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The Nuchi Health Podcast

The Nuchi Health Podcast with Dr. Erin Glynn provides credible, no hype health, wellness, and nutrition information that actually moves the needle towards better long-term health. Nuchi Health is dedicated to improving individual and public health through consumer and professional education, research, partnerships, and advocacy. We discuss health, nutrition, fitness, supplementation, and general wellness topics from a scientific perspective with a focus on attainable and sustainable lifestyle changes. Dr. Erin Glynn, Ph.D., is an expert in exercise physiology, preventive medicine, nutrition, weight management, and metabolic health, with over 20 years of research experience and publications in these fields. She founded Nuchi Health in 2023 as part of her efforts to provide global access to credible, science-backed health and wellness information in a sea of confusing and often detrimental health information.

info_outline Series recap: Finding your Food Fit 07/10/2024
info_outline Whole30, Paleo, and Carnivore Diets: An overview 06/04/2024
info_outline Ketogenic diets: A science-based review 05/23/2024
info_outline Eat less carbs: An overview of low carbohydrate diets 05/14/2024
info_outline Eat more plants: An overview of plant-based diets 04/30/2024
info_outline Fasting for Health: Intermittent Fasting 04/23/2024
info_outline Find your Food Fit: The Mediterranean Way 04/15/2024
info_outline Find your Food Fit - Series Introduction 04/09/2024
info_outline Welcome to the Nuchi Health Podcast 04/08/2024