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The Family Afterward - Recovered 596

Recovered Podcast

Release Date: 04/29/2015

Step 12 - Recovered 1121 show art Step 12 - Recovered 1121

Recovered Podcast

If nobody was doing any 12th-step work, the program would simply cease to exist. Without the service work of those who came before, no members would be here now.

Step 11 - Recovered 1119 show art Step 11 - Recovered 1119

Recovered Podcast

For many AA members, they say they have discovered their higher power and form a better understanding of that power.

Step 10 - Recovered 1117 show art Step 10 - Recovered 1117

Recovered Podcast

Step Ten suggests that it's time we take responsibility for our actions and to promptly clean up our role in all matters.

Step 9 - Recovered 1115 show art Step 9 - Recovered 1115

Recovered Podcast

By making direct amends to the person harmed the temptation to skirt the issue because of embarrassment or pain is avoided.

Step 8 - Recovered 1113 show art Step 8 - Recovered 1113

Recovered Podcast

Making the list is one thing. Become willing to actually make amends to those harmed is another. It can be a very humbling, but growing experience, to actually admit wrong-doing, especially to the person harmed. But the process can relieve those trying to recover from so much guilt!

Step 7 - Recovered 1111 show art Step 7 - Recovered 1111

Recovered Podcast

We have taken the very difficult moral inventory and admitted to our wrongdoings to ourselves, our higher power and to another human being. It’s now time to remove those wrongdoings from our everyday lives and we need help to ensure that we completely remove our shortcomings and don’t continue to fall victim to any of addiction’s ill effects.

Step 6 - Recovered 1109 show art Step 6 - Recovered 1109

Recovered Podcast

The sixth step can bring about significant and very noticeable change when it comes to the thought patterns and behavior that have been with us for a long time. It doesn’t happen overnight obviously, and there is nothing like perfection when working the twelve steps of AA. It’s about making a commitment and being content with patient improvement.

Step 5 - Recovered 1107 show art Step 5 - Recovered 1107

Recovered Podcast

Step Four has prepared you for step five, and by finding the courage to overcome that fear of rejection or the shame of your inventory, you experience honesty on a deeper level than in your first step of admission, and you break the pattern of denial that often plagues those suffering with alcoholism.

Step 4 - Recovered 1105 show art Step 4 - Recovered 1105

Recovered Podcast

While working on our step inventories we get a new perspective on the bigger picture, on patterns, selfishness, our responsibility in situations and in this process we are building up an accurate self-appraisal with true self-worth as the reward.

Step 3 - Recovered 1103 show art Step 3 - Recovered 1103

Recovered Podcast

When working on step three we take a look at how acting on self-will means behaving with the exclusion of any consideration for others, focusing only on what we want and ignoring the needs and feelings of others. While we were busy pursuing these impulses, we mostly left a path of destruction behind us, and we definitely lost touch with our conscience and a Higher Power.

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24 Hours a Day

When I came into recovery, I was not on a winning streak.

And neither was my family on a winning streak.

As a matter of fact, my family was on the rocks.

I thought my loved ones would be thrilled when I came into the program, but as far as I could tell, they were just as pissed as ever.

Chrissy, Tell us a little about your family life before coming into the program.

What about your parents, your siblings, your loved ones.

Tell us a little about what family life was like for you before program.

What family members were affected by your drinking?

How were they affected?

Did they try to help?

Did they know anything about recovery?

Sue and Marty, welcome to the studio

For the benefit of our listeners, tell us a little about yourself

what is your sobriety date, who’s your sponsor, where is your home group?

Tell us a little about what family life was like for you before program.

What were the conditions when you came into recovery?

What family members were affected by your drinking?

How were they affected?

Did they try to help?

Did they know anything about recovery?

How did recovery initially affect your relationship?

Page 124 of the Big Book

This painful past may be of infinite value to other families still struggling with their problem. We think each family which has been relieved owes something to those who have not,

What has been your experience with taking the painful past family life and making something positive with it?

What did your family know about recovery when you came in and how did they react?

How did family relationships change after recovery?

Did your recovery upset the family after recovery?

What were their expectations?

What were your expectations?

Was the family jealous of recovery?

How is it changing today?


Let’s listen





From Cathy




Have you ever tried to talk about your addiction and recovery to your family?

How about your children, what discussions have you had with them about your alcoholism and recovery?

How have these discussions changed as they got older?

Do you have any family members in recovery?

Have your loved ones ever describe what it was like for them when you were using?

How did you react?

What about the amends process, have you done this with your family?

The Recovered Podcast is really for the new person in recovery.


What would you say to the new guy who is struggling with family relationships and is early in recovery?