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Selling A Big Ticket Life with Jeff Giagnocavo

The Pipe

Release Date: 06/12/2023

Using Technology To Grow Your Business with Joe Mason show art Using Technology To Grow Your Business with Joe Mason

The Pipe

In this episode, Crispin sits down with Joe Mason, a seasoned entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of Alleyoop, a pioneering company revolutionizing the real estate industry. With a wealth of experience in technology and business development, Joe has spearheaded the creation of innovative tools and platforms that streamline real estate transactions and empower industry professionals. Through his visionary leadership, Alleyoop has emerged as a trusted name synonymous with efficiency, transparency, and client satisfaction. Tune in as we delve into Joe's journey, his insights into the evolving...

Observe, Orient, Decide & Act! with Robert Pruitt show art Observe, Orient, Decide & Act! with Robert Pruitt

The Pipe

We sit down with Robert Pruitt, the visionary behind SoPoly and EkoPoly. Discover how Robert's innovative approach helps his companies, SoPoly and EkoPoly, stay ahead by swiftly adapting to market demands and customer needs. Learn how this strategy not only drives sales but also fosters a deeper connection with families looking for sustainable, stylish, and durable outdoor solutions.   You’ll gain invaluable insights for enhanced decision-making, faster adaptation to market changes, and superior sales performance. Whether you're looking to refine your sales process or seeking...

Crafting an Etsy Empire: From Corporate to Multi-Six Figures with Dylan Jahraus show art Crafting an Etsy Empire: From Corporate to Multi-Six Figures with Dylan Jahraus

The Pipe

In this episode, Cris explores the incredible journey of Dylan Jahraus in the world of e-commerce. Over the course of just a decade, Dylan has transitioned from corporate ventures to pioneering scalable entrepreneurial endeavors. Beginning with a thriving Etsy venture, Dylan's astute market navigation propelled her shop to extraordinary profitability, achieving over $1 million in profit within 6.5 years. As she broadened her horizons, Dylan ventured into Amazon and Shopify, supported by a dedicated team.   In 2022, Dylan's visionary drive led to the launch of the Multi-Six Figure Etsy...

Maximizing B2B Sales Through AI with Usman Sheikh show art Maximizing B2B Sales Through AI with Usman Sheikh

The Pipe

Usman Sheikh recognizes that the best salespeople follow a process, build relationships, study and research the clients’ business and deeply understand the pain points. They become trusted advisors. When he was leading product and sales enablement teams at SAP, Usman asked himself - why do only 3% of sales reps achieve “platinum” status? What was failing in the sales process?   As a natural born change agent, he wanted to tackle this problem head-on. He observed that sales and marketing were not aligned, and that leads coming in from marketing were not actioned. He saw that sales...

Mastering Online Reputation with Marco Torres show art Mastering Online Reputation with Marco Torres

The Pipe

In this episode, Cris sits down with the esteemed Marco Torres, Founder of MarketingBoost.com, to delve into the world of online reputation management and its impact on businesses. Marco is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having started his first venture at just age 9 as a paperboy. With a wealth of experience in boosting sales and marketing, he shares invaluable insights on how entrepreneurs can soar to new heights through the strategic use of "Value-Add-Incentives" instead of conventional discounts.   During the conversation, Marco takes us on a journey through his adventurous life,...

How Open Minds Close Deals with Merit Kahn show art How Open Minds Close Deals with Merit Kahn

The Pipe

Join Cris in this another captivating episode, where he welcomes the multi-talented Merit Kahn, an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, and stand-up comedian. With over two decades of experience, Merit specializes in training, coaching, and consulting business leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals on the art of closing more deals.   In this insightful conversation, Merit introduces "The Open for Business Framework," a deliberate methodology designed to empower those selling custom, creative, or complex products. Rejecting pushy sales tactics, Merit firmly believes that open...

Building a Powerful Culture with Dave Albin show art Building a Powerful Culture with Dave Albin

The Pipe

Join Cris in a transformative conversation with David Albin, an extraordinary individual whose life experiences shaped his path towards personal growth and creating a powerful culture. Born in 1954 in Hollywood, California, David's journey took a challenging turn when he was adopted by his Aunt and Uncle at the age of 5. At 11, he discovered they were not his biological parents, coinciding with their struggle with alcoholism.   From experimenting with alcohol at 11 to delving into hard drugs at 14, David's battle with addiction led him to Alcoholics Anonymous in June 1988. This marked his...

Turning Adversity Into Authority with Beate Chelette show art Turning Adversity Into Authority with Beate Chelette

The Pipe

In this episode, Cris engages in an enlightening conversation with Beate Chelette, the Growth Architect and Founder of The Women's Code. Beate shares her remarkable journey and expertise, providing visionaries and leaders with proven strategies, blueprints, and growth maps to enhance their business systems, leadership skills, and teams.   Renowned as a straight shooter, Beate's ability to inspire, empower, and overcome adversity is unmatched. With her super skill of working with unique personalities and big thinkers, she excels in building executable systems that drive success.   As...

Scaling Done Right with Don Markland show art Scaling Done Right with Don Markland

The Pipe

In this episode, Cris engages in an enlightening conversation with Don Markland. Don is a seasoned entrepreneur and the CEO and Owner of Accountability Now™, an Executive Coaching and Business Strategy company based in Jacksonville, Florida. With a wealth of experience in sales, marketing, leadership, and business growth, Don has made a significant impact in the industry.   As a Forbes contributor for Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Sales, Don's insights and expertise have helped entrepreneurs and business leaders around the globe. Currently, he is leading the sales efforts for...

Selling With Confidence with Darleen Priday show art Selling With Confidence with Darleen Priday

The Pipe

In this episode, Cris and special guest Darleen Priday dive into the fascinating topic of selling with confidence. With her extensive background of over 25 years in Sales and Business Development, Darleen is dedicated to empowering business coaches and entrepreneurs, equipping them with the necessary strategies and self-assurance to effectively sell their services. Her unique approach places a strong emphasis on empathetic selling and the value of building authentic relationships.   Join this insightful conversation as Darleen shares the keys to selling with confidence and establishing...

More Episodes

In this episode, we delve into the incredible journey of Jeff Giagnocavo, a true entrepreneurial force. From a young age, Jeff recognized the transformative power of small businesses and their ability to shape communities and lives. Starting with his first business sale at the age of 16, Jeff has been on an extraordinary path of entrepreneurial success.


Today, he is widely sought after as a consultant by business owners who yearn to live life and conduct business on their own terms.


Jeff does business in your bedroom. He co-owns Gardner’s Mattress & More, the region's premier better sleep store. For 13 years in a row they have been named a Reader’s Choice Winner - favorite place to buy a mattress.


He is fanatical about the 5-star experience and has gathered thousands of online and in store 5-star reviews. His book Sleep Better has helped thousands of people wake up happy too.

As a driven entrepreneur he has licensed both his own custom software and educational marketing materials to others in his industry and in other industries. On any given day his marketing ideas, tools and software are in use across more than 500 retail door fronts.


Jeff’s marketing skills and knowledge have been featured regularly in Forbes, Target Marketing, Dan Kennedy’s NO BS series of books & newsletters, Furniture Today, Sleep Savvy Magazine, Marketing Miracles, Predictable Profits Playbook, Lead the Field, Fox Business News, WGAL and Success Magazine.


But Jeff's mission goes beyond mere business success. In this episode, we explore his ultimate goal: to help business owners unlock their true potential, embrace the joys of entrepreneurship, and create their very own Big Ticket Life.

👤Connect with Jeff Giagnocavo: 

✅ Official: https://thebigticketlife.com/ 

✅ Official: https://thejeffg.com/ 

✅ Official: https://gardnersmattressandmore.com/  

✅ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeffgiagnocavo  

✅ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffgiagnocavo/  

✅ YouTube: https://youtube.com/@thebigticketlife  

✅ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeff.giagnocavo/  


A sales guru with more than two decades of experience in Sales and Marketing at the corporate level, Cris enjoys the art of relationship building and closing deals. His diverse work history combined with his multifaceted viewpoint towards business strategy and sales methodologies is one reason why Sales Arbiter is so effective.


Cris is a trusted advisor for the sales/marketing space and provides strategic support, identifying customized opportunities to accelerate sales growth.


With an experience toolkit built from a diversity of multiple industries and locations across the nation, Cris trains thousands of sales professionals at all levels.

His goal is always the same: build a highly-functional and sustainable sales process that takes business growth to the next level, regardless of the scale or environment.


👤 Connect with Crispin Cruz:

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