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1031 Exchange Passive Income and NNN Investment Series by 1031 Navigator

Welcome to the 1031 Exchange Passive Income and Investment Series brought to you by 1031navigator.com. We discuss 1031 exchange replacement properties such as triple net NNN investments, 1031 exchange tools and tactics as well as commercial real estate investing. Hi, I’m Thomas Morgan, CCIM your host. I have been involved with over a billion worth of commercial and investment real estate in over 40 states as a broker, developer, appraiser, consultant and principal. I have helped 100’s of private investors and their families not only complete their 1031’s with ease and certainty: I have helped them continually profit from their 1031 investments. I am looking forward to helping you create, grow and protect your wealth. 1031 Navigator is the best way to Plan, Execute and Complete your 1031 exchange with peace of mind and confidence while saving you both time and money. We helps investors nationwide find the best 1031 Exchange replacement properties in the shortest amount of time. 1031 Navigator is a service of Andrus & Morgan Co., a national commercial and investment real estate brokerage specializing in passive income investments. For a free, no-obligation 1031 Exchange NNN Property Strategy session for your 1031 Exchange visit: http://www.1031navigator.com

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