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Real Personal Branding Podcast - Business Building for Keynote Speakers, Personal Brand, Personal Development, Coaches, Consultants, and Entrepreneurs

The Real Personal Branding podcast is your behind-the-scenes look at how thought-leaders, speakers, authors, and coaches have built their businesses, elevated their personal brands, and created lives that truly make them happy. My name is Lauren V. Davis and I am not interested in the fluff, I want to know everything it took to get there. The highs and lows, the celebrations and the messy middle. which is why I believe in bringing you honest conversations with the people I interview and the episodes I record myself. I believe that transformation in your business starts with REAL relationships and communication as the foundation of your personal brand. I believe there is an un-escapable power in building a personal brand that shows up for your people. It's an essential tool to your marketing, your personal development and success of your business. For entrepreneurs who want to build their audience and leadership, there is no better way than through building and marketing your relationship-driven personal brand. This podcast will show you how.

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