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The Spiritual Treasure of Kabir, Mystic Verses of the Bijak

Spiritual Awakening Radio

Release Date: 04/25/2023

Spiritual Guidance from the Great Master Hazur Baba Sawan Singh show art Spiritual Guidance from the Great Master Hazur Baba Sawan Singh

Spiritual Awakening Radio

"The goal is to catch and rise up on the Sound Current to our Eternal Home. The Saints have only one message to give and that they give in the manner that suits the times. Their message is: "Soul! Thou has forgotten thy Source. That Source is Sach Khand. The Sound Current within you is the way to it, and we guide you to That." (Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji)    Today, the wisdom of the Great Master Hazur Baba Sawan Singh covering several major subjects central to the spiritual journey of the soul back to God: prayer to, and faith in, the Supreme Being Radhaswami (The Lord of the Soul,...

A History of Vegetarianism and Veganism in the World Religions show art A History of Vegetarianism and Veganism in the World Religions

Spiritual Awakening Radio

A rarely discussed amazing history of vegetarianism and even veganism in the great world religions and philosophies:    Akhenaten the "Heretic" Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, who ruled for 17 years   Hebrew Bible, First Book of Moses: Genesis   Yoga Shastra, a sutra or scripture of Jainism   Bhagavad Gita of Krishna   Srimad Bhagavatam   The Laws of Manu, a kind of "Hindu Torah" or Book of Laws   Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans   Porphyry,  a 3rd century AD Neo-Platonist philosopher   The Vegetarian Prayer of Thanksgiving in the...

Baba Somanath's Spiritual Commentary on the Mystic Sar Bachan Radhaswami Poetry of Swami Ji Maharaj show art Baba Somanath's Spiritual Commentary on the Mystic Sar Bachan Radhaswami Poetry of Swami Ji Maharaj

Spiritual Awakening Radio

"O Guru Sawan, work Your alchemy on Your disciple Somanath. Touching this iron with the philosopher’s stone, transform it through and through into purest gold. Going beyond the astral and causal realms, I have become absorbed in Your holy lotus feet."   -- Hymn (Bhajan) of Baba Somanath   Hazur Baba Sawan Singhji was very pleased with Somanathji's seva and behavior and initiated him into the path of Surat Shabd Yoga in January 1928. He stayed at Beas for three and a half years, practicing Surat Shabd Yoga and achieved his cherished goal. In 1932, He sought the gracious permission...

There is Divine Light and Sound Within You, Within Everyone show art There is Divine Light and Sound Within You, Within Everyone

Spiritual Awakening Radio

The great Masters teach that the Sound of God is within everyone -- this Holy Stream of Sound is within every living thing. This is why those given to exploring Inner Space through a contemplative meditation practice, be they from the East or the West, have discovered this Reality playing within themselves. (Go Within) This Sant Mat Satsang Podcast is a spiritual gathering, a satsang without walls, dedicated to exploring this ancient school of spirituality, the Path of the Masters, Mystics, Gnostics, and Saints, today focused upon the spiritual practices of inner seeing and hearing, finding...

Seven Steps to Heaven, The Way of the Mystics show art Seven Steps to Heaven, The Way of the Mystics

Spiritual Awakening Radio

"Blessed are the souls who in today's materialistic world have an inclination towards spirituality." (Swami SantSevi Ji Maharaj)    Today, A Spiritual Talk (Satsang Discourse) by Swami SantSevi Ji Maharaj at Maharshi Mehi Ashram, Kuppaghat, Bhagalpur, Bihar, India   The Seven Stages of Ascension to Heaven According to Swami SantSevi Ji and a Living Spiritual Path Called Sant Mat   1. Praise or Bhakti (singing praises: banis, bhajans, kirtans, odes, psalms, hymns)   2. Prayer (Communion With God -- Conversations With God)   3. Manas Jap (Simran, "Praying Without...

Finding Light in the Darkness, Rising Above the Darkness Into the Light show art Finding Light in the Darkness, Rising Above the Darkness Into the Light

Spiritual Awakening Radio

After expressing some thoughts about war and peace, selected readings from many masters, mystics, and spiritual classics or scriptures of the East & West    1) one of the most mystical passages from the Psalm-scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls composed by the unknown master or right-teacher, who was the founder of the original Essene Community   2) back to eden, return to paradise: a plant-based passage from the Hebrew Book of Genesis on the vegetarian ideal at the beginning   3) readings about Kabbalah -- Jewish mysticism, and meditation in the Hebrew scriptures: "Be still...

Introduction to The Path of The Masters, Mystics of the East show art Introduction to The Path of The Masters, Mystics of the East

Spiritual Awakening Radio

Return to the Source, The Path of the Masters, Julian P. Johnson: "The message of the Masters fills the world with hope, and at the same time it offers a rational foundation for such hope. It not only tells people what they should do, but it offers them a definite method of doing it... (Johnson)   "In the march of the ages, cycle after cycle, in every planet where human beings reside, the great Masters are the Light-bearers of that world. Until the end of the ages, they will remain the friends and saviors of those who struggle toward the Light... (Johnson)   "The world has never been...

The Opposite of The Opposite of "Not One Of Us" is "We Are All One"

Spiritual Awakening Radio

Before the main segment, The Opposite of "Not One Of Us" is "We Are All One”, I begin the program by sharing spiritual readings covering various topics from several sources: The Hidden Words of Baha'u'llah; a Saying of Jesus from, The Book of the Gnosis of the Invisible God, An Unrecognized Dialogues Gospel Embedded in the Bruce Codex Placed at the Beginning of the First Book of IEOU; also, readings from: The Ghat Ramayan of Sant Tulsi Sahib; Sar Bachan Radhasoami Prose of Soami Ji Maharaj; 1008 Kabir Vani (Saakhis of Guru Kabir); Baba Ram Singh on meditation practice; Saint Isaac of...

The Vegetarian Christians of Early Christianity show art The Vegetarian Christians of Early Christianity

Spiritual Awakening Radio

One thing that might be rather surprising to most people that can be learned by doing a study of the gospels, acts and other literature of the Hebrew Christians -- the Ebionites -- the Christianity that Existed Before Paul -- is that, rather than some imagined Sunday school notion of a fish market in the village of Galilee being operated by the disciples of Jesus, there is significant evidence that the Original Jesus Movement and well-known apostles became vegetarians. And furthermore, this vegetarianism of the disciples and Jesus Movement is fairly widely known and mentioned by the early...

Finding God - The Hidden Power - Within You Through the Spiritual Practices of Sant Mat show art Finding God - The Hidden Power - Within You Through the Spiritual Practices of Sant Mat

Spiritual Awakening Radio

What a delight it is this week to be sharing with everyone in our satsang community and gathering of spiritual seekers readings about Baba Ram Singh's spiritual search when he was young, his prayers to the Hidden Power, a wonderful name for the Supreme Being, and how he found the Radhasoami Satsang presided over by Baba Somanath, making use of, In the Lap of the Supreme Father, The Biography of Sant Baba Ram Singh. By the way, Hidden Power is a very Gnostic type term for the Supreme Being so I also share from the Nag Hammadi Library of Egypt, and from another ancient Gnostic library further to...

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Kabir Says: "Just as a coded document shows the way to a hidden treasure, just so this Bijak shows the way to realize the soul. It teaches such instructive words to the soul, but there is seldom anyone to understand them." (Sakhi of Kabir)


Commentary by Dr. Jagessar Das: "Bijak means a coded document that leads to a hidden treasure. In this Bijak, Guru Kabir explains the path to that hidden treasure that is within, and not visible by the objective senses. He teaches everyone to give up cleverness and argumentation, and become humble and accept the Divine Lord dwelling within."


The term "Bijak" means treasure or treasure-map, in this case the treasure map of Guru Kabir. "Bij" means: the seed or essence. "Bijak" means treasure. The Bijak of Kabir is intended to be a treasure-map to the essence of reality: our soul and God.


In India the Bijak is the most popular sacred text containing the teachings of Guru Kabir, and as such is the main scripture for those who follow the Path of Kabir. Today we explore, "The Complete Bijak Of Kabir -- Guru Kabir's Mystical Teachings on God-Realization", by Dr. Jagessar Das, translating into English and commenting on the entire Bijak of Kabir. This is an impressive work, a true, grassroots "satsang template" of traditional Sant Mat, wonderful to have, featuring all eleven sections of the Bijak in one volume: the Ramainis, Shabdas, Sakhis, and other lesser-known sections.


"The Bijak tells of a treasure,

a treasure that doesn't show.

The word tells of a creature.

Only rare ones know." (Kabir)


From the Principals of Kabir Published in the Earlier Ahmad Shah Translation of, The Bijak: 

"To believe in One Avagat, Satya Purush [One God]. His bhakti [devotion, love] should be practiced.

Have faith in the Master and in his teaching.

True Sadhus should be served.

Show mercy and love towards all Jivas [souls].

To abstain from all kinds of meats.

No visible object in this world should be worshiped.

Do not tell lies.

Do not steal.

Do not gamble.

Do not curse any one.

Repeat Satya Nam.

Practice bhakti of Satya Purush [God] and teach about him.

Hindu, Muslim and any other sect can join Kabir’s religion.

Without the knowledge of Sar Shabd [the True Sound], no one can attain jiva mukti (liberation, salvation).

Abuse, deceit and jealousy are enemies of jiva mukti.

Humility is a great virtue.

Give thanks for the gift of the Sat Guru.

Without true love of God the practice of bhakti is fruitless.

To read the Sat Guru’s words is a great virtue.

One should know the Supreme Spirit."


In Divine Love (Bhakti), Light, and Sound, At the Feet of the Masters, Radhaswami,

James Bean

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