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Episode 1: Sicario

Heads of Sierra Blanca

Release Date: 09/30/2019

Monica Rodriguez and Magdalena Salas introduce the background of The Rubedec Cases, begin their investigation, and make a significant inroad with the Hudspeth County DA office.


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Heads of Sierra Blanca is Executive Produced by Magdalena Salas, Monica Rodriguez, Gabrielle Ruiz, Alex Cline, Donald Albright, Alex Aldea, and Henry Tuten.

Hosted by Magdalena Salas and Monica Rodriguez

Edited by Victor Figueroa, Gabrielle Ruiz and Alex Aldea.

Sound Design by Victor Figueroa and Gabrielle Ruiz.

Music Composition by Alex Aldea and Andrew Joselyn.

Research by Henry Tuten, Magdalena Salas, Monica Rodriguez, and Alex Aldea.