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41 - Joshua Stevens: The Healing Power of Running


Release Date: 09/25/2019

68 - Balance Your Hormones With Dr. Neal Barnard show art 68 - Balance Your Hormones With Dr. Neal Barnard


Dr. Neal Barnard is back! Repeat guest (Episode 22), new information. We probe him for the groundbreaking and life-altering information included in his new book Your Body in Balance. It’s all about managing your hormones through plant-based nutrition because it turns out, our hormones affect our health way more than we ever imagined. Man, woman, adult, or child, this information is applicable to everyone. Listen in to start your journey to better health and to simply feel good again in your body.   What we discuss in this episode:   - Dr. Barnard’s latest book,   - Recent...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Dr. T. Colin Campbell on Killing Cancer and Chronic Disease with Plant-Based Protein show art FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Dr. T. Colin Campbell on Killing Cancer and Chronic Disease with Plant-Based Protein


If a simple dietary change could limit the destructive effects of cancer, reverse chronic conditions, and heal your body, how quickly would you make the switch?    We’ve all been touched by chronic disease, whether we’ve been personally diagnosed or watched a loved one struggle through an illness.    has dedicated his career to proving that a diagnosis doesn’t have to be a death sentence and that prevention is possible.    Dr. Campbell is the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, where he also founded the...

67 - Beat Coronavirus with Dr. Michael Klaper show art 67 - Beat Coronavirus with Dr. Michael Klaper


We’ve heard a lot about COVID-19, but instead of panic-driving headlines, we wanted to get the clear, concise facts from an expert. Dr. Michael Klaper has 40 years of patient experience under his belt, and he offered a comprehensive explanation of the current situation—what it is, who is at risk, how to protect ourselves, and its link to animal agriculture. Beyond that, we dive into nutrition strategies for long-term health and why some omnivores may feel less than optimal after making the switch (don’t worry, it’ll get better). Entertaining and informative, this episode is just what...

66 - Healing Autoimmune Diseases  with Dr. Brooke Goldner show art 66 - Healing Autoimmune Diseases with Dr. Brooke Goldner


Dr. Goldner was resigned to live out her life in the clutches of lupus—she expected to become disabled by her forties, deal with chronic pain, and never have children. Her perspective changed after meeting her husband and attempting to get trim for a Maui honeymoon. She shocked herself by healing her disease simply by eating a high-raw, whole-food, plant-based diet. For Goldner—and the hundreds of seriously ill patients she has treated since then—it really is that simple. Food can heal. This episode is for anyone who struggles (or knows someone who is struggling) with a health issue...

65 - Cutting the Cheese With Miyoko Schinner show art 65 - Cutting the Cheese With Miyoko Schinner


Hailed by many as “the Vegan Cheese Queen,” Miyoko Schinner is here to lead the food revolution. A vegan for 35 years and hugely successful businesswoman, Miyoko has become a household name in the dairy-free cheese and butter categories. However, creating incredible cheeses from cashews and oats is only one of her priorities—she wants to dismantle the fear around labeling and create a global market where plant-based cheese is the “real” thing and dairy (if it still exists) is the alternative. She dives into the process of making cheese to the story behind her empire. This is an...

64 - Fighting Climate Change Through Diet Change With Sailesh Rao show art 64 - Fighting Climate Change Through Diet Change With Sailesh Rao


Sailesh Rao works with systems. He spent 20 years of his career working to bring the internet to life. Now, he’s using his systemic approach to fulfill a pinky promise to his granddaughter—make the world vegan by 2026. To Sailesh, it’s all interconnected—the environment, our health, and the animals—once we install certain systems of normalized non-violence, these global issues can be resolved. Sailesh’s calm, solutions-based perspective and compassionate heart are evident in his work, making his arguments appealing to both the number-crunching crowds and the bleeding hearts. His...

FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Decrease Inflammation and Heal Your Gut with Dr. James Loomis show art FLASHBACK FRIDAY - Decrease Inflammation and Heal Your Gut with Dr. James Loomis


Is your diet keeping you sick?   Dr. James Loomis is a whole-foods plant-based internal medical practitioner spreading the message that food is the best way to combat illness and disease.   After experiencing a decline in his own health, Dr. Loomis made the switch and saw miraculous results: a significant drop in weight, cholesterol, and blood pressure in under three months.   He says that most problems that walk into his office can be traced back to inflammation and stress, often resulting from the Standard American Diet.   The former internist for both the St. Louis...

63 - Lethal Viruses and Animal Agriculture with Mad Cowboy Howard Lyman show art 63 - Lethal Viruses and Animal Agriculture with Mad Cowboy Howard Lyman


How does a Montana cattle rancher end up on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Capitol Hill as an advocate for organic, plant-based farming? Howard Lyman weaves the captivating story of his life before and after making the Switch4Good. He’s best known for educating Oprah (and her 40 million viewers) about the hazards of mad cow disease back in 1996 which prompted a Texas cattlemen association to sue for “hurting their businesses.” Spoiler alert: the association lost. Despite this massive attention, Howard is a stand-up guy who humbly preaches the need for our society to make a change and do the...

62 - Secrets to Mastering Diabetes with Robby Barbara & Cyrus Khambatta show art 62 - Secrets to Mastering Diabetes with Robby Barbara & Cyrus Khambatta


Chances are, you probably know a diabetic—you could be diabetic yourself. Between prediabetes, Type 1, 1.5, 2, and gestational diabetes, this disease has unfortunately become a common one. But for many, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence.    Robby Barbaro and Cyrus Khambatta are the founders of the Mastering Diabetes Program—a concept that relies heavily on plant-based food to better manage Type 1 and prevent and reverse all other forms of diabetes. Both Type 1 diabetics, they reveal their personal stories and their knowledge in Episode 9, and they are returning to share...

61 - Baskin Robbins Heir to Vegan Rebel with John Robbins show art 61 - Baskin Robbins Heir to Vegan Rebel with John Robbins


Ask anyone who has been plant-based for more than twenty years, and they all point back to this seminal work by John Robbins—Diet for a New America. But this is not John’s singular claim to fame. He grew up as the sole heir to the Baskin-Robbins fortune, but as he was groomed to take over the family business, he became increasingly unsettled by the fact that the company wasn’t selling happiness—in his words, it was selling lies.    Unable to promote a product that endangered the animals, the planet, and one’s health, John walked away from the fortune, adopted a plant-based...

More Episodes

We know that food can play a huge role in healing our bodies and spirits, but what about exercise? 


Finding yourself in a new professional sport in your 40s might not be as simple as changing your diet, but Joshua Stevens did it and hasn’t looked back.


Joshua is an ultra-marathon trail runner who ran his first 50K on his 44th birthday after being told he wouldn’t ever run again. 


Before he was spending 24 hours on a treadmill for charity, he spent 24 years in the army, which led to two spinal surgeries and opioid addiction. 


After reading Eat & Run and watching the documentary Unbreakable, Joshua tapped into his competitive nature and hasn’t stopped running since. 


He joins Dotsie and Alexandra to share the painful journey that led him to finding peace on the trails and fostering empathy on his plate. 


You’ll hear how he pulled himself out of addiction, went all-in on running, and went down the rabbit hole of plant-based eating. 


Plus, hear how his performance has gotten even better since making the switch. 


Don’t miss this inspiring episode!


What we discuss in this episode:


- What you can do if you were disappointed in the April 24th episode of the Amazing Race


- The tragedy that led to multiple surgeries and the Purple Heart for Joshua


- How Eat & Run and Unbreakable: The Western States 100 inspired Joshua to start ultra running when he wasn’t sure he’d be able to run again


- What happened to land Joshua dealing with opioid addiction, and what we’re getting wrong about the opioid conversation  


- Did Joshua replace his addiction with running? Hear how he was able to quit cold turkey and why he says you must always be running toward something


- How eating plant-based fosters your empathy and why Joshua says it’s a way to “pay rent” back to the planet


- The amazing results Joshua saw in his performance and injuries after making the switch, and why he started by cutting out dairy


- Why Joshua ran on a treadmill for 24 hours to benefit the Herren Project and their film The First Day


- Joshua’s advice for anyone struggling with depression and addiction, including to read the powerful book What Made Maddy Run


- Follow Joshua on Instagram at @tumbleweedultra.


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