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Everyday Rockstar Moms

Hosted by Dr. Melissa Longo, each episode offers a lively discussion with an everyday mom who rocks! Every show you’ll hear women from all ages and stages of motherhood sharing their stories and life experiences, leaving you with practical tips, ideas and inspiration to help you rock your life. You'll hear from women just like you who are raising children, managing their households, building careers, working on their relationships, dealing with challenges, celebrating successes, and trying to find some sense of balance and connection with themselves along the way.  Moms who are living authentic, passionate lives and have stories you can relate to.

info_outline ERM 038: Lauren Patchell | Positive Co-Parenting, Being Present With Your Child & Making Yourself A Priority 07/27/2017
info_outline ERM 037: Lorri Fleming | Nurturing Families At The Womb 03/08/2017
info_outline ERM 036: Kathy Boose | Entrepreneurial Life, Active Living & Listening To Your Own Voice 02/16/2017
info_outline ERM 035: [Dr. Melissa QUICK TIP] Watch Your Words! 02/01/2017
info_outline ERM 034: Melissa Enfield | Yoga Philosophy For Everyday Life, Big Picture Thinking & Post Partum Anxiety 01/19/2017
info_outline ERM 033: What's Your Word For 2017? 01/04/2017
info_outline ERM 032: Niru Terzolo | CEO Who Cooks Dishes Out Her Tips on Motherhood 12/14/2016
info_outline ERM 031: 5 Tips To Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season [Dr. Melissa QUICK TIP] 11/30/2016
info_outline ERM 030: Barb Andrews on Using Your Intuition, Changing Careers & Taking Care of Yourself As A Woman 11/16/2016
info_outline ERM 029: Mindy Willis-Menard Talks About PPD & Finding Our Untapped Potential As Women 11/02/2016
info_outline ERM 028: [Dr. Melissa QUICK TIP] Wish You Could Redo A Parenting Moment? 10/19/2016
info_outline #27 Kaeil Van Regan: Self Care Starts With Being Kind To Yourself First! 10/05/2016
info_outline #26 Dr. Theresa Warner: Find Your Inner Voice | Live With Passion | Top Tips For Healthy Moms 09/21/2016
info_outline ERM 025 Naledi Stones: An Introverted Perspective On Taking Risks & Finding Your Passion 09/14/2016
info_outline ERM 024: Dr. Kelly Volmers Reversing Roles | Growing Together | Don't Take Things Personally! 09/07/2016
info_outline ERM 023 Janet Fairbridge: Do Your Best | Roll With It | The Lessons of Chronic Illness 08/24/2016
info_outline ERM 022 Shannon Ballard: Mom Hacks | Pay Attention To The Little Things | Corporate Culture For Working Moms 08/17/2016
info_outline ERm 021 Dr. Andrea Ryan: Putting Your Marriage First | 5am Mom Time | 15 Second Parenting Vacations 08/04/2016
info_outline ERM 020: [Dr. Melissa QUICK TIP] Don't Forget About YOU! 07/27/2016
info_outline ERM 019 Dr. Kimberly Spares: Align Yourself With The Moment, Take Care of Yourself & Delegate! 07/20/2016
info_outline ERM 018 Karla Findlay: Dropping The Overachiever Mindset & Learning To Roll With It 07/13/2016
info_outline ERM 017 Dr. Danielle Eaton: Leading By Example, Living Fully & The Pursuit of Freedom! 07/07/2016
info_outline ERM 016 Jane Schnurr: The Sandwich Generation, Letting Go Of Fear & Creating Memories 06/29/2016
info_outline ERM 015: [Dr. Melissa QUICK TIP] Can Women 'Have It All'? 06/23/2016
info_outline ERM 014 Dr. Laura Gravelle: Running A High Frequency Home, Asking For Help & Just Being Yourself 06/21/2016
info_outline ERM 013 Kim McNabb: Putting Kids First, Focusing on The Big Picture & Taking It One Day At A Time With A Blended Family 06/13/2016
info_outline ERM 012 Dr. Diane Meyer: The Balance Myth, Focusing on Gratitude & Relishing The Moments! 06/06/2016
info_outline ERM 011: Drop The "I'm Not A Rockstar Mom" Mentality! 05/30/2016
info_outline ERM 010 Lisa Wilby: Taking Charge of Your Happiness, Celebrating The Small Joys & Loving Yourself First! 05/24/2016
info_outline ERM 009 Dr. Sabrina Bercovitch: Parenting With Intention, Working With Your Spouse & Learning From Illness 05/16/2016