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Kru John Johnston is a martial arts practitioner and self-defense instructor from Massachusetts. Kru Johnston is the owner and founder at Ironclad Martial Arts.

Your life isn't over just because you can't do something anymore. You can make your life better and that's what I did, I made my life better...

Kru John Johnston - Episode 298

Our guest today started his journey to the martial arts as a child who was brought to a class by his parents. As many of our guests here on the show, Kru John Johnston had his life changed by martial arts since he started. Kru John Johnston was a kid who had an attitude and he learned a lot about humility and respect through martial arts. Later in his life, Kru Johnston unexpectedly found martial arts in the form of Muay Thai and then he founded his own school that offers martial arts and self-defense classes. His journey to the martial arts is interesting, inspiring and a testament that martial arts never goes away whatever path we choose. Listen to find out more!