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DEVELOPING YOUR EMPLOYEES Is Your Best Bet To Grow Your Leadership

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

Release Date: 09/18/2022

3 Habits of Exceptional Leaders show art 3 Habits of Exceptional Leaders

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

During this podcast, I want to share with you an important truth about leadership: As I was thinking about the topic for today, I reminisced back to all the great managers who were really impactful leaders.  Both ones I worked for and have worked for me over my decades of experience. I started thinking about a few things they all had in common and came up with some strong commonalities. Special Offer For First 50 Managers and First 25 Companies It came down to their approach and attitude as bosses and how they truly valued their employees. All of these managers were top performers year...

Stop Taking Things So personally for Improved Leadership Skills show art Stop Taking Things So personally for Improved Leadership Skills

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

Communication is essential to the human experience and being a great leader. This short podcast wants to carve out the topic of taking things too personally and tie it to the topic of difficult conversations. In my podcast on difficult conversations, you may remember that you want to avoid any pre-determined perceptions at all costs. Go into any tough conversation with an open mind. If not, you will wind up feeling stressed out, unhappy, and anxious over conversations; AND you may be taking things a little too personally all the time. Visit Our Website and Get a Limited Offer of a Full...

How to Delegate to Elevate Your Success as a Leader show art How to Delegate to Elevate Your Success as a Leader

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

Who is running you? Are you running things, or is your job or business running you? Get my FREE online course, Well, if you ARE one of the many managers or executives who feel overwhelmed at times and go home at the end of the day feeling like you did not get anything done. Do you feel like your phone rings all day? Are you often frustrated because it seems like the only person who can get things done? Or does it feel like your career is stalled? This podcast is for you. Well, my friends, you are not alone. Whether you said yes to one or all of these questions. During this show, I will share...

Money Isn't the Way to Motivate Employees. Find Out Why! show art Money Isn't the Way to Motivate Employees. Find Out Why!

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

Let me get this out there. Money DOES NOT Motivate employees. Period. In this show, I will share with you why Money is not a good motivator and what really does motivate your employees. It’s not easy. Nope It requires a long look in the mirror and the acceptance that you can be a better leader and motivator. You must stop accepting the excuses you’ve been feeding yourself and your boss. You have to commit to the personal development of the approaches I share with you today. Then work on yourself and how you lead your team. Many you have on your team right now can be motivated to much...

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Manager show art 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Manager

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

When I became a people manager, I knew there were some things I would have to learn and develop. I knew I would be responsible for making decisions, including some that may not be popular and maybe have more of a say in big decisions. I didn't, however, anticipate some of the ways my day-to-day role would evolve. Here are a few things I wish someone had told me when I was first starting out.   It's lonely at the top. One of the first thoughts I had as a manager was, "wait, where did everybody go?" As a leader, your circle changes: you're on a different level than your former peers, and...

Do You Have These Leadership Skills? show art Do You Have These Leadership Skills?

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

The solution to the Great Resignation may be found in the manager. Not necessarily is it a societal phenomenon brought on by the pandemic. It has been important for a very long time that to be an effective leader, you must manage your employees' feelings. That is the heart of them doing an excellent job for you. It's That connection you and only you as a leader can create. Being a leader must be earned, and it is never easy. Always remember they work for you, not the company. So when they either quietly quit or fully resign, they are quitting you, not the company. At the same time, the...

How to Cure Quiet Quitting show art How to Cure Quiet Quitting

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

The cure for your employees who are quietly quitting Contact Me The trend toward quiet quitting -- the idea spreading virally on social media that millions of people are not going above and beyond at work and just meeting their job description -- could get worse. This is a problem because most jobs today require some level of extra effort to collaborate with coworkers and meet customer needs. In today’s podcast, we will discuss What is quiet quitting? What is causing your employees to become quiet quitters? Is it just how the candidate pool is today or is something in your organization...

My Personal Daily Routine and Time Management Tips on the Focus and Chill Podcast show art My Personal Daily Routine and Time Management Tips on the Focus and Chill Podcast

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

I thought you might want to listen to me being interviewed by Joey and Jeremy on the Focus and Chill Podcast. Joey and Jeremy discuss sustainable productivity and habit formation while avoiding the allure of hustle culture. Podcast sponsored by I share some of my daily habits and routine. Particularly on time management best practices. How to prioritize your day. The use of the Eisenhower Box. The importance of time blocking. Visit our website: for time management training courses. As well as my relaxation techniques and secret obsession. Focus and Chill is a cool new podcast. it's all...

Have Difficult Conversations With Confidence show art Have Difficult Conversations With Confidence

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

Today we're gonna be talking about how to have difficult conversations. I've done previous videos. Blogs podcasts on how to deal with difficult people. We're going to dig down more into how to have the conversation, the tips, tricks, vital behaviors, and best practices to have difficult conversations in a way that will produce very positive outcomes. Let's talk a little bit about human nature for a. Whether we're dealing with underperformers at work, a situation that's gone wrong at work, our spouse, our boss, or a difficult client, we have in our human nature a desire to avoid those kinds of...

Essential Skills Every Manager Needs to Lead Confidently show art Essential Skills Every Manager Needs to Lead Confidently

The Business Mechanic Podcast with Vaughn Sigmon

Essential Skills Every Manager Needs to Lead Confidently. Vist Our Website: "Fake it 'til you make it." That advice may have helped previous generations leap up the corporate ladder, but in today's data-driven, continually disrupted the world of work, pretending your way to the top doesn't work— and it wreaks havoc on your confidence level, not to mention your stress level. Here’s a fact. The most prevalent management training approach deployed today is learning by trial and error. Companies promote great employees into management and believe that somehow magically, they will be great...

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Employee development activities help in the growth and development of employees, who are the true assets of an organization. You need to respect your employees for them to feel motivated and develop a sense of loyalty and attachment toward the organization. Don’t forget your employees strive really hard for almost the entire day to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives. They need to be appreciated.


Employees want to work for an employer that will upgrade their skills to keep them competitive with peers from other companies.


If you are looking for your future career to reach a significant level of success, you're not going to get there by doing it all yourself. So, one of your most important jobs is to help develop those who report to you to become Results-Employees who provide their highest positive impact to the organization. The results from this effort will help you and your organization achieve its mission, vision, and goals.


We share vital best practices and some of our secrets in this program. These Secrets will collectively improve your leadership, accountability, and teamwork abilities, which will result in your employees providing higher for your organization.

Right Person, Right Seat

If there is true alignment between your employees and their roles, team members will feel an ownership of the results and accountability on the areas for which they are responsible. Don’t waste your time trying to develop someone into something that does not fit who they are.

Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) of each of your employees to position them for best-fit roles.


Define and ensure that their role to ensure that the position:

  • Leverages their Strengths
  • Minimizes their Weaknesses
  • Capitalizes on their Opportunities
  • Neutralizes Threats to their success


When evaluating the best fit for their roles, match their basic behavior styles and motivators (DISC Profile).

Take a Free DISC Profile and See How This Helps

Try to connect directly between what your employees do in their workday and who they are by nature. If this is a problem with one of your team members, discuss with your employees what the two of you can do to neutralize the problem. You can adjust their role to drop responsibilities that don’t match their behavior style. Or reposition them in the company to a role that does.


Help your employees recognize any gaps between who they are and what they do, then discuss how their roles can be redesigned so that they develop in roles that give them the best chance to contribute to the organization.


Most managers are good at seeing strengths and helping their employees to use them well. Some are extremely poor about recognizing that the roles need to minimize areas in which the employee may be naturally weak.


If the employee sees and agrees with the issue of weaknesses, this allows them to develop or move into roles in which they can be more effective. As you understand their weaknesses, you need to eradicate role responsibilities that require them to use skills in which they are not naturally strong, or which require behaviors that are not naturally comfortable.


When redefining roles, look for opportunities that will help your employees bring greater impact to your organization. Encourage your employees to look beyond current self-imposed boundaries of roles that limit their ability to be Results-Driven Employees.


The last factor to consider in redefining roles is identifying threats that have a real chance of occurring. Discuss if there are threats that they cannot prevent from happening, but for which they need to be prepared. You have no real control over a threat... but once something is identified as a potential threat, you can at least try to develop ways to react to it. It seems that more and more frequently, this involves understanding or using technology that is needed to do jobs more effectively.


Mentor Your Employees When Possible


Mentoring is the act of being an advisor, counselor, or guide, and delivering regular performance feedback. You are not mentoring when you are giving orders of what needs to be done. Mentors do not use language that directs, instructs, nor commands.

It is easy to fall into a pattern of stating exactly what and how you want things done. This is

called management and is not to be confused with mentoring. Results-Driven Managers are Inspirational Leaders who practice the art of mentoring their team.


As a Results-Driven Manager, you must find the time and seize the opportunity to mentor your employees. Developing your employees is much more effective if you are not always telling them what to do or making their decisions for them. Instead, use mentoring skills.


Effective mentoring approaches include being very free with your advice – not orders, as to how to do something. Mentoring is an excellent way to develop work-related thinking and decision-making, which will, in turn, improve the impact your employees have on your organization.


Develop the habit of not responding to all questions with direct answers. Instead, respond with a question along the lines of:


  • What do you think you should do?
  • How do you want to handle it?
  • If you were me, what would you do?
  • Do you have some ideas on how to handle that? Share them.
  • Have you asked someone else what they think?
  • Other than me, where do you think you can find the answer to that question?

Mentors ask questions; they don’t give all the answers. Help your direct reports to think and develop their critical thinking skills.

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