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561: How the Evangelical Movement Failed a Generation with Jon Ward

The Holy Post

Release Date: 04/19/2023

622: How Ideological Purity is Killing Churches with Ryan Burge show art 622: How Ideological Purity is Killing Churches with Ryan Burge

The Holy Post

Remember when churches were seeker-sensitive? The goal was to grow by welcoming newcomers, skeptics, and non-believers. But now it seems some evangelical churches and denominations are more worried about ideological purity than outreach. Sociologist, political scientists, and pastor Ryan Burge is back to talk about the self-defeating trend toward subtraction rather than addition in the church. Also this week, the Southern Baptists decide not to ban all women pastors…yet. Megan Basham claims evangelical leaders aren’t selling out to conservative constituents, but to gain the approval of...

621: The Rise of Christian Extremism with Elizabeth Neumann show art 621: The Rise of Christian Extremism with Elizabeth Neumann

The Holy Post

After working for the Department of Homeland Security, and more than twenty years as a counterterrorism expert, Elizabeth Neumann says the greatest threat to the U.S. is no longer international Islamic terrorism but domestic Christian extremists. She discusses her new book, “Kingdom of Rage,” with Skye and how conspiracy theories and violent political ideologies have infiltrated American evangelicalism. Also this week, the Southern Baptists debate which is the greater threat to the faith—the Nicene Creed or female pastors. And new data says drinking and smoking has plummeted among...

620: Applying the 7 Deadly Sins in a Secular Age with Elizabeth Oldfield show art 620: Applying the 7 Deadly Sins in a Secular Age with Elizabeth Oldfield

The Holy Post

Lord Acton famously said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Was he right? Mike Erre is back to discuss the way Christians think about power, and why he believes our pursuit of power over the world is not the way of Jesus. Then, author Elizabeth Oldfield talks with Kaitlyn about her new book, “Fully Alive,” which uses the Seven Deadly Sins as a bridge for introducing secular people to the wisdom of Christianity. Also this week—the verdict in the Trump trail, a very unique fossil museum opens in Arizona, and Phil creates a fun new game for Christians called “Is...

French Friday: The Trump Verdict, Flawed Heroes, & Shogun show art French Friday: The Trump Verdict, Flawed Heroes, & Shogun

The Holy Post

The verdict is in and Donald Trump was found guilty on all 34 counts in the hush money trial. Skye Jethani and David French discuss the political implications of the guilty verdict. While neither believe the verdict will have any impact on Trump’s base, David thinks it could erode support among supporters on the bubble, but Skye remains unconvinced. Then, they discuss how we should address the legacies of historical heroes who left behind complex and sometimes troubling legacies. Is it appropriate to honor and celebrate certain aspects of these figures, or should their significant flaws...

619: Human Sinfulness and the Evangelical Legacy of Slavery show art 619: Human Sinfulness and the Evangelical Legacy of Slavery

The Holy Post

In a recent 60 minutes interview, Pope Francis sparked controversy when he claimed that humans are fundamentally good. Katelyn Beaty joins Phil and Kaitlyn to discuss the Pope's comments, and why our theology needs to include both the doctrine that all humans are made in the image of God and an understanding of original sin. Also, new survey data suggests that the "Religious Nones" have plateaued and religious affiliation among Gen Z is on the rise. We discuss why this might be happening and how the "weirdness" of Christianity is what makes it appealing to so many people right now. Then Skye...

618: Commencement Controversy & Racial Reconciliation with Latasha Morrison show art 618: Commencement Controversy & Racial Reconciliation with Latasha Morrison

The Holy Post

Kansas City Chiefs Kicker, Harrison Butker, recently gave a controversial commencement address at Benedictine College where he drew on some popular conservative talking points about Pride Month, Covid 19 policies, and the calling of women in the home. Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn discuss the problems they had with the speech, as well as their frustrations with some of the criticism of the speech, and how Butker's views seem to have been influenced more by conservative politics than the historic Catholic position on these issues. Then, Kaitlyn sits down with Latasha Morrison to talk about her new...

617: Apple Crushes It & the Future of Christianity with Matthew Niermann show art 617: Apple Crushes It & the Future of Christianity with Matthew Niermann

The Holy Post

A new iPad advertisement showing musical instruments and art supplies being crushed by a hydraulic press has triggered a backlash against Apple and provoked a wider discussion about the impact of technology on communities and creativity. Jonathan Haidt says religious kids have better mental health on average because they’re connected to incarnate congregations, and the Catholic Church disciplines an AI priest. Then, Kaitlyn talks to Matthew Niermann about the Lausanne Movement’s massive new report on global Christianity and the major trends shaping the future of the church. Also this...

616: Black Church Politics & Messy Authenticity with Nancy French show art 616: Black Church Politics & Messy Authenticity with Nancy French

The Holy Post

Phil is back! He gives an update about his family’s harrowing medical emergency. Then, new data shows the Democratic Party’s grip on Black Christians may be slipping. Esau McCaulley shares his take on the reason. Nancy French talks with Skye about the themes in her new memoir, “Ghosted,” including church sexual abuse, political tribalism, trauma, and her miraculous experiences with God. Also this week—another book ban backfires, and defensive driving Florida style.   Holy Post Plus Getting Schooled - Christian Presidents   0:00 - Intro   1:38 - Show Starts   3:10...

615: Taylor Swift’s Sacrilege & the Future of the Republican Party with Peter Wehner show art 615: Taylor Swift’s Sacrilege & the Future of the Republican Party with Peter Wehner

The Holy Post

Swifties are celebrating the record-breaking release of two new albums, but some conservative Christians are not happy. They’re accusing Taylor Swift of mocking Christianity and promoting witchcraft. Our resident Swiftie, Kaitlyn Schiess, explains the controversy. Then, former presidential speechwriter and contributor to The Atlantic, Pete Wehner, talks with Skye about the future of the Republican Party. Will the Trump spell ever break? Also this week—the end of America’s monoculture, and how dumb were dinosaurs? 00 - Intro 1:03 - Show Starts 2:15 - Theme Song 2:35 - Sponsor - Wheaton...

French Friday: Israel’s Error and College Protests show art French Friday: Israel’s Error and College Protests

The Holy Post

The war in Gaza has carried on for longer than expected, and David French is starting to see parallels between Israel and the US military in the Iraq War—he thinks Israel could learn from what went wrong in Iraq. Then, David and Skye discuss the student protests and how universities are handling them—what’s civil disobedience and what’s lawlessness when it comes to protest?   0:00 - Theme Song   0:17 - Episode Starts   1:40 - America’s Mistake in Iraq   10:42 - Counter insurgency’s Importance   16:10 - Sponsor - AG1 - Heavily researched, thoroughly...

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From the Jesus Movement in the 1970s, through the Religious Right in the 1980s, the rise of New Calvinism in the 1990s, and the MAGA movement today, as a Christian kid in the suburbs and then a political journalist in Washington, Jon Ward has had a front seat to the most significant characters and events in American evangelicalism. He talks with Skye about his new autobiography, “Testimony,” and why he is still committed to Christian faith despite the failure of the movement that raised him. Also this week, early data shows a reduction in the number of abortions since the Supreme Court overturned Roe, but it’s less than many predicted. The so-called “independent prophets'' are predicting God will kill Donald Trump’s opponents next month. Why are they still supporting him when there are alternatives? And a report finds advocates of Christian Nationalism are more rooted in cultural heritage than Christian theology. Is anyone surprised?

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5:35 - MAGA prophet says anti-Trumpers will experience sudden deaths in May


13:48 - Abortion rates since Dobbs decision


29:52 - Why some Christians feel the need to pass God’s law as the nation’s law


43:22 - How Christian is Christian Nationalism



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1:02:14 - Jon’s upbringing from the Jesus Movement to New Calvinism


1:07:22 - Gnosticism’s influence on Evangelicalism


1:18:54 - Journalism during the Trump era


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MAGA prophet Lance Wallnau says that anti-Trumpers in both political parties will start dying “sudden deaths” next month



Legal Abortions in US Down 5,000 Per Month Since the End of Roe



How Christian Is Christian Nationalism?


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