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Lisa Gable | Changing the Course of Our Health Through a Common Cause

Vitamin & Me

Release Date: 10/06/2021

Borders of Humanity: One Family’s Story Sheltering Ukrainian Refugees show art Borders of Humanity: One Family’s Story Sheltering Ukrainian Refugees

Vitamin & Me

Today we’re sharing a special release episode from the war in Ukraine, a war that has taken far too many lives, displaced and orphaned millions, and will lead to food shortages across the world. Even though most Americans view this as a distant war, the ripple effects will likely be felt in unexpected places soon, like our grocery stores, and will force some out of their homes. Amy Browns Taylor is an American citizen living in Poland. Though she and her family moved for her husband’s job, during our chat it became clear to me that Amy’s family was brought to Poland to serve a bigger...

Dr. John Kitchen | Diabetic Retinopathy in Pregnancy and Across the Lifespan show art Dr. John Kitchen | Diabetic Retinopathy in Pregnancy and Across the Lifespan

Vitamin & Me

Nearly everyone has been touched by diabetes – either directly or indirectly. More than 37 million people in the US have diabetes, with another 97 million in the prediabetes category. The global prevalence is more than 450 million. Over time, diabetes damages the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, nerves and the eyes. Those with diabetes have a 2-3 fold increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Chronic damage to the blood vessels in the eye result in diabetic retinopathy complications. Diabetic retinopathy, the most common form of diabetic eye disease, is the leading cause of blindness in...

Brittyn King | Maternal Fitness Expert on Postpartum Anxiety show art Brittyn King | Maternal Fitness Expert on Postpartum Anxiety

Vitamin & Me

Chances are you’ve heard of the baby blues or postpartum depression. But postpartum anxiety (PPA) is an invisible epidemic among American mothers. Nearly 10% of new mothers in the US struggle with PPA. And that number is likely much higher, as many women do not seek help because they do not recognize the need for treatment and care providers often misdiagnose as depression. Unfortunately, there are few resources on maternal mental wellness, but education for mothers and their support network is critical. The good news is PPA is treatable when recognized. Today we're joined by a fitness...

Dr. Jed Fahey and Sharon Cryan | Ultra-processed Foods and Living Your Youngest You show art Dr. Jed Fahey and Sharon Cryan | Ultra-processed Foods and Living Your Youngest You

Vitamin & Me

Processed food intake has been on the rise since the industrial revolution. Today, more than 70% of available food in the US is processed. Even with the best of intentions – world hunger, stunting, blindness – food manufacturers got one major thing wrong. Most ultra-processed food is devoid of essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients – necessary for a healthy life. More than 90% of the American population is deficient in at least one essential nutrient. Malnutrition in a developing nation may lead to stunting or death because of a lack of food access and...

Doug Evans | Optimizing Nutrition with Plant-based Sprouting show art Doug Evans | Optimizing Nutrition with Plant-based Sprouting

Vitamin & Me

Since the industrial revolution, western diets have catalyzed a new kind of malnutrition; one that is calorie dense, but devoid of essential nutrients. And with that, we’ve seen a rise in chronic disease across nations. Research has demonstrated that populations who consume a diverse, plant-based diet (not necessarily vegan or vegetarian) are among those that live the longest, healthiest lives. A thriving microbiome plays a critical role in health outcomes and is supported by a robust nutrient profile, which includes vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients only found in unprocessed or...

Carson Meyer | Pregnancy Doula - The Business of Birthing and Growing Together show art Carson Meyer | Pregnancy Doula - The Business of Birthing and Growing Together

Vitamin & Me

Carson Meyer is a DONA certified birth doula and birth photographer from Malibu, California. She attended New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study where she pursued studies in child development, art therapy, and complementary medicine. In 2016 Carson returned to Los Angeles and began her journey as a doula with training from Bini Birth founder and DONA President, Ana Paula Markel. She works closely with mentor Lori Bregman and is a member of the Loom community. Carson is dedicated to supporting parents through a healthy and peaceful pregnancy, birth and postpartum period,...

Michelle Reeves | Financial Wellness and NFTs with Mavion World show art Michelle Reeves | Financial Wellness and NFTs with Mavion World

Vitamin & Me

The world of NFTs is exploding right now. And we wanted to bring in an expert to help you understand the space. Michelle Reeves is an entrepreneur on a mission to change the way we discuss and engage in our own financial wellness.  Michelle is here today to encourage YOU to join the conversation around Web 3.0 and NFTs. She launched Mavion World with just that in mind – to give women around the world an opportunity to take their most exciting trip yet – into the metaverse. And you’re all invited! *Mavion World was named by Hello Sunshine as one the top NFT projects to watch*...

Women’s Health with She-ology Expert Dr. Sherry Ross show art Women’s Health with She-ology Expert Dr. Sherry Ross

Vitamin & Me

Women’s health is quite possibly the single most important driver of global health outcomes, with substantial research showing that these outcomes span generations. However, our society cannot even use the appropriate clinical terms without feeling like it is somehow wrong. In fact, just decades ago, the word “pregnancy” couldn’t even be mentioned on air. How are women supposed to speak freely to their doctors, spouses, friends and daughters, let alone improve their own health outcomes, with the stigma attached by society looming over them? Dr. Sherry Ross MD, America’s leading...

Dr. Darya Rose | The Psychology and NeuroScience of Seasonal Eating show art Dr. Darya Rose | The Psychology and NeuroScience of Seasonal Eating

Vitamin & Me

The Psychology and Neuroscience of Healthy Habits and Seasonal Eating Sleep, nutrition and exercise all have one fundamental factor in common. Psychology. Most people spend their lives believing that time, money, access or knowledge prevents them from achieving their wellness goals. And there is no question that these obstacles are barriers to success for some. But for the majority, those obstacles are not the REAL reason they do not achieve success. Today we’re chatting Dr. Darya Rose, a UCSF trained neuroscientist, author of the book, Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose...

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald | Younger You: Reverse Aging and Live Longer, Better show art Dr. Kara Fitzgerald | Younger You: Reverse Aging and Live Longer, Better

Vitamin & Me

Nutritional science has long demonstrated that a diverse, plant-focused diet improves outcomes. Nutrition and other lifestyle factors dramatically affect how we age and the outcomes related to those factors – our healthspan. That starts in pregnancy at conception, even before, and then it follows us across our lifespan. But science had not yet determined how phytonutrients could modulate that change. Until now. Exciting new research suggests that DNA methylation is likely playing a pivotal role in epigenetics, possibly even as the key driver of our genome. Dr. Kara Fitzgerald ND is the first...

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LISA GABLE is recognized worldwide as a turnaround mastermind. As CEO of several organizations, and as a former Presidential appointee, US Ambassador, UN Delegate, and advisor to Fortune 500 companies, Lisa has orchestrated and executed the successful turnarounds of well-known private and public organizations in all industries and sectors. She is highly regarded in business, political, and philanthropic circles for her ability to tackle difficult issues directly and with discipline and diplomacy. Over the years, Lisa’s proven turnaround methods have helped her move organizations to higher levels of performance by creating sustainable partnerships and profitable business models that have brought together political parties, corporate competitors, and even disparate nations. She is currently the CEO of FARE, the world’s largest funder of food allergy research. Prior to leading FARE, she was a senior advisor at PepsiCo and President of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation where she worked on cross-sector solutions to improve intractable public health issues. Her first book, Turnaround – How to Change Course When Things Are Going South is available beginning October 5th.


In this episode, Lisa and I chat about her work across three seemingly different worlds: government, industry and Silicon Valley, and nonprofit and how she bridged the polarized and deep gap of these divided worlds to tackle one of the greatest public health burdens of all time and achieve success in just a few short years, ahead of schedule.


You will learn about…

• Lisa’s background in government as a US Ambassador, UN Ambassador and appointee to two US Presidents and how she learned to turn around any situation

• How she tackled the obesity epidemic by removing 6.4 trillion calories from the food supply in a public-private partnership with 300 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, and professional sports organizations, including companies like PepsiCo.

• Why she believes mentors are so important in building your career path and supporting others to do the same

• Why she wrote Turnaround: How to Change Course When Things are Going South which launched this week, available on Amazon now

• Why her turnaround method – that has been applied in settings all over the world – will apply not only to YOUR business, but in social settings and in your home


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