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Vitamin & Me

Jessica Houston is an award winning, Johns Hopkins-trained nutritionist, creator of EatClean30 and founder of Vitamin & Me. She is deconstructing the health space and bringing you access and clear guidance straight from the world's leading experts on strategies to increase healthspan, mental and physical wellbeing through a deeper understanding of nutrition, fitness and wellness. On this podcast, we take you behind the scenes with top global health leaders so you can learn what proper nutrition actually means AND hear the stories behind their work. We dive into mental and physical wellbeing to give you a deeper understanding of YOUR own health journey.

info_outline Borders of Humanity: One Family’s Story Sheltering Ukrainian Refugees 07/06/2022
info_outline Dr. John Kitchen | Diabetic Retinopathy in Pregnancy and Across the Lifespan 04/06/2022
info_outline Brittyn King | Maternal Fitness Expert on Postpartum Anxiety 03/30/2022
info_outline Dr. Jed Fahey and Sharon Cryan | Ultra-processed Foods and Living Your Youngest You 03/23/2022
info_outline Doug Evans | Optimizing Nutrition with Plant-based Sprouting 03/16/2022
info_outline Carson Meyer | Pregnancy Doula - The Business of Birthing and Growing Together 03/09/2022
info_outline Michelle Reeves | Financial Wellness and NFTs with Mavion World 03/03/2022
info_outline Women’s Health with She-ology Expert Dr. Sherry Ross 03/02/2022
info_outline Dr. Darya Rose | The Psychology and NeuroScience of Seasonal Eating 02/23/2022
info_outline Dr. Kara Fitzgerald | Younger You: Reverse Aging and Live Longer, Better 02/16/2022
info_outline Dr. Lisa Davis | Healthy Habits for Weight Management 02/09/2022
info_outline Dr. Misha Kogan | Evidence behind CBD and Medical Cannabis 02/02/2022
info_outline Colleen Wachob | Wellness Warrior, Mother & CEO 11/10/2021
info_outline Ashely Koff, RD | A Personalized Approach to Women's Health, Hormones & Digestion 11/03/2021
info_outline Christiana Serle, MPH | A Mindful Approach to Well-being 10/27/2021
info_outline Dr. Michael Middleton | Parenting Strategies from a Pediatric Expert: Nurturing Social & Emotional Development in Kids 10/20/2021
info_outline Dr. Matthew Knight | Your Skin Health, Skin Cancer and the Future of Dermatology 10/13/2021
info_outline Lisa Gable | Changing the Course of Our Health Through a Common Cause 10/06/2021
info_outline C.J. Hobgood | Mindset of a World Champion and Big Wave Surfer 09/29/2021
info_outline Dr. Lisa Ray, DPT | Postnatal Physical Therapy 09/22/2021
info_outline Carla Duenas, RD | Wellness, Sports Nutrition & Health Cultural Eating 09/15/2021
info_outline Dr. Scott Jackson's Microbial World at NIST & Why YOUR Microbiome is Important 09/08/2021
info_outline Dr. Leigh Frame: Microbiome | What's up with Your Gut 06/16/2021
info_outline Dr. Derek Yach | Ushering in a Smoke-Free World 06/09/2021
info_outline Howard Schiffer | How a Natural Disaster is Saving lives with Vitamin Angels 06/02/2021
info_outline Dr. Cheryl Burdette | It's Not Your Hormones, It's Their Home 05/26/2021
info_outline Dr. David Buxton | Maternal Mental Health 05/19/2021
info_outline Dr. Kanchan Koya | Spice It Up, Baby! 05/12/2021
info_outline Dr. Jed Fahey | Part 2: Detoxing with Broccoli Sprouts 05/05/2021
info_outline Dr. Jed Fahey | Part 1: Detoxing with Broccoli Sprouts 04/28/2021