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Sifu T.W. Smith is a martial arts instructor and practitioner who specializes in Chinese martial arts. He is the host of the KungFu Podcasts.

They would pound me into the dirt but i had one thing that always worked for me and that was... I don't quit. I just keep on working.

Sifu T.W. Smith - Episode 308

It is not a weekly affair that we have a guest who also does podcasts and today's guest is someone really special because he started podcasting a few years before whistlekick Martial Arts Radio started. On today's episode, we're joined by Sifu T.W. Smith who's the creator and host of the KungFu Podcasts that is the source for Chinese martial arts. Sifu Smith tells his story on the impact of his father's passing as well as the value of relationships that he had all throughout his journey as a martial artist. Listen to learn more!