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Lao Shi Rod Huus is a martial arts practitioner and instructor. He is the current owner of Wu Chi School of Self Defense in North Dakota.

My Sifu... he would tell me Rod, clear your mind, don't think about so much at one time. Just let stuff happen as it does.

Lao Shi Rod Huus - Episode 324

There are many of us here who were brought by our friends to martial arts as a bonding activity. What separates our guest today is the journey he took in the martial arts. Since he has no knowledge about fighting, Lao Shi Rod Huus was discouraged at first because he was left in the lower ranks and this is the part where he showed his strong character. From being a discouraged martial artist, he rose through the ranks and now, he is both a seasoned martial arts instructor and the owner of Wu Chi School of Self Defense. Listen to find out more!