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conventioNOT Podcast

Success isn't a linked to a dollar amount and happiness takes many forms. Many of us spend decades trying to figure it out which molds we are supposed to fit in. conventioNOT's co-hosts are longtime friends and experts at challenging and encouraging each other to follow their own true passion. Join Mike & McD as they explore life's vulnerabilities, quirky challenges and interview guests with unconventional and successful lives. Both of the guys agree that over the years, we've realized humans are often programmed with ideas that becoming successful guarantees a happily ever after story. Unfortunately, these two things aren't as closely related as we'd like and this show is designed to discuss the ways that real people are proving that pursuit of passion beats chasing cash every day and every time. Both of our hosts are entrepreneurs and listeners of our podcast are intrigued by successful strategies and deep self-evaluation. Mike and McD lead conversations about unconventional routes of becoming happy. Both of the hosts have been pursuing themselves for decades and holding each other accountable to effort. Neither claim to be successful and both are humble students of life and continue to grow. We created this show to help record the idea that zen is always found though continuously examining and pushing oneself. Please don't forget to subscribe on your podcast channel - or request our episodes be published there if you can't find us. We can be reached on instagram, twitter or facebook by searching conventioNOT_Podcast

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