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Manager's Against Inhumanity

Management can be the most incredible experience of your career or the worst. It’s your choice. Will you lie awake tonight anxiety-ridden over challenging conversations, missed KPIs, and presentations to senior leadership? Will you got to work tomorrow feeling as lonely as today? Is your need for training, coaching and mentoring being ignored because well…you’re a Manager aren’t you… Imagine feeling joy when a team member achieves something they said they couldn’t because you chose to support and empower them? Sense the release when you know you don’t have to be in control all the time… What difference would it make to go to work knowing what to do and how to handle situations? How will you feel when you’re no longer alone and you realise there are others out there? It’s your choice. What’s it gonna be? Do you listen, learn and make a change today, or continue with loneliness, fear and anxiety until you burnout or leave your dream job? I’m Elaine Weir, management coach and mentor, and I’d love to help you become the Manager you know you can be. I’m on a mission to eradicate inhumanity in the workplace. When I talk about inhumanity I’m referring to changing the face of management so you treat your team and just as importantly yourself with empathy and humanity. Each episode contains powerful information to help you improve your skills, grow your team, and leave inhumanity at the door. If you’re new to management, have performance issues with your team, feel lonely, or want to be a better manager, this show is for you. Join me for a new episode each fortnight. And if you need help right new head over to www.management-mentor.co.uk and join my mailing list.

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