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Guilt - Recovered 1038

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Release Date: 10/15/2019

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For many, the physical and mental restoration that is worked towards in recovery is only half the battle; there’s often a lingering effect of guilt and shame that also must be worked through. Addiction in and of itself is a secretive disease – and along with it being portrayed as a “weakness” or a “failing,” it’s not surprising that many in recovery still struggle with shame, guilt and stigma.

Tonight, we talk about Guilt

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Many addicts start feeling more and more guilty when the fog starts to clear. As mental clarity returns, the reality of the mistakes you’ve made become clear. Knowing all the struggles your family and friends went through can cause addicts to feel a lot of shame. We don’t want you to feel guilt, we want to feel better.

Many of us blame our religious upbringing for our tendency to feel guilty. The recovered Podcast is not affiliated with any religion, so let’s not bring religion into this discussion tonight.

What comes first to mind on this topic?

What is Guilt?
Why is it dangerous?
What was it like handling negative emotions early in program?
Why is it important to “feel the feelings?”
How did the program help?

What were you actually guilty of when you came into the program?
Did you share these things at meetings?
What part of the program helped?

Were other people ashamed of you before program?
How did you know?
How did you cope with this early in program?
How did you forgive yourself?

For you, is the difference between guilt and shame for you?
Is knowing the difference helpful?

Have you ever been ashamed of yourself since program?
What character defect was in play that lead to this behavior?
How did you handle it?
How do you change your actions?
How can self care help? How do you practice self crare?

How does the stigma of alcoholism/addiction affect your feeling guilty?
Have you ever felt ashamed of someone else?
Is that bad for your program?

When is feeling guilty a good thing?
When is it a bad thing?
How are guilt and shame related?
How are they different?

What steps help? How can feeling guilty help in steps 8 and 9?
How can prayer help?
How can the fellowship help?
How can service work help?

What guilty feeling are you dealing with today?

What would you say to the new person about Guilt?
We asked our listeners about this topic.

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We asked our listeners,
"What steps help you deal with the negative emotion of guilt?”

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What would you say to the new guy about Guilt?

So Remember; abandon yourself to God and admit your faults. Clear away the wreckage of your past and give freely. God bless and see you next time.