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594: How Fear & Greed Corrupted American Evangelicalism with Tim Alberta

The Holy Post

Release Date: 12/06/2023

606: Alabama Embryos & Catechizing Kids with Todd Hains & Natasha Kennedy show art 606: Alabama Embryos & Catechizing Kids with Todd Hains & Natasha Kennedy

The Holy Post

Last week the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos created for in-vitro fertilization have the legal status of children, essentially ending all IVF treatments in the state. Some are applauding the ruling as both a morally and theologically consistent affirmation of human life. But others, including some Christians, are saying the pro-life movement is taking things too far. Then, how do we teach kids the core doctrines of the Christian faith when most adults in our churches don’t know them either? Kaitlyn interviews the creators of a new series of children’s books designed to...

French Friday: Biden's Age & MAGA's Violence show art French Friday: Biden's Age & MAGA's Violence

The Holy Post

David and Skye discuss the upcoming primary election—if most people agree that Biden is too old to hold office, why hasn’t he stepped down? Would a different vice president give voters more confidence? Pastors, doctors, and politicians are routinely threatened with physical violence by MAGA—is this our fault for not standing up publicly against this behavior?   0:00 - Theme Song   0:18 - Episode Starts   0:40 - Biden’s Age   11:14 - Ezra Klein Suggests Democrats Leave Biden   21:33 - Is It Too Risky to Drop Biden?   30:21 - Sponsor - AG1 - Get your FREE 1...

605: Market-Driven Christianity & Abortion Beyond Politics with Angela Weszely show art 605: Market-Driven Christianity & Abortion Beyond Politics with Angela Weszely

The Holy Post

A new book argues that the rise and decline of the Contemporary Christian Music industry helps explain the political idolatry of many Christians, and Karen Swallow Prior says the biblical manhood industry is a scam. These stories lead Phil, Skye, and Kaitlyn to discuss whether American evangelicalism is defined more by consumer markets than by theology. Angie Weszely, the CEO of ProGrace, is back to talk about how the church can actually create a culture of life after the overturning of Roe. She says we need to stop seeing abortion as primarily a political and legal issue, and instead...

604: Faulty Foot Washing & Pagan Christianity with Nijay Gupta show art 604: Faulty Foot Washing & Pagan Christianity with Nijay Gupta

The Holy Post

The “He Gets Us” campaign ran a Super Bowl ad showing culture war combatants washing each other’s feet. It has conservative Christians upset and non-Christians confused. Phil, Kaitlyn, and Skye react to the ad and unpack the many ways we misunderstand the meaning of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. Then, New Testament professor Nijay Gupta is back to discuss his new book “Strange Religion” about what made early Christianity so weird and compelling. He explains what Roman religion looked like before Christianity, and how those pagan values and practices are returning. Plus,...

603: The Politics of Fear & Rethinking the Cross with Brian Zahnd show art 603: The Politics of Fear & Rethinking the Cross with Brian Zahnd

The Holy Post

Well, here we are again. The very same arguments that were rolled out by MAGA Christian leaders to justify supporting Donald Trump in 2016 and 2020 are back again in 2024. A new article in the Christian Post says America’s survival depends on Christians voting for Trump. Why do these fear tactics still work? Then, it’s true that all politicians lie, but PolitiFacts says Trump is a league of his own. And scientists explain why negative polarization in our politics may have evolutionary origins.   Then Skye interviews pastor and author, Brian Zahnd, about his new book, “The Wood...

602: When Vischer Met Reiner show art 602: When Vischer Met Reiner

The Holy Post

A new documentary hits theaters on February 16 about Christian Nationalism called God and Country. It features Phil and Skye, and many other Holy Post contributors. The executive producer of the movie is legendary actor, producer, and director, Rob Reiner, who’s created classics like The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, and A Few Good Men. Reiner is a well-known supporter of progressive political and cultural causes and he’s not a Christian, which has triggered an avalanche of criticism from conservatives against those featured in the film. In this episode, Phil talks to Rob Reiner...

French Friday: Why D.E.I. is the New C.R.T. show art French Friday: Why D.E.I. is the New C.R.T.

The Holy Post

Lately, there’s been lots of talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)—sometimes as a virtuous initiative and sometimes as a boogeyman. Even Elon Musk weighed in, presenting it as a threat to our safety. Is this just another baseless moral panic? What are the potential pitfalls of DEI? David French joins Skye Jethani to discuss the issue. Plus, David French introduces, “The After Party,” a new curriculum to help Christians engage politics in a more thoughtful, humble, and hospitable way.   0:00 - Theme Song   0:18 - Show Starts   0:32 - D.E.I.   37:32 -...

601: Never Church Evangelicals and Hopeful Politics with Michael Wear show art 601: Never Church Evangelicals and Hopeful Politics with Michael Wear

The Holy Post

Evangelical voters have long supported Republican candidates, but who identifies as an evangelical Christian has changed over the years. A recent article written in The New York Times by Ruth Graham and Charles Homans argues that Trump is attracting a different kind of evangelical - one who loves their country and believes in God, but doesn’t actually go to church. Katelyn Beaty joins Phil and Kaitlyn to discuss the trend and why they aren’t as concerned this election cycle as previous ones. Then, Kaitlyn sits down with Michael Wear to discuss his new book, The Spirit of Our Politics:...

600: Not Debating Trump & Being Like Jesus with John Mark Comer show art 600: Not Debating Trump & Being Like Jesus with John Mark Comer

The Holy Post

It’s been nearly a decade since Donald Trump descended on his golden escalator and turned conventional wisdom about evangelical political values upside-down. Bonnie Kristian has a new article arguing that the only one’s still fighting about whether or not to support him are the “evangelical elites,” but for average evangelicals the debate about Trump is over. John Mark Comer is back to discuss his new book, “Practicing the Way.” He talks with Skye about the high cost of non-discipleship, and the unique ways ministry can malform a young pastor’s soul. Plus, scientists in the UK...

599: Paganism Returns & a New New Testament with Scot McKnight show art 599: Paganism Returns & a New New Testament with Scot McKnight

The Holy Post

As Christianity declines in cultural influence what is taking its place? A recent article in The Atlantic written by Rabbi David Wolpe argues that paganism is on the rise, but it takes different forms on the cultural left and right. Mike Erre joins Phil and Skye to discuss the trend and why it may actually be good news for the church. Then, professor Scot McKnight returns to talk about his new translations of the New Testament called “The Second Testament.” He explains why his version uses odd language like “the Heavens’ Empire” instead of “the Kingdom of Heaven,” and why our...

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Conspiracy theories, political idolatry, church divisions, and pastoral burnout. How do we explain what’s happened to the evangelical movement in America? Tim Alberta is a political journalist and staff writer for The Atlantic. His new book, “The Power, the Glory, and the Kingdom,” looks at how evangelicalism lost its way. As an evangelical himself, Alberta says fear and greed created the conditions for extremism to take over the movement. Also this week, surprising data after the Dobbs decision shows birthrates are up in states that banned abortion, but overall abortion rates nationwide are also higher. And should we use ChatGPT to interpret the Bible? Kaitlyn’s new article says probably not.


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Our abortion video from 2020 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvWD7ykNjCc


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Why Do We Want AI to Interpret Scripture?


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