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BarCode TSI-The Service Industry Podcast

Hello there and welcome to our new service industry podcast BarCode TSI, where we discuss all things service industry related. We interview bartenders, servers, managers, and owners of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and more. Our purpose is to shed some light on topics we all run into while doing our job. Some are fun, and some are hideous, but all are relevant to what we do on a daily basis. Even when we’re off the clock trying to enjoy our own time being served, we still end up busing our own tables, wiping off the condensation from the bar, stacking plates, and the list could go on forever. There is definitely a love/hate relationship that goes on in this industry, and we want to bring the LOVE back to what we do. Every interview is unique and informative, in it’s own way. This is a podcast to help us learn from each other through our personal experiences, and knowledge that has been passed down to us from our seniors. Whether this is your first year, or your twentieth year in the service industry, there is something here for you.

info_outline Episode 21: Perspective From The Other Side with John Strawbridge 07/09/2016
info_outline Episode 20: FOH Ethics and Tips on Better Service 06/08/2016
info_outline Episode 19: Perks Of The Biz 06/03/2016
info_outline Episode Eighteen: Gina Anderson Gives Great Advice From Her 22 Years of Experience in the Biz 05/05/2016
info_outline Episode Seventeen: Michele Ziegler Brings us info from the BOH 04/28/2016
info_outline Episode Seventeen: Michele Ziegler Brings us info from the BOH 04/28/2016
info_outline Episode Sixteen: Charlotte and Pamela talk about 2 completely different experiences with bartenders while out having some beers 04/23/2016
info_outline Episode Fifteen: Darron Cardosa AKA The Bitchy Waiter 04/01/2016
info_outline Episode Fourteen: Billy Cavallo, Bartender, Liquor Brand Ambassador 03/30/2016
info_outline Episode Thirteen: Sebastian Miller, Server, Bartender, General Manager, COO 03/28/2016
info_outline Episode Twelve: Colleen Morrissey, Atlantic City, NJ Bartender 03/14/2016
info_outline Sindustry Sunday: Episode 3 03/13/2016
info_outline Episode 11: Kitty Tooher Has 11 Years Experience in the Service Industry as a Server, Manager, Bartender 03/10/2016
info_outline Sindustry Sunday Episode 2 03/06/2016
info_outline Episode 10: Jessica Ellis Event & Guest Bartender With 12 Year Industry Experience 03/02/2016
info_outline Sindustry Sunday- Episode One 02/28/2016
info_outline Episode Nine: Erin Wallace, successful bar and restaurant owner of 3 different establishments in and around the Philadelphia area. Bartender, server, manager, owner 02/27/2016
info_outline Episode Eight: Joseph Corvino- A Restaurant manager who believes in rewarding his staff in the front of the house and especially the back of the house. Bartenders, servers, managers. 02/25/2016
info_outline Episode Seven: Ryan Fenton has received mulitple awards for his hard work and creativity in the service industry including Zagat 30 under 30 and Philadelphia Night Life Award. He offers amazing advice and explains who should be in the industry. Bartende 02/23/2016
info_outline Episode Six: Carole Ann Caporaletti offers great advice on taking advice, and on being the product of your services- Bartender, manager, Distribution 02/19/2016
info_outline Episode Five: Pamela Lolli Bartender, Server, Co-Host, Co-creator of BarCode TSI 02/17/2016
info_outline Episode Four: John McMillian -Server, Bartender, Manager Sharing great insight into the Service Industry 02/15/2016
info_outline Episode Three: Brian Steen Gives us advice on the corporate structure of the business 02/10/2016
info_outline Episode Two: Jay Nieves 02/08/2016
info_outline Episode One: Introduction to BarCode TSI with Charlotte Ellis 02/05/2016