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609: Rebounding Pastors, Shifting Evangelicals, & Rethinking Christian Media with Jon Houghton

The Holy Post

Release Date: 03/20/2024

617: Apple Crushes It & the Future of Christianity with Matthew Niermann show art 617: Apple Crushes It & the Future of Christianity with Matthew Niermann

The Holy Post

A new iPad advertisement showing musical instruments and art supplies being crushed by a hydraulic press has triggered a backlash against Apple and provoked a wider discussion about the impact of technology on communities and creativity. Jonathan Haidt says religious kids have better mental health on average because they’re connected to incarnate congregations, and the Catholic Church disciplines an AI priest. Then, Kaitlyn talks to Matthew Niermann about the Lausanne Movement’s massive new report on global Christianity and the major trends shaping the future of the church. Also this...

616: Black Church Politics & Messy Authenticity with Nancy French show art 616: Black Church Politics & Messy Authenticity with Nancy French

The Holy Post

Phil is back! He gives an update about his family’s harrowing medical emergency. Then, new data shows the Democratic Party’s grip on Black Christians may be slipping. Esau McCaulley shares his take on the reason. Nancy French talks with Skye about the themes in her new memoir, “Ghosted,” including church sexual abuse, political tribalism, trauma, and her miraculous experiences with God. Also this week—another book ban backfires, and defensive driving Florida style.   Holy Post Plus Getting Schooled - Christian Presidents   0:00 - Intro   1:38 - Show Starts   3:10...

615: Taylor Swift’s Sacrilege & the Future of the Republican Party with Peter Wehner show art 615: Taylor Swift’s Sacrilege & the Future of the Republican Party with Peter Wehner

The Holy Post

Swifties are celebrating the record-breaking release of two new albums, but some conservative Christians are not happy. They’re accusing Taylor Swift of mocking Christianity and promoting witchcraft. Our resident Swiftie, Kaitlyn Schiess, explains the controversy. Then, former presidential speechwriter and contributor to The Atlantic, Pete Wehner, talks with Skye about the future of the Republican Party. Will the Trump spell ever break? Also this week—the end of America’s monoculture, and how dumb were dinosaurs? 00 - Intro 1:03 - Show Starts 2:15 - Theme Song 2:35 - Sponsor - Wheaton...

French Friday: Israel’s Error and College Protests show art French Friday: Israel’s Error and College Protests

The Holy Post

The war in Gaza has carried on for longer than expected, and David French is starting to see parallels between Israel and the US military in the Iraq War—he thinks Israel could learn from what went wrong in Iraq. Then, David and Skye discuss the student protests and how universities are handling them—what’s civil disobedience and what’s lawlessness when it comes to protest?   0:00 - Theme Song   0:17 - Episode Starts   1:40 - America’s Mistake in Iraq   10:42 - Counter insurgency’s Importance   16:10 - Sponsor - AG1 - Heavily researched, thoroughly...

614: The Rise of Raunchy Christians & Avoiding Civil War with Tracy McKenzie show art 614: The Rise of Raunchy Christians & Avoiding Civil War with Tracy McKenzie

The Holy Post

Previously puritanical evangelicals are increasingly embracing profanity and lewd content. A recent New York Times article explores possible explanations ranging from politics and the culture wars, to the internet and the decline of churches. Also, fewer people are reading books, and that’s a challenge for Christian traditions rooted in literacy, education, and the Bible. How do we make disciples in a post-literate culture? Then, more people are comparing our divisive culture to America just before the Civil War. Are we heading toward a national divorce—or worse? Historian Tracy McKenzie...

613: Driscoll, Dawkins, & Political Discipleship with Curtis Chang show art 613: Driscoll, Dawkins, & Political Discipleship with Curtis Chang

The Holy Post

Atheist Richard Dawkins has said he doesn’t believe one word of the Christian faith, but he now considers himself a “cultural Christian” and wants to defend the Christian values of his country against the influence of Islam and immigrants. Does this represent an alignment between the New Atheists and Christian Nationalists? Curtis Chang shares about “The After Party”—the new curriculum he’s developed with David French and Russel Moore to help Christians focus on hope and humility rather than partisanship. Also this week, Mark Driscoll gets booted from a men’s conference. And...

612: The Religious Vacuum, Politics, & the Powers with N.T. Wright show art 612: The Religious Vacuum, Politics, & the Powers with N.T. Wright

The Holy Post

This week we’re discussing a series of articles exploring what we’re gaining and losing as fewer Americans are committed to religion and attending church. Even some non-believers are beginning to worry that the decline in religion may not be good for society, but does it also represent a new opportunity for the message of Christianity? Then, N.T. Wright is back to discuss his new book with co-author Michael Bird, “Jesus and the Powers.” While everyone knows mixing faith and politics can be dangerous, Wright says there’s also a danger when we refuse to mix them. He talks to Skye about...

611: Trump’s Bible, Biden’s Easter, and Climate Change for Christians with Katharine Hayhoe show art 611: Trump’s Bible, Biden’s Easter, and Climate Change for Christians with Katharine Hayhoe

The Holy Post

The newest Holy Post team member, Esau McCaulley, joins Phil and Skye to discuss two stories that caused outrage from both ends of the political spectrum during Holy Week. Trump is selling an American flag-wrapped Bible, and the Biden administration honored “Transgender Visibility Day” on Easter. And why are Catholic Charities being attacked for helping immigrants? Then Skye talks to atmospheric scientist Katharine Hayhoe about how her evangelical faith led her to become a climate scientist. She says combating global warming is part of our call to love our neighbors and care for the least...

French Friday: TikTok Ban & Who Should Hold the Reins of Social Media show art French Friday: TikTok Ban & Who Should Hold the Reins of Social Media

The Holy Post

A recent bill to ban TikTok was passed in the House with bipartisan support. Skye talks with David French about the arguments for and against the bill, the likelihood of it passing the Senate, and why Trump claims China is America's biggest threat, and yet he still opposes the TikTok ban. Then, Skye and David break down two recent Supreme Court cases about social media content regulation. Should social media companies have complete control over what is posted on their platforms, and is it ok for the government to ask these companies to take down certain posts? Holy Post Plus - Getting Schooled...

610: Learning to Disagree Respectfully with John Inazu show art 610: Learning to Disagree Respectfully with John Inazu

The Holy Post

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade almost two years ago, the debate about abortion has taken on new dimensions. Factions within the pro-life camp are now battling each other. Could they break apart the Religious Right? Then, Kaitlyn interviews professor of Law and Religion, John Inazu, about his new book, “Learning to Disagree.” He says our differences don’t have to become divisions, which is a timely message in an election year. Plus, is Indonesia hiding a secret island of Hobbits? And a new documentary asks if Jesus was a vegetarian?   Holy Post Plus Getting Schooled -...

More Episodes

After a number of difficult years and dismal statistics, a new report from Barna says pastors are on the mend. Another book about “ex-vangelicals” has been released. Does it have anything new to add to the conversation? And a record number of Latinos in the U.S. are leaving Catholicism to become Pentecostal evangelicals. What does it mean for the future of the church? Then, Holy Post Media’s CEO, Jon Houghton, joins Skye to discuss how he’s leading the organization, why Christian media needs to change, and the new projects launching this year. Plus, Wrinkle the duck, Albert the alligator, and an "audacious scheme" with super sheep.


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5:03 - Petitions to Change News of the Butt

6:18 - Animal News, Wrinkle the Duck in a Buc-ee’s

10:16 - Animal News, Giant Blind Alligator Swims with Children

13:22 - Animal News, Montana Mountain King, the Giant Super-Sheep

20:25 - Are the Pastors Doing Better?

25:06 - The Exvangelicals

38:42 - Are New People Coming to Evangelicalism?

49:17 - Latinos Moving from Catholicism to Evangelicalism

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57:10 - Interview

59:12 - Why Did Jon Houghton Want to Join the Holy Post?

1:03:09 - Why Did We Hire Jon Houghton to Join the Holy Post?

1:10:05 - Why Are We a For-Profit Company?

1:18:37 - Directions for Projects Going Forward

1:22:36 - Kaitlyn Schiess’s New Show

1:34:49 - End Credits

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Albert the Alligator Swam with Children and Was Seized by Authorities


Giant Sheep Clone, Montana Mountain King


Hopeful Increase for Pastors


“Exvangelicals” Book


Latinos Flock to Evangelicalism



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