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Retire With Confidence

The Retire With Confidence podcast brings you actionable information for your retirement planning. Topics include financial planning, taxes, investments, social security, Medicare, personal health & wellness, and much more. Join Dave Zaegel, CPA, CFP as he covers various financial and lifestyle topics to help you Retire With Confidence.

info_outline Ep 10: Bonds - A Deeper Dive 09/27/2022
info_outline Ep 9: Stocks vs Bonds 09/20/2022
info_outline Ep 8: Business Retirement Accounts - 401(k) 09/15/2022
info_outline EP 7: Business Retirement Accounts - SIMPLE IRA 09/13/2022
info_outline Ep 6: Business Retirement Accounts - Solo 401(k) 09/08/2022
info_outline Ep 5: Business Retirement Accounts - SEP IRA 09/06/2022
info_outline Ep 4: Roth IRA Conversions 09/01/2022
info_outline Ep 3: Back-Door Roth IRA 08/29/2022
info_outline Ep 2: Roth IRA Basics 08/25/2022
info_outline Ep 1: Traditional IRA Basics 08/22/2022
info_outline Introduction - What is Retire With Confidence? 08/18/2022