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Sifu Jeff Westfall is a martial arts instructor and practitioner. He is the host of the Martial Brain Podcast.

Sometimes I teach to pass across a technique, but sometimes I'm teaching to pass across a concept. And that definitely I lifted directly from Guro Inosanto...

Sifu Jeff Westfall - Episode 334

His generation has always admired Bruce Lee not only because of his movies but because of his role in the Green Hornet TV show. It has brought Sifu Jeff Westfall into martial arts because he was captivated by Bruce Lee's performance on the said show. Since then, he has practiced different disciplines in martial arts that eventually turned his attention into teaching Dan Inosanto's system. Sifu Westfall is also a podcaster wherein he hosts the Martial Brain Podcast. Sifu Jeff Westfall definitely shared a lot about his journey so listen to find out more!