show art Episode 281: Shrouded in Light

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

This week my guests are Kevin Philip Williams and Michael Guidi, authors of a new book ‘Shrouded in Light: Naturalistic Planting Inspired by Wild Shrublands’. I’ll let Kevin and Michael say more about the idea behind it but a book about horticulture that compares natural landscapes to graffiti and branch frameworks to sigils catches my attention immediately… What We Talk About The premise behind the book What is a shrub? Why have shrubs fallen out of fashion? Which of the global shrublands most inspires and informs their planting design at the garden level Good examples of designed...

Episode 280: A Floral Feast show art Episode 280: A Floral Feast

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

This week my guest is Carolyn Dunster. Carolyn is a planting designer, botanical stylist, garden writer and author of a book all about eating flowers entitled ‘A Floral Feast: A Guide to Growing and Cooking with Edible Flowers, Foliage, Herbs and Seeds’. We discuss how to expand your culinary endeavours to encompass the ornamental parts of your garden. by Carolyn Dunster Other episodes if you liked this one: - In this episode, I’m speaking to Jan Billington of Maddocks Farm Organics, a flower farm in Devon growing and selling organic edible flowers. We talk about the easiest and...

Episode 279: Garlic show art Episode 279: Garlic

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

My guest this week is Kumud Gandhi, a food scientist, author and founder of The Cooking Academy. Kumud has written a book called The Garlic Story, a look at the history of garlic and its culinary uses. We talk about how garlic has been celebrated and revered throughout history, the different types and uses and how you can incorporate more of it into your life. 'The Garlic Story' is a celebration of all things garlic with over 50 delectable recipes, promising a flavourful journey that showcases the diverse and irresistible facets of this humble ingredient. Other episodes if you liked this...

Sustainability Matters show art Sustainability Matters

Roots and All - Gardening Podcast

My guest this week is Nadine Charlton. Through her business Home Spring Gardens, Nadine provides specialist services to the horticultural and landscape construction industry, advising on sustainable best practice and creating beautiful gardens and landscapes with an environmental conscience. We talk about the importance of sourcing sustainable garden products, how you can tell whether what you’re buying is sustainable and whether enough is being done on this front. About Nadine Charlton & Home Spring Gardens Nadine provides specialist services to the horticultural and landscape...

More Episodes

Alexandra Steed is a passionate landscape architect with a profound commitment to art, sustainability, and the transformative power of landscapes. Alexandra recently authored Portrait to Landscape and we talk about the possibility of and the necessity for shaping our landscapes so they may help to heal the earth.

What we talk about

Why portrait to landscape?

The biosphere

An overview of Alexandra’s ideas for better landscape design and management?

Urban vs rural landscaping

Can we rely on change that comes from the top down? 

How individuals can make a difference

About Alexandra Steed

Alexandra Steed, a passionate landscape architect and Fellow of the Landscape Institute (FLI) and the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA), has a profound commitment to art, sustainability, and the transformative power of landscapes. In 2013, she founded URBAN to bring joy to people’s daily lives through landscape design that enhances beauty and fosters well-being. Steed actively advises and serves on expert panels for organisations such as the Design Council UK and the Government’s Office for Place. As a lecturer at The Bartlett, UCL, she shares her knowledge and volunteers her time to support community empowerment and inclusive public spaces. Steed’s exceptional contributions to landscape architecture have garnered prestigious awards, including the WAFX Award for innovative global solutions and The LI Award for Excellence in Tackling Climate Change. With a strong focus on preserving biodiversity and ecosystems, Steed’s dedication to integrating natural processes into her designs is evident. Through her work and advocacy, she champions climate change mitigation and inspires others to connect with and appreciate the natural world.
About Portrait to Landscape

“Portrait to Landscape: A Landscape Strategy to Reframe Our Future” is a ground-breaking book that calls for a transformative shift in our relationship with the natural world. Written by a renowned landscape architect, this book offers a new perspective on our place in the world and a compelling vision for a regenerative future.
In an era plagued by environmental disasters and global challenges, the book argues that our exploitative and fragmented relationship with nature is at the root of these issues. Drawing upon the metaphor of a self-focused portrait versus a wide-angle landscape view, the book illuminates the profound impact of our narrow perspective. It offers a roadmap for reconnecting with the larger community of life.

Through a captivating narrative, the author explores the interconnectedness of the living world and the urgent need to shift from a human-centric mindset to one that embraces the wisdom of nature. It demonstrates with inspiring examples from around the world how landscapes can become catalysts for healing and regeneration, leading to improved well-being and sustainability.

“Portrait to Landscape” presents a holistic approach to restoring the earth, addressing not only the symptoms but also the underlying causes of environmental degradation. The book outlines practical strategies for policymakers, activists, and individuals to protect and restore landscapes, emphasising collaboration and long-term stewardship.

With passion and expertise, the book calls on global citizens to take action and become active participants in the healing process. It offers a powerful message of hope and possibility, envisioning a future where humanity and all nature coexist in harmony.

This thought-provoking book will inspire readers to reconsider their relationship with nature and join the movement towards a more sustainable and regenerative future. It is a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of our place in the world and how we can inhabit it with integrity.

“Portrait to Landscape” is available here.

 South Essex Estuary Park Project, UK

Sponge City Project, China

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