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Is It Time To Wash Your Roof

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Release Date: 12/02/2021

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Is It Time To Wash Your Roof show art Is It Time To Wash Your Roof

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At some point in any roof in the Deep South you are going to see algae streaks.

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Chuck: Okay. Hey, Michael, how are you doing today? I'm good. How are you doing good, man. It just, uh, you know, I hadn't seen you forever during COVID and now it just seems like I just see and say it. So let's talk about this new roof wash system that you guys have got. It is very cool. I am set to get my roof washed.

I have got algae and streaks all down my roof and it's not even 10 years old. And I'm excited about getting it clean and this new product that you've got called roof aside. I can get my roof treated every couple of years. And I don't have to worry about this happening again. So can you tell me about this?

This is pretty cool stuff.

Michael: Yeah. We've partnered with a Rufus side about six months ago or so. And we really believe in the ownership and the product that they provide. But what we were encountering was we would do a lot of inspections where we get more inquiries from clients about discoloration of the roof.

And, you know, some were thinking that, you know, maybe time to replace and that's not always the case. So. You know, when we go out, we inspect, you know, we're usually looking for leaks, but when we see that algae, we actually have a solution for them now. And it's called roof aside. Uh, it's a two-part system.

We actually apply that roof restore. First, we clean the roof and then we protect it with the roof aside, which has a, uh, a little bit of copper in it that hinders that algae from, from growing, you know, cause most, most manufacturers they give a standard tenure. Algebra is a warranty. Sometimes it doesn't make it to 10 years.

And, you know, we just wanted to be able to provide a solution for that, that time. I'll be

Chuck: perfectly honest with you. I don't really think it matters what shingle it is. The heat and humidity is so bad down here. If you look at a map we're in the worst part of the nation, absolutely algae on the roof. So, uh, I don't know that any roof is actually going to hint stand up to that, even with the copper and as bright as the shingles aren't yeah.

Because I feel like I've got a great roof and I'm a little under 10 years and it's starting to grow. So here's the thing that really resonates with me. I can wash it one time and y'all can come back out every couple of years and trade it and I don't have to wash it again. Right.

Michael: Yeah. And for less money.

Yeah. So the retreatment, it's always less than your initial. You know, a lot of our competitors in the roof wash space, you know, they'll go to home Depot and they'll just get a couple of gallons of Joe max and put a bunch of bleach or something like that on your roof. But there's no protecting factor after the fact.

It's just in a general, it grows back within the first year.

Chuck: So. I see a problem with that. Getting that down in my grass. Absolutely. No you're going to kill my wife's plants. Absolutely. So tell me about this because I have already done some reading on this. That's not going to happen

Michael: with the Rufus. No, no, no.

Oh, this product is safe for the roof is safe for the environment. Uh, it's non. And EPA approved. Uh, the manufacturer even backs it up, you know, we'll give a two year warranty, but the manufacturer will give it to your warranty in writing as well. So, you know, the company's been around for 25 years. They have proven results.

We just think the world of it,

Chuck: you can do this, wash, do this treatment. And then my kids can go out and walk barefoot in the yard and I can let my dogs go out there. And

Michael: absolutely that's, that's the benefit of. Going with this particular product.

Chuck: So these guys are actually out of Florida, whereas even worse with the algae stuff than it is here.

So they've really got a lot of experience

Michael: over 25 years. Absolutely. So,

Chuck: yeah, that's awesome. I think anybody with any kind of real age to the roof is going to have that problem. Yeah. So what about somebody? This, uh, cause roof repairs have gotten so big right now because roofs are lasting long, but some of the accessories by not being, so what about if somebody gets a, say a plumbing pipe.

Repair. And you've got to put new shingles down around it, and you've got this algae on there. Caitlin, just go ahead and do all of it at one time.

Michael: And now you don't have that color difference. So we do a lot of repairs and one of the biggest complaints on the back end is, you know, my shingles aren't matching.

And w we'll install the same manufacturer, the same color and due to the algae and the age, it just won't match. So we'll what we highly recommend when you do get those repairs done. If that's going to be an issue of yours to go ahead and wash the roof. So, you know, it'll be the closest magic and possibly be admit, it still might not be perfect, but it's going to be closer than just leaving it.

Like it is.

Chuck: I saw an Atlas. Washed. And it was 15 years old and it did not look horrible when I watched it happen. And when it was done, I'm going, oh my Lord, it looks brand new. It was brand brand new. Not that might not be the case every single time, especially if the roof is 20 years old, but I was just

Michael: blown away.

I think it was yesterday. We watched one that was about 14 years old. And I mean, it's just, it's crazy how. If you're just driving back, it looks like a new roof. I mean, the customer was thrilled. They gave us a five star Google review. I mean, it was exactly what they were looking for. And it, from a budget standpoint, it's so much cheaper than actually

Chuck: replaced.

Absolutely. So if anybody's listening to the podcast, And you got black streaks down your roof. Uh, you've got splotches of it because you know, sometimes some sections of your roof might be worse than others. So now your roof doesn't look good cause you got it's all different. Or if you've got a repair coming up, you might really want to think about doing the repair and then washing the roof immediately and then treatment.

Yeah, you got a good, you got to repair your. And you've got a brand new looking roof and you can protect it years. So I, you know, get in touch with the gang at walk-ins and this is one of the coolest new things that I've

Michael: seen in a long time. There'll be a part of it and would be happy to help any homeowner it need when it comes to.

Okay. Great,

Chuck: great stuff, Michael. I

Michael: appreciate it.

For more information and to watch a video on the Watkins' roof cleaning system checkout our website: