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Professor Metal's Irate Debate and Calamitous Commentary

The evil steampunk villain known only as Professor Metal has captured three modern philosophers and is forcing them to produce a podcast! Listen as they try to avoid his wrath by debating topics from the transcendent to the absurd. Only your loyal listenership, support, and total obedience can spare them the cruel tortures of life in the lair. Will you help these innocent intellectuals escape their fate and appease Professor Metal?

info_outline Ep 33: Philosophy and Mental Health; Foucault's Nightmare? 04/15/2016
info_outline April 1st "Special" 04/01/2016
info_outline Ep 32: Popular Tragedy; Do Celebrities Ever Really Die? 03/15/2016
info_outline Ep 31: Aesthetics of Despair; What's Good About Feeling Bad? 03/01/2016
info_outline Ep 30: Misinformation in the Information Age; Are You Caught in a World Wide Web of Lies? 02/15/2016
info_outline The 1st Anniversary Special 02/05/2016
info_outline Ep 29: Art and Subsidization; Who's Paying the Piper? Part 2 02/01/2016
info_outline Ep 28: Art and Subsidization; Who Is Paying the Piper? 01/15/2016
info_outline Ep 27: Nuclear Power and the Environment; What Can Green Do For You? 01/01/2016
info_outline Ep 26: HP Lovecraft and Epistemology; What Shouldn't We Know About Knowing? 12/15/2015
info_outline Ep 25: Consumerism as an Ethos; Why Can't Money Buy Us Happiness? 12/01/2015
info_outline Ep 24: Superheroes and Persona; Can You Have a Secret Identity Crisis? 11/15/2015
info_outline Ep 23: The Walking Dead and Hobbes; Better off dead? 11/01/2015
info_outline Ep 22: Steampunk; What's to Love about Revisionist History? 10/15/2015
info_outline Ep 21: WWII Propaganda; Does Uncle Sam Want You? 10/01/2015
info_outline Ep 20:Privacy and the Internet; Where Privet Rights Meet Public Wrongs 09/16/2015
info_outline Ep 19: Anonymity and the Internet; Just Who Do You Think You Are? 09/01/2015
info_outline Ep 18: Time Travel and Paradox; Do Our Future Selves Owe Us Anything? 08/15/2015
info_outline Ep 17:Identity and the 401K; #YOLO? 08/01/2015
info_outline Ep 16: Identity and The Other; Are the alienated truly alien? 07/15/2015
info_outline Ep 15: Click Bait, Native Advertising, and Product Placement; Learn this one weird trick philosophers don't want you to know! 07/01/2015
info_outline Ep 14: Sensationalist media: Are your children safe? 06/15/2015
info_outline Ep 13: Gamification as a means of Control; Who's Playing Who? 06/01/2015
info_outline Ep 12: Epistemology and Virtual Worlds; Is this the Real Life? 05/15/2015
info_outline Ep 11: Self Awareness and AI; Do Cylons dream of electric sheep? 05/01/2015
info_outline Ep 10: Cyberpunk and Dystopia; Whats to love about what we fear? 04/15/2015
info_outline Ep 9: Dune as Nietzschean Fable; Should You Drink the Water of Life? 04/01/2015
info_outline Ep 8.5: Muad'Dib and Desire; Why we Love the Quizat Haderach? 04/01/2015
info_outline Ep 8: The moral landscape of Breaking Bad; Can one Break Good? 03/15/2015
info_outline Ep 7: Batman And the Overman; Can a hero "Rise" above? 03/01/2015