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The Batman (2022) - Movie Review - Episode 236

The Cinema Psychos Show

Release Date: 04/05/2022

Hackers (1995) - Movie Review - Episode 285 show art Hackers (1995) - Movie Review - Episode 285

The Cinema Psychos Show

Do you remember 1995?  We sure do!  This week as we close out Dystopian, 90's, Sci-fi, Cyber Punk Month, we are revisiting what people thought teens would do with a Packard Bell PC that cost 2k from Circuit City in 1995....HACK THE PLANET!  We're talking about of course Hackers starring Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie.  A movie that we think has some kind of a message, but gets kinda muddled by things like 30 year old actors pretending to be teenagers, Jolt Cola, roller blades, and some pretty insane fashion choices.  But is this movie as bad as some reviewers...

Johnny Mnemonic (1995) - Episode 284 show art Johnny Mnemonic (1995) - Episode 284

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are heading again to 1995 to review Johnny Mnemonic. A movie that feels a bit like a chipotle burrito, jam packed filled with brain implants, yakuza assassins, a global pandemic created by "technology", a cyborg dolphin, and yea....Henry Rollins is in it too. But is this movie really all that terrible? Are there any redeeming qualities to a film that has the pedigree of William Gibson's writing and the direction of artist Robert Longo? Well get ready to jack in as we tackle the world of cyber implants, VR Internet, and Johnny Mnemonic! DISCORD!!!  Take the conversation...

The Lawnmower Man (1992) - Movie Review show art The Lawnmower Man (1992) - Movie Review

The Cinema Psychos Show

Continuing on with our 90's Cyber Punk Dystopian Future Month, we've got another cult classic from Virtuosity Director, Brett Leonard. It's the 1992 VR Thriller, The Lawnmower Man starring awesome character actor, Jeff Fahey and a not-quite-James Bond; Pierce Brosnon. This movie tried to show us the 2 true horrors of the 90's, 32 Bit VR games and DRUGS!!! Lawnmower Man tells the story of Jobe, a hapless lawnmower man who just wants to be smart enough to read the text boxes in the Cybo Man comic books he collects and to maybe kiss the town floozie, Marnie. It also tells the story of Dr....

Virtuosity (1995) with Joe La Scola & Sean O'Rourke of Movie Dumpster - Episode 282 show art Virtuosity (1995) with Joe La Scola & Sean O'Rourke of Movie Dumpster - Episode 282

The Cinema Psychos Show

What happens when the big bad in a VR video game made up of 150 maniacs escapes to the real world "future" of 1999 as a nano bot blue goo android?  You get the shoot e'em up chase movie, Virtuosity starring Denzel Washington and a pre-gladiator Russell Crowe (which this might actually be his best performance outside of the 2020 film "Unhinged").  Joining us in VR land this week are fellow movie podcasters, Joe La Scola and Sean O'Rourke of Movie Dumpster.  We'll try to tackle the hard ethical questions in this movie such as how a Kevin J. O'Connor's "desires" are completely to...

The Blackening (2023) With Emmy Award Winning Rapper FRZY - Episode 281 show art The Blackening (2023) With Emmy Award Winning Rapper FRZY - Episode 281

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are joined by some serious talent.  FRZY, Pittsburgh's very own Emmy Award winning rapper, Guiness World Record Holder for Longest Freestyle Rap, Derby Car Driver, and soon to be headliner in a join performance with The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra joins us to talk all about The Blackening, Director Tim Story's (of Fantastic 4 fame) new horror comedy that is now out on Blu-Ray and streaming.   The Glorious Succession of Frzy with the Pittsburgh Symphony November 8th at Heinz Hall, Pittsburgh PA! GET YOUR TICKETS! - Experience a historic musical collaboration as...

The Crazies (1973) with Monster Mark Kosobucki of The Eerie Horror Fest! - Episode 280 show art The Crazies (1973) with Monster Mark Kosobucki of The Eerie Horror Fest! - Episode 280

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are joined by The Art Director for The upcoming Eerie Horror Fest, Monster Mark Kosobucki as we review one of George A. Romero's early classics, The Crazies.  A movie that seriously has a totally different meaning in light of the past few years with the Covid-19 Pandemic, The Crazies is a tale of a small town in Western Pennsylvania that becomes infected by a bio weapon from the US Government and said government's attempt to quite it down to keep order.   This movie takes jabs at a government that at the time was in the midst of a crisis of credibility due to the...

Very Bad Things (1998) - Really That Awful?  - Episode 279 show art Very Bad Things (1998) - Really That Awful? - Episode 279

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are returning to our well of dark comedies and misunderstood misfit movies to analyze one of the darkest comedies to come out of the "edgy" and "extreme" 1990's- Very Bad Things.  A movie that plays to the trope of a bachelor party gone horribly horribly wrong and illustrates the lengths that people will go to avoid consequences.  Starring Daniel Stern of Home Alone fame, future Iron Man Director and Star Wars Savior John Favreau, and a very sinister Christian Slater, this movie was deridded by critics during it's original run, but is it really that awful?  ...

Oppenheimer (2023) - Episode 278 show art Oppenheimer (2023) - Episode 278

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week, we are reviewing the second half of the cinematic phenomena known as "BARBENHEIMER"!  And while Barbie was a celebration of a cultural icon going through an existensial conflict; Oppenheimer is very much the story of humanity's existential nightmare caused by the birth of the atomic bomb during World War 2.  Helmed by one of Cinema's biggest champions and featuring a massive cast of amazing actors, how does Christopher Nolan's nealry 3 hour long IMAX epic shake out and does it live up to the hype?   DISCORD!!!  Take the conversation further!  Come check...

Barbie (2023) - Movie Review - Episode 277 show art Barbie (2023) - Movie Review - Episode 277

The Cinema Psychos Show

This week we are back from a 1 week hiatus which just so happened to include one of the biggest cinematic viewing events of the year:  BARBENHEIMER!  And in celebration of the story of the Atomic Bomb and with us being Kenough, we are taking a look at BARBIE!  A movie that manages to rise above it's source material to be a film that speaks to the legacy of the character among women as well as manage to enrage the feelings of so-called "alpha males" everywhere who simply missed the point of the movie.  Yep, its that kind of episode folks.  So saddle up with us as we...

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The Cinema Psychos Show

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This week, Brian and John don't just emerge from the shadows, they are the shadows.....well not quite.  More like they emerged from the shadows of a movie theater with smilex gas grins across their faces after seeing Matt Reeves' "The Batman".  Fair warning, this review does contain some spoilers.  So if you have yet to see the film, please check it out first.  But with this being the 3rd batman to be introduced in less than 20 years, does this version of the caped crusader hold up against the down to earth version of Bale's Batman or the roided up part time leader of the Justice League version that we get with Affleck.  Or could this version of The Dark Knight actually be the most definitive version that we've seen in live action?  We'll find out today!  So grab your riddles and popcorn as we blast through the world of "The Batman."


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