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Day 5 The Auto-Suggestion Challenge - Think and Grow Rich 14 day challenge

Thinking Big Podcast

Release Date: 09/17/2020

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Welcome to the Thinking Big Podcast. Today we are going over the third step to success, the step on auto-suggestion, The medium for influencing the subconscious. This is part of a special 14 day Think and Grow Rich Challenge

I recently hosted a live 14 days Think and Grow Rich challenge that benefited Feeding America and I thought it would be great to put the challenge right here on the podcast. 

So for 14 straight days I will be releasing a new podcast and the associated challenge that covers each of the 13 steps of Think and Grow Rich plus a bonus challenge on the introduction. It doesn’t matter if you have ever read the book or not, the challenge is designed for anyone to do.

There is a link in the show notes so you can sign up for free and get download all of the challenge worksheets and a PDF copy of the original Think and Grow Rich

Today we are thinking big on Auto-Suggestion. The actual performance of transmuting desire into success involves the use of Auto-Suggestion as an agency by which one may reach, and influence the subconscious mind.

The 14-day Think and Grow Rich Challenge.



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Episode Transcription:

Welcome to the thinking big podcast today, we are going over the third step to success. The step on autosuggestion, the medium for influencing the subconscious mind. I recently hosted a live 14 day think and grow rich challenge that benefited feeding America. And it was a huge success. And I thought it would be such a great idea to put that challenge right here on the podcast for everybody to enjoy. So for 14 straight days, I will be releasing a brand new podcast with the associated challenge that covers all 13 steps of think and grow rich, plus a bonus challenge on the introduction. And it doesn't matter if you've ever read, think and grow rich or not. The challenge is designed for anybody to do so. Follow the link in the show notes so you can sign up for free and get downloads of all the challenge worksheets, plus a free PDF copy of the original think and grow rich book. So today we are thinking big on autosuggestion.


Welcome everybody. Tonight is day five and we are doing the challenge on the step of autosuggestion. This is such a critical step for people to do it's. This is really the Keystone of them, and you're going to find out why within week within tonight and within this challenge. So I hope you are ready to go. We're going to start off with a few of my favorite quotes that have to do with autosuggestion that have to do with your mind and do it exactly what this talks about in this chapter. Number one, Oprah. Yeah. Oprah. I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become Buddha. All that we are is a result of what we have thought the mind is everything. What we think we become that is such a powerful quote, trying to Edwards thoughts, lead to purposes, purposes, go forth and action actions, form habits, habits, decide character and character fixes our destiny and go all truly wise.


Thoughts have been thought already thousands of times, but to make them truly ours, we must think them over again, honestly, until they take root in our personal experience, we've got to think of those thoughts until they take root into our personal experience. So tonight we're talking about autosuggestion, I think, think about it is the way that we hack our minds. This is, this is how you do a mind hack. This is how we place things on our subconscious, because there is no limitations to the mind except those that we acknowledge both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought. And I'm not talking about poverty and just money. I'm talking about poverty and who you are not money. It's probably in here. I've known some very wealthy people. That to me are in poverty because of who they are. It's not about money. And this is really, as I said, this is the corner of this book.


I must all of the other chapters kind of support this method or this thought of autosuggestion on programming, our subconscious minds and auto suggestion is, you know, kind of a term which applies to all suggestions. And that is self administered through, you know, the reach ones, you know, through our five senses. You know what we see what we hear, what we feel, what we taste, all of these are our senses. That brings stuff into our conscious mind. And they are stopped by the conscious mind and, and kind of vetted before they're passed along to our, to our subconscious mind. And, you know, I talked about the Porsche principle, you know, things that we become consciously aware of. We all of a sudden start seeing those and, and noticing those, there is thousands and thousands and thousands of things going on around you that you don't even see.


So if you were not money conscious or you're not success conscious, you're going to be seeing the things that are in line with that. You're going to be seeing the things that are poor, that things that hold you back, you're going to be seeing all the things you're not even going to see the things that can bring you forward for you to even make a choice on whether or not you want to do it. So you have to place those in your mind to even be aware of those, you know, right now your BS is stopping. Most of the things from getting in, and again, BS is your belief system. Your belief system is absolutely blocking most of the stuff that you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. It's you, you're not even aware. You're only consciously aware of such a small portion of what's actually being transmitted into your into your mind.


You an honest gestion is really the agency of communication between that part of your mind, where the conscious thought takes place and that which serves as the seat of action for the subconscious mind. And it's through the dominating thoughts, which one permits, which one permits to remain in the conscious mind, positive or negative, you know, auto suggestions, voluntarily reach the subconscious mind. Okay. And then influence it with these again, positive or negative. They, any of your thoughts that you constantly have are going to transmit and really do autosuggestion. And it seems like by default, we do auto suggestion for negative things, but we're not placing our positive things in the same light. You know, no thought absolutely zero thought positive or negative can enter the subconscious mind without the aid of this autosuggestion, without the aid of this, self-suggestion nothing can get through to the subconscious mind and the subconscious mind.


Again, it acts as the filter between the two and you have absolute control over the material, which reaches the subconscious mind. You have absolutely absolute control and matter of fact, in the think and grow rich mastermind that I do, we dive deep on how we've been programmed at a very young age and how we've developed our belief system. How we see the world is based on kind of how we've been programmed. And that's really what, again, it populates itself. It's, that's what becomes your belief system. That's what becomes what you see, what you hear. Now the ability to, you know, reach and control your subconscious mind. It is a gift, but it also has a price and it's got a pretty big price and the price is, and it's something we've already gone over. The price is a persistence. You have to be persistent, persistent, persistent, and you have to decide, you know, if the outcome is worth you being that persistent to get it, you know, this is a you and you deal, you know, are you willing to persist until to get what you want and where failure?


And you know, you experienced failure and you go through failures, you've got to make another effort. You got to change your plan. You got to keep going. You got to get up, you got to do it again. You know, back then when this was done, you know, he didn't really have a name for that. But I think in the sixties, you know, you have a dr. Maxwell Maltz who did Psycho-Cybernetics and this kind of ties directly into Psycho-Cybernetics where you do something, you evaluate, you adjust, then you do it again. You evaluate, you adjust, you do it again. You evaluate, you adjust. And for every failure, you've got to find another way to do it. You know, when you fail, you just found a way not to do it, but another way persist. But is that worth what your goal is? That's what you have to decide.


And the subconscious mind takes any orders. Given it, it takes any order that you give it when it is in the spirit of absolute faith, and it will act upon those orders. Now here's the thing. It's got to get those orders. Many times, you got to do it over and over again. That's why we do these auto suggestions daily. That's why we always have to do it. We always have to do it. We always have to do it. You have to bombard it. You've got to drip that information to your subconscious drip, drip, drip, until it finally soaks sending you finally get it. And it finally is able to interpret, you know what you're doing the subconscious mind can finally interpret what you're trying to do and consider this, you know, consider this whole autosuggestion, consider this whole chapter, this whole no idea as really playing a perfectly legitimate, you know, mind hack on your subconscious mind.


This is a perfectly legitimate, this is how you hack. This is how you put something in your subconscious mind voluntarily. You had to do it with autosuggestion. And, and basically what you're doing when you're doing that, you're making it believe because you believe you've said it so many times that you believe it. You make it believe that you must have that amount of money. You must have that, that whatever it is you desire, if you, if you want to be the, you know, the head chef and the Michelin star five star restaurant, it's because you it's going to work that way because you believe that you have it already. And by you believing it believes and you telling it, it must have this by visualization, by doing these audits, suggestions, and visualization, that, that money, you know, the money is already there. That you're already in the kitchen.


You're already doing the thing. You've got to have that in your mind. And you know, being at, you know, once you see yourself in possession, you know, you're doing that. We were done with, with these, with these auto suggestions. You, you see yourself, you know, and once you see yourself in possession of that money, you know, demanding and expecting, meanwhile that your subconscious mind will hand over to you, the plans that you need. So when we're planning these things in daily, daily, daily, we have to have the expectation and really demanding that our subconscious mind gets us. Those plans back gives us those ideas back. And here's the thing you've got to be alert for those plans. When they do a pair. Now you're asking for all these things, or you're planting the seeds, you're planting the seeds, you're planting the seeds. And more than likely what happens is you get an idea and what do we do?


Ah, that's a dumb idea. That'll never work. Those ideas are coming from somewhere. They're not just coming from, you know, nether, Netherland. They're coming from the ether they're coming from, from spirit. You know, take those and look at them. Now, again, sometimes it takes a feather for me. Sometimes it takes a four by four, but we've got to pay attention to those. And, and once we get those ideas, we have got to put them into action immediately. You know, the longer that you let it sit, the more likely it's going to die. And when these plans appeared there, they're probably going to flash into your mind. You know, what they normally do is I'll, you'll be driving down the road. They're going to flash in your mind through what we will go over. What we'll learn is the sixth sense. And it's really in the form of an inspiration.


And if you take the word inspiration, it comes from the word Inspiro, which is in spirit or in Spiro, which is in spirit. And that is in D infinite intelligence. So when you're getting that idea in your head, that's coming from spirit, that's coming from infinite intelligence. Now here's the thing. Again, you got to pay, when you get those ideas, you've got to pay fricking attention to them. And again, you're going to be driving down the road. You're going to start planning these, if you, if you're doing this challenge and you're doing these every day, you're, you're saying these things, and you're, you're, you're doing the work and you're, you're doing the auto suggestions. You will start to get ideas. You will, they will start bouncing your head and you've got to pay attention to them, you know, and you must act upon them.


And again, as I said, the longer you wait, the more likely it's going to die, you've got to treat those ideas with respect and do something. The second that you get them, you know, you send those thoughts to your imagination, you know, and see what your imagination can do or will do to create plans for the accumulation of whatever it is you want, that your imagination is, what's going to drive the plans. And that's really the mechanism for the transmutation of your desire into his physical port is your imagination of those ideas. You know, if we go back to, for instance, that a story of the, the chef, you know, he, he did the think and grow rich plan perfectly by what he did to become the chef. He is, he would get ideas. I'm sure he would get ideas pop in his head and he would get, you know, turn over to his imagination, say, okay, what can I do with these ingredients?


You know, I've got this idea of, of mixing this with this. I'm gonna use my imagination. I'm gonna see what could I do with those things to make something that nobody else has done. You're turning over those ideas that you get, whatever they are to see what can come out of those ideas through your imagination. And here's the thing don't trust your belief system. When you're creating your plans, you know, trust this infinite intelligence, trust these hunches that you're getting trustees, the sixth sense that you're getting. Don't trust your belief system. You know, your BS, your belief system is what got you, where you are today. And here's the thing. When you get an idea, you're going to have that little, you know, that little voice inside your head that says how you can do that. Who do you think you are? You can't do that.


That's not going to work because your belief system is what got you, where you are today. And here's the thing. Also, in addition to that, your belief system is lazy. It really is. It loves you. It will do anything for you, but it's lazy. Your belief system is like it was built for survival. Not for happiness. Your mind is built to make sure that you breathe another day. Not that you're happy. So when you're trying to do things, these new things, and you're burning more energy, you're your body. Your subconscious is saying, I don't want to burn that energy. Remember all those other times you tried shit and it didn't work. I'm going to wait. I'm gonna wait to make sure, you know, this is really what you want. I'm going to wait to make sure your body and your mind is trying to hold you back because it loves you.


It cares for you. It wants you to breathe another day. So what we're doing with this is we're actually, you know, visualizing the money you intend to accumulate. You're visualizing the money. You're seeing yourself rendering the service for that. So go back to, you know, whether it's Rich's or a chef of a, you know, of a Michelin restaurant, you've got to see yourself in the kitchen, rendering that service. You got to see yourself already doing that already having that, because that's what you're intending to give up in order to get what you want, whether it's the riches or the, or the chef or whatever it is, you've got to not only see what you're getting, but you also have to visualize what you're giving. And as I said before, you have got to be extremely, extremely specific in what you're telling yourself in your subconscious mind, because your subconscious mind takes it literal, and it will do funny things for you.


It will absolute it's done it to me. It's a matter of fact, I was reading a book, Oh, maybe a month or two ago from a Pam grout, I think EMC squared or something. It was, she was talking about this, she's a scientist. And she was talking about this and she, you know, challenged her class or challenged her, you know, her, her, her clients to, to visualize it and, and do this exact thing, visualize exactly what you want and see what happens. And she had a smart ass guy that was part of their part of her or her thing. And he said, okay, I'll see if this works. I want two women or two females in the same bed. Hey, if you're going to ask, ask, and within a week, he was sitting there laying in, laying in bed with his girlfriend. And her daughter came in, climbed into bed, not what he, not what he was expecting.


So that's, you've got to be extremely specific because it's, it's going to take it literal. And it doesn't know you're meeting you. You gotta be that, that specific on what it is you want. So here's the challenge for today. There's two challenges, actually, a couple of challenges. And what we're doing is we're taking the challenge. You know, really what this chapter is, is it's taking what we did in chapter two on desire and kind of putting it on steroids. So one of the things that we're going to do, I'm going to read this, read this out, but this is all based on your statement of desire from day two. And the first thing, number one is going to a quiet spot, like your bed or somewhere else where you will not be bothered or interrupted, close your eyes and repeat aloud. So you can hear your own voice and words.


Now, again, you're to have to memorize and you should be memorizing your statement of desire. And when you close your eyes and you do this, you're, you're going to be saying your written statement or the amount of money that you desire. You're going to the time limit. You know, what's the exact day that you're going to get this and the description of the service or merchandise that you intend to give in return for the money received. You know, for example, if you you know, suppose that you intend to earn a hundred thousand dollars by the first, you know, January 1st of 2021, and that you intend to give personal services in return for the money and capacity of coaching, let's say for me, for coaching your written statement of your purpose, it should be similar to the following. And this is what I would repeat to myself.


My eyes closed, seeing it feeling it is by January 1st, 2021, I will have in my possession, a hundred thousand dollars, which will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim in return for this money, I will give my most efficient coaching of which I am capable, rendering the fullest possible quantity and the best possible quality for all coaching services rendered and return for this money. Oh, well, I believe that I will have this money in my position. My faith is so strong and I can now see the money before my eyes. Remember, your eyes are closed. I can touch it in my hands. And it is now a way to transfer to me at the time. And in the proportion that I deliver services, that's big. And in the proportion of I deliver service, I intend to render in return for it.


Now here's a big part of that statement at the end of it, I am awaiting a plan by which to accumulate the money, and I will follow that plan when it is received. We just talked about this. When you get those ideas, you've got to act upon them. You've got to recognize him where you are, recognize those plans, where you are, see yourself already in possession of those, of the, of that money or whatever it is. You're right, wanting, see it, see yourself already giving those services. You know, if you're a speaker, see yourself up on stage making, you know, $10,000 you know, or a speech, imagine yourself up on that stage, all those people, you've got to dream it and imagine it like that and make it so real. You know, we've talked about this with remembering your future. You have got to build that memory.


And the second part of this, there's actually two parts. One, we're going to do the same thing, but we're going to do it a little bit different. We're going to pull a Jim Carey and what he did. You know, we talked about this. He wrote himself a check for $10 million for acting services rendered for a specific date. And you're going to do this other one. You're going to read it twice a day. You're going to put this where you can see it, where you remember it when you wake up and when you go to bed. But I want you to see that all the time. I don't want you to see it in the morning and at night, I want you to see it all the time. So we're going to do this with Jim Carrey did and put it in your wallet, put that, check your purse.


Every time you open your wallet or your purse. I want you to see that check made out to you for the money that you intend to get on the date that you intend. And in the memo section, what you're giving in return for that money, coaching services rendered acting services, rendered, chef services, whatever it is you're going to do in exchange for that money, have that check, put it in your wallet, see it every time you open it. So you're going to repeat on the, on this one, you're gonna repeat it twice a day. Like I said, you're going to build that memory. You want it to be as vivid as a memory you've had in the past as a beloved, everything you can see in a memory from the past, you've got to see in the future. And secondly, what I want you to do is there is a big open box and for the next two weeks.


So until the 18th day, the last day of the challenge, I want you to write down a Mark down, any ideas or hunches that you have. I don't care if they are small, big, whether they make sense, whether they're stupid, write those. I want you to become aware of those ideas when you have them. So by making you Mar write them down, I'm hoping that you become aware of those ideas quicker, that it doesn't take a two by four to get there. So for two weeks, until the last day of the challenge, put down any of these ideas, cause I'm telling you, once you start doing these artist suggestions and you're planting those seeds and you're planting those seeds, things are going to start coming and you gotta be prepared and you might not even realize them. So that's what this today's challenge artist is.


So, so important. Do these, it does work. It's not some Woohoo, you know, mumbo jumbo, this shit actually works. It really does. Jim Carey. You know, we talked about that perfect example. That's exactly what he did, and that's exactly what we're going to do. So until tomorrow, fill that out, make sure you have your complete statement that you're going to read twice a day out loud to yourself. So you can hear your words and see your words and start writing down those ideas when you have them. So until tomorrow's challenge, I will see you later, feel free to email or put up on a, up on there. Any, any questions that you might have a more than happy to, to answer those. And until tomorrow I will see you.