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Ambitions - Recovered 842

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Release Date: 08/16/2017

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Chuck C. from Laguna Beach, CA doing his workshop "A New Pair of Glasses" at the Pala Mesa Retreat - January 1975 Premium Membership Information Sustaining Partner Information Episode Partner Donation

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When we first start a recovery program, we’re often told to take things slow. We don’t want to overwhelm ourselves and jeopardize our recovery by taking on too much too soon. There comes a time, however, when we have to start thinking about what we want out of life. What do we want out of life? Ambition can be the greatest antidote to stagnation. It’s what got us off drugs and alcohol, into recovery and back on our feet and we should never stop thinking about our futures.

We don’t have to shrink from life because we’re in recovery. If we use the tools and knowledge we’ve gathered in our recovery program and keep up with our therapy and meetings, there is virtually no limit to what we can do. This is just a reminder of our extraordinary potential and the fact our recovery is not a hindrance, but rather an opportunity. It’s true that we should take things slow at first, but once we get to a place where we can start thinking about ourselves, we should be asking ourselves one question: “What’s next?” Ambition begets accomplishment and accomplishment begets confidence, emotional strength and growth.

Before program, did you have ambitions?
What were they?
Did your disease affect what you were ambitious for?
How did your addiction affect your ambitions?

In early recovery, what were you ambitious for?
How did the program help or hinder?
Did your ambitions change with experience in recovery?

What are the things in life that will make you satisfied and
What are the traits that a person must have to achieve his/her
Why do you think people have ambitions?

When are ambitions good?
When are they bad?

What is your greatest recovery ambition in life? Why?
How important is your ambition to you and your recovery?

Which of your goals have you already achieved in recovery?
How would you feel when you have achieved your goal?
What will you feel or do if you fail to achieve one of your goals?

Quote from Matt
It is the doing that makes for continuance. It is not the knowing how the doing is done.