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Better Mattress, Better Sleep in Menopause?

The Flipping 50 Show

Release Date: 08/29/2023

What REALLY Causes Cancer? | Reduce Risk & Recurrence   show art What REALLY Causes Cancer? | Reduce Risk & Recurrence

The Flipping 50 Show

If you know what really causes cancer you can make better daily choices to prevent it or prevent recurrence.  My guest today overcame her own cancer 100% naturally. She’s not the only one. Knowing we each have cancerous cells in our bodies that do or don’t express based on our epigenetics or lifestyle choices, can empower us to learn and then choose more wisely. In the first few minutes of this episode you will learn something that will blow your mind. Think of it as what you wish you’d always known about lab testing. Especially if you’re someone who has always been “normal”...

Sex Dysfunction in the City Just Like That  show art Sex Dysfunction in the City Just Like That

The Flipping 50 Show

Low libido, sex dysfunction, stress, insomnia, body confidence… we unpack a lot in this episode. Two guests today both specializing in women’s health with specific attention to libido and pelvic floor health show up for this podcast and bring it.  Sex dysfunction is no laughing matter for couples who used to enjoy each other and now are finding it’s not the same. Intimacy is a powerful part of health and also anti-aging as you’ll hear my experts talk about.  Stay til the end if you want a very juicy Q and A.  My Guests: Dr. Diane Mueller is the founder of My Libido Doc,...

7-Minute Natural Facelift: Not Too Good to Be Tru show art 7-Minute Natural Facelift: Not Too Good to Be Tru

The Flipping 50 Show

If you’ve looked in the mirror lately and you see something that makes you wonder about surgery or botox and that is just not you, but you’d love a natural facelift with no negative side effects, this is for you. First though, I’m a low maintenance girl. I am also a skeptic. Look, I get access to some truly amazing products and I’ve shared my favorites with you. Today, though I share something that this 59- almost 60yr old face is loving.  I started using this 5-6 weeks ago and have seen (and felt amazing results). I know that we are ALL looking for better products and healthier...

How to Lose Weight for Active Women Over 40: Women’s Exercise Nutrition show art How to Lose Weight for Active Women Over 40: Women’s Exercise Nutrition

The Flipping 50 Show

Many women want to lose weight. To lose weight for active women over 40, they also don’t want performance to deteriorate. There are a few things to consider. First, it’s not the eat less, exercise more dogma that will get you what you really want.  Most women want energy, tone and definition, and strength for now and later. Better blood sugar control that supports reductions in belly fat and overall insulin sensitivity.  Am I right? But eating less and exercising more - if successful at all during menopause and post - will generally cause the opposite. Less energy, worse mood,...

5 Books I Loved in 2023 | Gift Ideas  show art 5 Books I Loved in 2023 | Gift Ideas

The Flipping 50 Show

Fair warning: this 5 books I loved in 2023 episode will read a little like a book review. It’s a great gift guide but perhaps the biggest take-away for us all is in the review of titles. I won’t make you wait. I’m going to share them all in the beginning. The titles are like trends on skinny jeans or cropped tops and high-waisted tights. I didn’t love either of those. With these I’m less judgmental but certainly curious. This says a lot about what sells today. Because of course, don’t judge a book by it’s cover… but we do. The image, the title, the subtitle all matter a great...

What Is BioHacking? | Women’s Health  show art What Is BioHacking? | Women’s Health

The Flipping 50 Show

Before I go further you should know, I’ve despised the word “hacking” for a long time. For me it seemed like code for shortcut, cheat, and quick fix. And a decade ago I think that was true. But I know better and the biohacking we’re talking about here is very different. It’s not cheating the system but rather getting a bonus. If you lift weights and can’t lift heavy, the use of a whole body vibration tool may give you a bonus benefit of bone density you can’t get otherwise. If you can lift heavy, I for one am using it for the icing on the cake it can be.  Biohacking is a...

The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Fitness Results show art The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Fitness Results

The Flipping 50 Show

If you’ve experienced this… I want you to to know the #1 reason you’re not getting results from my 40 years experience, and most of all from the most recent comments, DMs and group conversations we have. Said 100% with respect to us all… but we have failed to commit to any one. While we’re complaining about the abundance of overwhelming and often conflicting information, we fail to realize it’s us who continues to let it in.  Not saying that we should stop trying to learn or gain knowledge. You know I share summits with you from time to time. I share experts with you right...

Continuous Glucose Monitor Use by Nondiabetics to Guide Diet and Improve Health show art Continuous Glucose Monitor Use by Nondiabetics to Guide Diet and Improve Health

The Flipping 50 Show

Answers to Your CGM Questions: For Nondiabetics  Got questions about CGM use? We’ve got answers to your CGM questions in this episode. My guest wrote the book and we have a tip-rich discussion about how you can benefit from CGMs and change your life. And if not you, potentially this will be of value for someone you influence.  My favorite CGM:   My Guest: Paul Kolodzik, MD is board-certified by both the American Board of Preventive Medicine and the American Board of Emergency Physicians. In a thirty-year emergency room career, he has cared for many patients in crises and has...

5 Menopause Workout Tips from Recent Exercise Studies  show art 5 Menopause Workout Tips from Recent Exercise Studies

The Flipping 50 Show

Let’s get into the science today. These 5 menopause workout tips stem from recent research featuring women in menopause and effects of menopause. If this is you, was you or will be you… I’m so glad you’re here!  No idea where to start? Start with this:   #1 Menopause Workout Tips: ESTROGEN LOSS DIRECTLY CORRELATES TO MUSCLE PROTEIN SYNTHESIS LOSS Because insufficient estrogen levels lead to loss of muscle protein synthesis, during menopause transition when this is the most significant, there needs to be an increased external stimulus (lifting weights) and protein...

Wellness Professional Profile: Wellness Matchmaker  show art Wellness Professional Profile: Wellness Matchmaker

The Flipping 50 Show

It’s Match-dot-com for wellness! My guest today is making it easy for women over 40 to find the right coach. And she’s also midlife herself so this episode is so meta in terms of examples of creatively following your passion, finding a problem and solving it!  Women in business are to be applauded! And women in wellness, well don’t we all need not MORE, but better choices. We need programs based on science, science featuring women just like you.  If you happen to be listening as a health or wellness professional, there’s a special episode on She Means Fitness Business that...

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Ask any woman what she wants and it just might be better sleep in menopause. Ask her what her biggest challenges are and she might say belly fat or energy but often the underlying reason is poor sleep whether she knows it or not. 

Dr Michael Breus contributed an expert opinion in the sleep chapter of You Still Got It, Girl! The After 50 Fitness Formula for Women. He was responsible for leading me to what’s become not only a group of colleagues but friends 

My Guest:

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a double board-certified Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Sleep Specialist. He is one of only 168 psychologists in the world to have taken and passed the Sleep Medicine Boards without going to Medical School.

Dr. Breus is the author of four books with the newest book (2021) Energize! Go from dragging Ass to kicking it in 30 days, adds the concepts of Movement (not exercise), and Intermittent-Fasting to his already famous Sleep Chronotypes. And it was recently named one of the top books of 2021 by The Today Show. In his 3rd book (2017) The Power of When, which is a groundbreaking biohacking book proving that there is a perfect time to do everything, based on your biological chronotype (early bird or night owl). Dr. Breus gives the reader the exact time to have sex, run a mile, eat a cheeseburger, buy, sell, ask your boss for a raise and much more based on over 200 research studies.

He is an expert resource for most major publications doing more than 400 interviews per year (Oprah, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, NY Times, Wall Street Journal etc.-list available). Dr. Breus has been in private practice for 23 years and recently relocated to and was named the Top Sleep Doctor of Los Angelos, By Readers Digest.

Questions We Answer in This Episode: 

  • Your book Energize! Included the concept of movement (not exercise).. And given Flipping 50 is all about LESS Exercise, More Movement I already love that.. Tell me more about how you came to include the distinction of movement vs exercise 

  • How can listeners pick the best mattress?

  • What is a Chronotype and why is it important?

Better sleep in menopause is possible. Some women have very little issues. We all want to be her. But if you’re not, keep trying. Take the right steps and you’ll get there! We’ve seen and heard improved sleep… and reduced night sweats and hot flashes within a week of starting programs.

Connect with Dr. Michael Breus: 

Website: https://sleepdoctor.com/

On Social:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesleepdoctor/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thesleepdoctor/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/thesleepdoctor/?viewAsMember=true
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thesleepdoctor/

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