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Bonus Episode – The 2020 Elections – Now What?

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Release Date: 11/04/2020

Episode 82 – Ruminating Remnants with Jonah Goldberg show art Episode 82 – Ruminating Remnants with Jonah Goldberg

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Syndicated columnist, author, podcaster, and political commentator Jonah Goldberg joins Josh to discuss his work in conservative media, their shared concerns with the direction of the country and sanity of the GOP, and why Woodrow Wilson was possibly an even worse human being than James Buchanan.   Jonah Goldberg hosts , a podcast featuring a “Cannonball Run”-style cast of stars, has-beens, and never-weres to address the most pressing issues of the day and of all-time, mixing history, pop culture, rank-punditry, political philosophy, and, at times, shameless book-plugging,...

Episode 81 – But, He's a Fighter show art Episode 81 – But, He's a Fighter

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

How often have you heard someone say of a Republican politician that they don’t necessarily approve of everything they do or say, but at least they fight?  What exactly do we mean when we say—often approvingly—that someone is a fighter?  Why is the Right so concerned with whether or not someone is fighting?  Who are they supposed to be fighting, and what does it mean to fight?  What is the role of civility in public discourse, and is it possible to maintain an appropriate amount of civility while still fighting?  If we grant that the Right seems to be on the...

Episode 80 – The Future of Fusionism with Stephanie Slade show art Episode 80 – The Future of Fusionism with Stephanie Slade

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

“There's a well-worn tale about modern American conservatism,” writes Stephanie Slade in her piece for entitle   “It says that the movement as we know it came into being during the mid–20th century as a ‘fusionist’ coalition of economic libertarians and religious traditionalists.  These groups, whose goals and priorities differed from the start, were held together mainly by two things: the sheer charisma of National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr., and the shared enemy of global communism.  As long as the Cold War endured, the story goes, each wing...

Bonus Episode – What is Conservatism? – with Corey Astill and Kyle Sammin show art Bonus Episode – What is Conservatism? – with Corey Astill and Kyle Sammin

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

The Saving Elephants podcast turns three years old today—no joke!  To celebrate Saving Elephants is releasing a bonus episode: a re-podcast from the podcast where Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis joined Corey Astill and Kyle Sammin to discuss Frank Meyer’s classic book   is a podcast about conservative ideas and thinkers.  Hosts Corey and Kyle explore what it means to call yourself a conservative, where conservatism has been, and where it's going.  Each week, they select readings and conduct a discussion to share with you our investigation.  You can join the...

Episode 79 – Turning Left from Right with Calvin Moore show art Episode 79 – Turning Left from Right with Calvin Moore

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Host of the podcast Calvin Moore joins Josh to discuss his journey away from the Evangelical faith and a traditional, conservative, Republican culture.  Calvin became disillusioned with the Christianity of his upbringing and dissuaded from the politics commonly attached to it over many years of wrestling with hypocrisies and disingenuous arguments.  His story is an excellent example of the dangers in short-sighted political strategies and belief systems that fail to take the experiences of others into account.   Calvin begins his story where he left off last year on the...

Episode 78 – Iron Ladies with Leslie Loftis show art Episode 78 – Iron Ladies with Leslie Loftis

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Women on the Right have an invisibility problem.  It’s not that they’re nonexistent, it’s that they’re often overlooked by the Fox News stereotype of what is believed to constitute a conservative woman.  So says Leslie Loftis, longtime curator of publications from conservative women.   Leslie and Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis delve into the challenges women on the Right face and what unique strengths they might bring to the Republican party and conservatism in general if they were more visible.  Leslie also shares her thoughts on the role of feminism in advancing...

Episode 77 – Truth in Tension with Justin Stapley show art Episode 77 – Truth in Tension with Justin Stapley

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

In this crossover episode friend of the podcast Justin Stapley invites Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis onto his show to discuss self-evident truths and what it means to hold truth in tension. The conversation includes thoughts on whether or not our inalienable rights are “self-evident”, the genius of American founders, Jeffersonian, Lockean liberalism vs. Hamiltonian, Burkean conservatism, why John Adams didn’t make a good president, whether the 1619 Project or 1776 Project is “right” or if the truth is somewhere in-between, whether America’s founding perfect or problematic,...

Episode 76 – What Happens Now with Cal Davenport show art Episode 76 – What Happens Now with Cal Davenport

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

The million-dollar question within conservatism these days is what happens now?  After the tumultuous years of the Trump administration and with a Republican party gearing up for civil war to determine who owns the heart and soul of the Right, to say nothing of looming questions of the role of nationalism and populism competing against conservatism, it’s difficult to predict how all of this will ultimately shake out.   Joining Saving Elephants host Josh Lewis to try to offer some clarity in our murky times is Cal Davenport, co-host of , a show of two young conservatives having...

Episode 75 – A Peaceful Transfer of Power show art Episode 75 – A Peaceful Transfer of Power

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

Tomorrow Joe Biden will be sworn in as our 46th President.  Yet this inauguration will mark the first time in American history that the outgoing president refused to accept the results of the election and actively worked to overturn them.  And, for the first time in modern American history, we were deprived on a peaceful transfer of power.   On January 6, 2021 our country was attacked.  My country.  Your country.  Though the events took place several weeks ago, it is important to keep them fresh in our minds as we reflect on what it means to be Americans and to...

Bonus Episode – Remembering Roger Scruton with Bryan Baise show art Bonus Episode – Remembering Roger Scruton with Bryan Baise

Saving Elephants | Millennials defending & expressing conservative values

One year ago today, on January 12, 2020, Sir Roger Scruton died at the age of 75.  Thus passed one of the greatest intellectual minds of the past century.  Scruton was an English philosopher and writer who specialized in aesthetics and political philosophy.  He wrote over 50 books on philosophy, art, music, politics, literature, culture, sexuality, and religion, as well as novels and two operas.  Yet his greatest achievement, according to Dr. Samuel Gregg with the Acton Institute, was to put into words and give form to conservatism as a philosophy beyond a...

More Episodes

Saving Elephants’ own Josh Lewis hosts an election night panel to discuss the incoming results of the race and what it may mean for the future of the country, Republican and Democratic parties, and conservative movement.

Meet the panelists:


Brooke Medina:

Brooke Medina is a homeschool mother of four and the Director of Communications at Civitas Institute where she manages Civitas’ outward facing platforms, oversees messaging strategy, and handles all press relationships. The North Carolina based Civitas Instituted is a nonprofit policy organization dedicated to removing barriers to freedom so that all North Carolinians can enjoy a better life. Brooke also co-hosts Civitas’ podcast Civitalk, which focuses on drawing connections between civics and culture.


Brooke is a graduate of Regent University, holding a B.A. in Government and a minor in English. She has also completed several programs with the Charles Koch Institute, including the Koch Leaders Program and Koch Communications Fellowship, focusing on the philosophical underpinnings of market-based management and classical liberalism. She also sits on the board of directors for ReCity Network, a Durham-based non-profit committed to empowering civil society in combating poverty-related problems. Brooke’s writings have been published in outlets such as The Hill, Entrepreneur, Washington Examiner, Daily Signal, FEE, and Intellectual Takeout.


But most importantly, Brooke’s hot takes, insights, and shenanigans on social media are worth following so be sure and check her out on Twitter @Brooke_Medina_


Justin Stapley:

A prolific writer and thoughtful tweeter, Justin began working on projects not at all dissimilar to Saving Elephant’s mission to fight for a restoration of political principles in the American political process shortly after the 2016 election. And during the past several years, Justin has launched multiple websites and written for many affiliate groups.


His flagship website is the apply named justinstapley.com which links to his various endeavors, including a contributing advocate and writer for the Federalist Coalition, an advocacy journalist at NOQ Report, an opinion columnist at Porter Medium, the founder and editor of The Liberty Hawk, and the Shooting Editor at Spencer Durrant Outdoors and will be a co-host for the up-and-coming Spencer Durrant Outdoors Podcast. Earlier this year Justin launched his own podcast called The New Centrist which features his original commentary and highlights of worthwhile speeches. In addition to politics, his writings include recreational shooting, hunting, fishing, and self-defense.  His most current work includes the near-weakly newsletter Self-Evident.


Justin described himself as a “liberty-minded conservative and member of the Republican Party” whose “principles and beliefs are grounded in the idea of ordered liberty as expressed in the traditions of classical liberalism, federalism, and modern conservatism.” While much of that remains the same, he no longer feels he can be a card-caring member of the Republican party and hold to those values, as he explains at length in the episode.


You can find Justin on Twitter @JustinWStapley.


JB Shreve:

Veteran podcaster JB Shreve conducted a series of interviews of Christians of various political persuasions to ask about their expectations and recommendations in the upcoming 2020 election. JB had invited Josh to join as the “conservative” participant in the interviews. And Josh was happy to return the favor in having JB on the show to share his insights.


JB Shreve is the founder of The End of History, a blog and podcast for Christians dedicated to helping believers make sense of the chaos of the world around them. JB has been producing podcasts and articles since 2012.


After more than 200 podcast episodes, his listeners have come to expect well researched, fact-based backgrounders on a wide variety of topics to help them better understand the world around them. These backgrounders range from the history of the Middle East to the true story of economic inequality. Episodes and posts frequently expose myths and false paradigms we have come to believe. JB is adamant he is not pushing a political agenda. Rather, JB’s mission is to:

  • Help believers in crafting their own response to world affairs and current events
  • Provide a faith-based, values-centered voice in the face of current global issues
  • Ease the tension between a Biblical worldview and the world we live in
  • Provide reasonable, intelligent perspectives empowered with Biblical values and faith
  • Remove the yelling, outrage, and debate from our worldviews to find facts and seek the truth


You can learn more about JB’s work and podcast on his website, The End of History. JB can be found on Twitter @JB_Shreve


Calvin Moore:

Calvin Moore is the host of Leading Questions with Calvin Moore, a weekly moderated roundtable discussion about ongoing issues in our culture. The podcast brings together disparate voices on a particular issue, discusses disagreements, considers one another's positions and, at the very least, leaves the table with a measure of respect for the person on the other side of the debate as they strive to create a space for passionate, yet healthy dialogue.


Always the inquisitive, skeptical member of his family, Calvin has consistently pushed the boundaries of accepted conventions in his search for truth and understanding. With the rise of new media, he noticed the degradation of dialogue between disparate viewpoints, which led to the creation of this program.


Calvin earned his Bachelor of Science in History Education at Rochester University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. His focus is on the African-American experience in the Early American Republic and Presidential History.


Calvin resides in Michigan with his wife, Jennifer.